Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Grandparent’s Camp

This week we have three grandkids: Harper and Lila (7 yr old twin sisters) and Beckett (5 1/2yr old brother.)  they are in a horseback Camp in the morning and then swimming lessons and then playing games with us, reading, at the beach or other fun stuff the rest of the day.  It is fun and fatiguing for us.
Lots to do and requiring present time listening, since they are high self esteemed, very verbal and social plus inquisitive kids.  How do parents ever find the time and energy?  
I plan and prep meals + Laundry and cleaning house when they are gone, while doing my usual work at computer, and with clients, plus organizing my new office (just moved in last Wednesday),  and usual business activities, etc. Yes, everyday lots to do that is meaningful, helpful and supports my mission: “I am the space of freedom and trust where love is remembered and wholeness restored.”
The real work we have is to support ourselves in remembering why we are here.
The real work is to realize and realign with our purpose in life.
The real work is to take impeccable care of our whole Self, mind, body and Spirit.
The real work is to show up, pay attention and tell the High Truth without attachment.

When we can play at work and not take it too seriously, we maintain joy and gratitude.
When we live in the moment and do what we can, we appreciate ourselves and all we do.
When we are serving with Love and receiving the gifts we give, we stay at peace.
When we give our best to everyone all the time, we are happy and in love.

And so it is that we can be in this world maintain a positive attitude and easy flow. 

Children are with us to remember how to enjoy life.
Children demonstrate how to be excited and delighted.
Children show us what it’s like to live in the present.
Children naturally want to learn, help and care for one another.

Children let their feelings show.
Children use their minds to dream.
Children are free to create.
Children allow themselves full expression.

When we are adulterated and learn to behave as adults, we often limit ourselves.
When we take on the seriousness of the world, we may stop believing we can be free.
When we see ourselves separate from trees, animals, the earth and others, we may feel afraid.
When we no longer explore, but take on the warnings of worldly teaching, we get stuck.

Let’s keep on singing and dancing.
Let’s try new things everyday.
Let’s look at life with forgiving eyes that look for the Good.
Let’s give everyone, including ourselves, another chance to do the right thing.

It takes so little to love unconditional and serve from the heart.
When we love and serve everyone, we truly remember God for Goodness Sake.
Isn’t that what God is……Pure good expressing it Self in us and through us?
And when we see things with our the filters of fear, we see always the Good.

Loving  you and me as we set ourselves free,
Betty Lue

Sending to most of the parents I know,
Thought you might be interested in this piece for kids.  
Need to start young to raise responsible children, but it is never too late.  
First you must have a positive relationship with them.  
Children learn to be respectful when they feel respected.
Children learn to listen when they feel listened to.
Children learn to be responsible from watching adults assume responsibility with enjoyment not complaining.
Children are watching us to see how it is to grow up.
They take on our attitudes, languaging and behaviors, so be conscious of what you are teaching.
I never ask someone to do what I am unwilling or too lazy to do.
I model the behavior I want to teach.
I think, speak and act in a respectful, responsible and cooperative way.
Children learn because they feel LOVED!
Ask me questions if you want to understand more. 
Blessings and gratitude to all parents. 
It is the most difficult, rewarding and important job in the world.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Friendship Is The Foundation

Friendship is the foundation of every healthy relationship.
When we treat everyone as a friend, we are respectful, honest and trusting.
When we interact with others as friends, we accept them as they are.
When we relate to our partner, children, parents and family first as friends, we love them. 

We each have differing definitions of friends based on our life experience.
Friends for me are people we like and enjoy their companionship.
When we are open-minded and appreciative,  we can really see the love and the call for love.
When we are willing to be response-able for the quality of our relationships, we respond with Love.

Friendship is the lasting bond of unconditional love.
Friendship is founded on freedom and trust.
Friendship is the authentic bond of lasting love.
Friendship is the key to loyal, equal, committed relationships.

Why not develop friendship in all our significant relationships?
When marriage relationships are based on friendship, nothing will interfere.
When partners in love develop a friendship first, there are no conditions to divide.
When our relationships are built on friendship, we always place what is best for both first.

Friends living together as married partners is more common than is recognized.
Friends working together as a team to raise kids, develop projects, run businesses is healthy.
Friends usually easily discuss differing ideas, make decisions, forgive mistakes and return to love.
Friends like each other and let go of what they don’t like.

When we step away from the stereotype of roles in marriage, we see infinite options.
There is no need for attachment, and dependency, but there can be.
There is no need for arguing and fights, but there can be.
There is no need for separation and divorce, but there can be.
There is no need for having children, buying houses and living together, but there can be.

In our relationships, we can choose to make ourselves and the other SPECIAL.
When we do have special relationships, they work when each meets the other’s expectations.
When we don’t meet the other’s expectations, the relationship becomes special hate.
When we do meet the other’s expectations, we experience special Love.

Relationships are conditional when they are based on meeting another’s needs and conditions.
Relationships are unconditional when they are based on trust and freedom for one another.
Relationships are healed and holy when we love one another just the way we are.
Authentic Loving Relationships change form over time, but we never stop loving.

What have you chosen for your primary relationships?
Are you friends or do you need others to meet your needs?
Are you controlling, demanding, judging and punishing?
Are you freeing, trusting, forgiving and appreciative?

Choose your way of relating and you will either free yourself in love or bind yourself in fear.
Loving you,  
Betty Lue

Recommendations for All Relationships 
With mates, partners, friends, children, co-workers, etc.

Keep your agreements faithfully.
(Communicate changes honestly and immediately.)

Give more than you expect to receive. 
Do more than your “fair” share.

Receive everything with open appreciation.
Express your thanks sincerely and take nothing for granted.

Live your own life in integrity and on purpose.
Clarify, communicate and live your mission, your path, your principles and values.  

Be responsible for yourself, your work and live your life impeccably. 
Don’t expect others to pick up after you or take care of you.

Stop using, blame, criticism or guilt to control or manipulate.
Stop making demands, threats or using neediness to get your way.

Communicate effectively and respectfully.
Request a time and place and tone of voice that works for both parties.

Be your best self in all circumstances.
Focus always on teaching by example. (and apologize immediately when you forget or neglect.)

Use your time together wisely.
Focus on meaningful, positive and inspiring conversation and activities.

Spend time, money, energy and resources only on what you value and want to increase.
Waste nothing in your relationship.  No arguing, pettiness, emotional dumping or negativity.

There are many more agreements which I encourage you and your partner to write together.
I encourage all parties to take time to re-evaluate your agreements monthly or on a regular basis.

As circumstances change, there is a need to re-commit to what works for all participants.
Families need to meet to look at the specific needs of each individual to be at their best.
Couples need to ensure that the relationship is “serving all parties.
Business partners need to return to their original agreement and consider changing roles as needed.

Life requires that we be in relationship.
With respect for ourselves and each other there is open communication.
With responsibility for the quality of our relationships, there is a willingness to seek what works for all.
With cooperation there is encouragement to listen for ways to serve the needs of everyone.
When everyone WINS, the relationships are harmonious, peaceful and enjoyable.

Blessings to us all in our willingness to continue to explore and find better ways of relating,  
Betty Lue

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taking Impeccable Care of You

Some play too much and forget to do the work. 
Some work too much and forget to play.
Some are serious too much and forget to laugh.
Some laugh too much and neglect to be focused.

Where is your balance in life?
Do you like your life?
Do you enjoy your relationships, your home and work, your self?
Are you fully responsible for the life you have created?

Have you ever really taken a look at what you have?
Have you asked yourself what you really want?
Have you been interested in making your life better?
Have you wondered how good your life could be?

Play and work in a balanced way.
Nurture yourself and Rest.
Nourish yourself and relax.
Social time and alone time, all in balance.

Each one of us requires some of each.
And we are all in unique in exactly what we need.
Your work is to take your life and let it be the best for you.
Your vocation is to give yourself exactly what you need.

When you take impeccable care of you, you feel loved.
When you give yourself the best, you feel cherished.
When you respect your needs, you are respectful of others.
When you remember to Love You first, you are truly loving of others.

When we are out of balance, we blame others to do it for us.
When we are caring for others first, we expect them to care for us.
When we are self-forgetting, we sacrifice and needy.
When we feel needy, we become dependent on others.

And so it is, we empty ourselves and feel unfulfilled.
We get lost in the shuffle and believe we don’t matter. 
We wait for the time when someone takes care of us.
Now is the time to bring balance and integrity back into our lives.

Those who take impeccable care of themselves give all without sacrifice.
Those who love themselves well are truly helpful and nurturing to others.
Those who keep their agreements with themselves are strong leaders.
Those who live life abundantly, give abundantly to others.

Live well.
Love well.
Be well.
Betty Lue

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Are You Willing?

Are you willing to be happy?
Are you willing to clear the fear?
Are you willing to forgive?
Are you willing to Love again?

Are you willing to be successful?
Are you willing to be on purpose?
Are you willing to be fulfilled?
Are you willing to live in integrity?

Are you willing to change your mind?
Are you willing to change your lifestyle?
Are you willing change habits and addictions?
Are you willing to release what is not best for you?

Are you willing to stop fighting?
Are you willing to stop blaming?
Are you willing to give up guilt?
Are you willing to live and let live?

Are you willing to respect others?
Are you willing to respect yourself?
Are you willing to drop the drama?
Are you willing to speak and act with respect?

Are you willing to be inspired?
Are you willing to listen only for the Highest Good?
Are you willing to let go of depression?
Are you will to choose only what inspires you?

Are you willing to do the work?
Are you willing to clear the blocks?
Are you willing to clean out past history?
Are you willing to being again?

Are you willing to look for the light and delight?
Are you willing to appreciate all you have?
Are you willing to give yourself time to rest and play?
Are you willing to be happy everyday?

Are you willing to be willing?
Are you willing to let go of self sabotage?
Are you willing to stop avoiding and resisting?
Are you willing to cease  making excuses and just do it?

If you don’t know what to do, email me.
If you are afraid of how good life can be, try it out.
If you are comfortable in your misery, bless you unwillingness.
If you are ready, know you are able and your willingness will show you the way!

Have a great day making the choice to be willing!!
Betty Lue

Do It Anyway
People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered.  
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.  
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies. Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you.  
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy it all overnight.  
Build anyway.  

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous.  
Be happy anyway.  

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow.  
Do good anyway.  

Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough.  
Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.  

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God.  
It was never between you and them anyway.

Friday, July 27, 2012

True Family

Do you know what it means to be in a healthy happy family?
Do you understand what it takes to live as respectful, responsible and cooperative adult?
Have you understood how to be a conscious, committed and creative person in the family of humanity?
Are you willing to play you part in the collective consciousness wherever you are and with whom?

When we are ready, willing and able, we are unlimited.
When we are open, trusting and dedicated, we can see what will be.
When we live our lives in love, giving freedom and trust to others, we are happy.
When we join for the highest good, giving our best with honest and commitment, we succeed.

To know what it takes, we must let go of the mistakes of the past.
To trust in the highest outcome, we must forgive all judgment and fear.
To envision only Good for everyone, we must erase pictures of inequality and suffering.
To step forward in faith and Good Will, we must reach deep into our heart/mind for Love.

True family trusts one another.
True family supports each other.
True family enjoys each other.
True family learns from each other.
True family listens to one another.
True family has sensitivity and compassion for everyone.
True family is there for each other.
True family remembers only the Good about each other.
True family hangs in with each other in good and bad times.
True family empowers each to be independent and responsible.
True family inspires and encourages one another.
True family keeps confidences and do not gossip.
True family does not lie, cheat or steal from one another.
True family provides and protects in a healthy way, without encouraging dependency.
True family does not complain, malign or belittle each other.
True family tends their own life without minding others business.
True family is there to counsel and offer help and advice only when asked.
True family shares stories and goods and experiences that enrich, inspire and encourage.
True family contributes and participates in responsibilities, so the burden is not too great.
True family honors the elders and those with greater knowledge, skill and wisdom.
True family respects and accepts differences in faith, fortune beliefs and life choices.
True family places love first and blesses each one and everyone with the Highest Good.

When you read this, you may want to clear your own blocks to True family.
When you make notes, you may choose to become a part of every family.
When you forgive yourselves and others, you may prefer some families over others.
When you make you own choices, you may see that the time is for you to join the family of humanity.

You see, we are all part of this sacred family.
We have each volunteered to be here and now.
We are each making our choice to participate in a healthy, neglectful or harmful way.
We are the ones, who can make the changes we want to see in all humanity.

Let’s do it now.
Loving and respecting you and all,
Betty Lue 

Recommendations for All Relationships 
With mates, partners, friends, children, co-workers, etc.

Keep your agreements faithfully.
Communicate changes honestly and immediately.

Give more than you expect to receive. 
Do more than your “fair” share.

Receive everything with open appreciation.
Express your thanks sincerely and take nothing for granted.

Live your own life in integrity and on purpose.
Clarify, communicate and live your mission, your path, your principles and values.  

Be responsible for yourself, your work and live your life impeccably. 
Don’t expect others to pick up after you or take care of you.

Stop using, blame, criticism or guilt to control or manipulate.
Stop making demands, threats or using neediness to get your way.

Communicate effectively and respectfully.
Request a time and place and tone of voice that works for both parties.

Be your best self in all circumstances.
Focus always on teaching by example. (and apologize immediately when you forget or neglect.)

Use your time together wisely.
Focus on meaningful, positive and inspiring conversation and activities.

Spend time, money, energy and resources only on what you value and want to increase.
Waste nothing in your relationship.  No arguing, pettiness, emotional dumping or negativity.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

You Can Choose

Depressed or Lethargic?
Anxious or Restless?
Comfortable and Lazy?
Energized and Enthusiastic?

What is your comfort zone?
How do you function best?
What do you do to keep yourself where you are?
How do you change when you want something else?

You are not a victim of your past!
You are not a victim of your circumstances!
You are not a victim of your finances, education, history, or personal drama!
You are free to choose to change anything you want right now!

Pain is a wakeup call to change something.
Suffering is a choice to change nothing and linger in pain.
Life offers mental, emotional, relational and financial wake up calls.
You can choose to wake up and choose to change or stay stuck in your same thoughts and actions.

Keep telling the same story and it will not change.
Stop telling the same story and you see you can change the lesson and the ending.
Keep living the way you have always lived and you will yield the same life as always.
Start living in the way you desire and your will see you life change to fit your desires.

Free yourself from old drama, by imagining the life you really want.
If you continue to enjoy the drama and the attention it gets, you will just create a new drama.
If you prefer a no-drama, peaceful, happy, fulfilling life, live a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life.
People often keep doing what they have always done and expect a different result.  (Foolish!)

There are many simple natural tools anyone can use to clear the fear and stuckness.
Remember depression is stuck energy, angry and frustrated thoughts held inside.
Anxiety is stuck energy, fearful and hurtful thoughts  held within.
To get the energy moving, we need to be willing to get unstuck, get the energy moving.

Affirmations: (Written and spoken at least 20 times daily)
I forgive myself for limiting myself.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
I am willing to let go now.

Lie down and breathe deeply and slowly into your belly until you relax.
Breathe fully and freely through your nose.
Breathe rhymically. (Coherent breathing) ask me for a CD to play and breathe with.

Spend at least an hour a day in the sunlight.
Shine a light on your forehead (third eye) to clear fixations, (ideas and opinions)
Imagine filling your mind with light.

Get moving by spending a minimum of one hour daily moving. (Cleaning, exercising, T’ai Chi or Yoga.
Do something productive each day that you can see the results. (Clean a closet, move furniture, cook.)
Spend no more that a total of 10 hours/bed each day, including naps. Sit no more that one hour at a time.
Recognize that you want to tell your mind and body to be whole and happy and free everyday.

You may notice that your mind resists with lots of excuses.  Do it anyway.
You may notice that you are fighting against clearing the fear and depression. Do it anyway.
You may wish someone or something would magically make your life better.  Do it anyway.
You may believe that nothing will change.  Do it anyway.

These ideas are designed to change your thoughts, move your spirit (breath), open your mind and get you going in a positive direction.  
Just do it.

Send me your questions, responses, feedback and write down the positive changes you see and feel daily.
When you keep track of the changes in you and your life, they will increase and you will be better!

Loving you, by encouraging you to get free from your own stinking thinking.
Betty Lue

What do I really want in my life?
(Make a list of at least 20 wants. Freely write down everything that comes to mind, with no censoring or limits.)

What does your heart want for you?
What is your simplest wish for yourself?
What do you really want to have?
What do you really want to be?
What do you really want to do?

What do I love to do?
What makes me the happiest?
What is my secret ambition?
What has given me the most satisfaction in the past?
What excites me about life?
1      _________________________________________
2      _________________________________________
3      _________________________________________
4      _________________________________________
5      _________________________________________

What am I good at?
What have others told me I was good at?
In what areas of life have I excelled?
What are some of my strengths?
1      _________________________________________
2      _________________________________________
3      _________________________________________
4      _________________________________________
5      _________________________________________

What is important to me?
What would I be willing to sacrifice for?
What do I stand for?
What would I commit myself for regardless of the obstacles?
1      _________________________________________
2      _________________________________________
3      _________________________________________
4      _________________________________________
5      _________________________________________

What was I born to do?
Where in life can I make a difference?
What unique opportunities have been placed in my path?
What specifically does God want me to do?
1      _________________________________________
2      _________________________________________
3      _________________________________________
4      _________________________________________
5      _________________________________________

Based on the answers above, develop a short paragraph outlining your purpose. Take the three top priorities from the four areas to which you just committed answers. Construct a statement that explains what you are beginning to sense in your purpose. This can be a work in progress. What is important is to commit to something in writing. Your purpose can be anything you want it to be and it can include anything that is important to you.

My Purpose Statement:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thought, Gratitude, Service

Thought Creates.
Gratitude Expands.
Service Inspires.

Most folks think of creating things and relationships and jobs and houses, etc.
Most folks look for purpose in a career or a way of making a living.
Most folks look at using their mind to make things happen their way.
Most folks imagine that they can use thoughts to control others.

We are here to practice using our minds.
We are here to realize we are creative.
We are here to recognize we have created what we have.
We are here to be responsible for our creations.

Let us begin to forgive our mis-creations.
Let us undo what is not happy and healthy.
Let us erase the memories of mistakes.
Let us release what we no longer want to be true.

Every thought creates a result.
Every thought creates an experience.
Thoughts create our feelings. 
Thoughts create our perceptions.

When we can manage our thoughts, we manage our feelings.
When we take responsibility for our thinking, we can change our feelings.
When we change our thoughts and feelings, we have control of our experiences in life.
When we are able to respond to our own thoughts with forgiveness and love, we heal.

Are you willing to be responsible?
Are you willing and able to respond to yourself and others with kindness and respect?
Are you willing to use your energy in positive and productive ways?
Are your willing to give up your addictions and dependencies?

It takes courage to choose no more drama in thinking and feeling, speaking and behaving.
It takes willingness to remove from your thoughts, words and actions everything that is not good for you.
It takes trust to let go of the learned habits and beliefs that are familiar, but unhealthy.
It takes discipline to live your life dedicated to serving only the best in you and in others.

We are here to use our minds and bodies as sources of inspiration and positive life energy.
We are here to teach our minds to think only love and our bodies to communicate only Love.
When we have mastered our minds and bodies, we are here to serve as loving reminders.
When we fully appreciate and enjoy our creations, we serve only and always Love for all.

And so it is.
Use your mind and your body wisely and well.
Inspire and be inspired with your true Service.
All else shall be given you as you have done for yourself and others.
Loving us all in our willingness to” serve us.”
Betty Lue

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships work for both parties.
Healthy relationships look out for each other as well as themselves.
Healthy relationships inspire, support, heal and grow both people.
Healthy relationships bring up past unhealed stuff for healing.

When we are in healthy relationship, we are committed to healing ourselves.
Relationships show us where we have blocks to unconditional love and acceptance.
Relationships give us opportunities to take responsibility for our own neediness.
Relationships demonstrate where we are unwilling or ignorant of how to heal ourselves.

When we make the other the cause of our neediness or hurt feelings, we are denying our responsibility.
When we use the other to blame, to support, to fix us, we are ignoring our own need to love ourselves.
When we neglect our own needs to try to fix, support or change the other, we are not loving ourselves.
When we put maintaining the relationship or seeking the other’s approval first, we have forsaken ourselves.

Healthy relationships establish mutual respect.
In healthy relationships we understand each person has their own path, problems and healing to do.
We do not interfere with our opinions, advice or help, unless we are asked.
We love, accept and respect the other’s privacy, timing and way to handle unhealed stuff or lack of love.

Healthy relationships recognize that under the petty stuff there is unconditional love and positive regard.
Healthy relationships stop talking about the “painful” stuff when it is not clearing or healing or kind.
Healthy relationships mind their own business instead of overseeing and managing the other.
Healthy relationships recognize and manage their own neediness, woundedness and vulnerability.

When we truly love and respect and trust ourselves, we can serve without attachment.
When we know and honor ourselves, we can be present with compassion and without investment.
When we are protecting and providing, nurturing and nourishing ourselves, we stop seeking from others.
When we are at peace with our own path and life calling, we can truly love unconditionally without end.

We are here to heal all relationships through all time.
We are here to remove all blocks to love everyone unconditionally.
We are here to fully extend our love and peace to ourselves first.
We are here to remember that love is the way we return to our natural state of Oneness.

Everything we do and say and imagine, can be a gift of healing or a curse of harm.
We have to remember that what we give we receive as we give it.
Where we cannot love another, we are denying ourselves.
When we can forgive and extend unconditional Love, Respect and Trust to another, we are giving to ourselves.

And so it is, in all our relationships we are either extending trust and freedom to ourselves or judging and denying ourselves the very thing we want to experience.
There is no outside person or situation that keeps us from experiencing the Love , security, Peace and Happiness we want.
Everything we want, we have already ……when we give it freely to all with whom we relate.
The cost of giving is receiving.

And so it is we learn.

Loving us all as One,
Betty Lue
Healing Our Projections => Seeing Only Wholeness
1.         We perceive what we believe.
2.         We believe what we think we are.
3.         If I believe I am my past, then I believe you are your past.
4.         Believing in my past is to see it and live it over and over again in all I see and do and am.
5.         Believing in your past is to remember it and lay blame with my judgments of you.
6.         The more I feel guilty about my past, the more I place blame on you.
7.         All anger is but guilt projected onto others.
8.         To forgive my past is to release it.
9.         To release is to see it no more.
10.     As I release (forgive) my past, I release all others from my projected guilt and self-judgment. As I see myself whole, I see wholeness.
11.     As I heal my guilt about past mistakes, I heal my fear of the future.
12.     To be in the present is to heal (erase) the past.
13.     As I live in the present and love myself as I am now, I like you in the present and see you as you are now.
14.     In the presence of this present moment, there is only Love for ourselves, each other and all that is.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Safety, Security and Stability

(Note: Mercury in retrograde=Uncertainty in communications, technology, travel, scheduling.)

What we want begins within.
What we see comes from what we think.
What we fear is lack of control.
What we know is we want peace.

When we hold thoughts of Goodness, we translate what we perceive into something Good.
When we need to make things work our way, we judge what is not our way to be bad.
When we notice what is not working, we can choose to forgive our judgments and choose again.
When we are upset, angry, frustrated, it is usually because we fear something is wrong.

My safety comes from learning to have no defenses or pretenses.
My security comes from remembering who I am and why I am.
My stability comes from trusting in the principles I live by.
My certainty comes from knowing “This too shall pass” and All Is Well.

As I watch the ever-growing changes in our world, I wonder what is my part.
As I hear the cries of revolution and freedom calling, I say “Yes” only for the Good.
As I recognize the hunger for wisdom, hope and fearless leadership, I know we are to share.
As I encourage the ones who come to me to be whole and happy and free, I am at peace with what is.

When each one of us plays our part fearlessly, we are saying YES.
When you and I are listening within to freedom’s song, we know exactly what to do and where to be.
When we seek to express wisdom, hope and fearlessness, we are leading the way.
When we encourage to all to be themselves, we are creating peace and good will on Earth.

Yes, change is happening as we find our rightful place.
Yes, things change and the call is not the same as it was, even yesterday.
Yes, we can be flexible and adapt to what is ours to do and say.
Yes, we are the demonstration of what is to be when we live our part naturally.

I am safe when I am where I am called to be.
I am secure when I live my life effortlessly.
I am stabile when I flow with what is around me.
I  am at peace when I am listening and following the voice within.

Life is a choice that I make each day I am here.
Love is the voice with which I speak to each one who appears.
Joy is the song I choose to sing as I give my best to everything.
Gratitude is the experience I continue to have when I enjoy the blessings of all I give.

I love my life and life loves me.
When I remember to enjoy everything I live with glee.
Isn’t it fun to rhyme what is true.
That’s why I am sometimes called “True B’Lue”

Loving you, 

Betty Lue
When things are messy, complicated or confusing, what do you do?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are

Trying to change and rearrange is just the symptom of “not enough”.  
When we judge that we are not OK, we try to fix or hide or feel guilt inside.
And when we judge with blame and guilt, we fill ourselves with shame.
And where has the Love disappeared, behind the clouds of illusion?

Under all attempts to make things right, we get more afraid we will be wrong.
We find ourselves seeking to fix the blame on someone or something else.
The further we get from simply forgiving, we more lost we are in confusion and pain.
It is in letting go, releasing, undoing and erasing what we judge that opens us to love again.

Underneath all the masks, excuses, justifications and trying to be something else, You Are You.
You are the perfect being for your own unique and Holy assignment.
You are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for the right reasons.
Your Higher Self, Creator, Source, God, (whatever you call it), has a plan for you.

We can believe there is something to achieve or fix.
We can think we have failed or sinned or fallen short.
We can imagine that we are not enough and can never be.
We can give up, surrender, quit and be depressed.
We can forgive it all.
Erase and undo what is not true.
We can stop complaining and rearranging.
We can let it be and trust the Good that already is.
Yes, it helps to stop judging, condemning, damning and blaming.
We can choose to let go of our attachments and see what is left.
We can refuse to make assumptions about anyone or anything.
We can stop pretending we know it all or anything.

Don’t worry.  Just be happy.
What happens if you choose to really simply be happy and free?
What happens if you are grateful and enjoy the play of life as it unfolds?
What happens if you suspend your imagining disaster, drama and degradation?

What kills relationships with ourselves and others is everything that is made up, because we think we know what is right and true and good for you and for me.
When we judge and criticize, condemn and damn, blame and hate, we simply recreate more of the same.
Most have not recognized that making others feel guilty and wrong condemns them to do it again.
Only when we see and bless, love and affirm, join and share, do we dare to expose the perfection that is.

The blessings already are.
Perfection already is.
Love begets love.
The Creator created us creative.

Let’s just be happy and we will create happiness all around us.
Here we go, letting our perfection show.
Loving us as the One We Really Are.
Betty Lue

Keys to Successful Relationships ( Constructive choices)
Joining with Love and Respect-Create a common vision or shared goal.

Honest with compassion and kindness- Communicate your highest intention.

Equality in Realizing the Good in All-Each giving the best they know in each moment.

Commitment to Healing and Wholeness- Agree to what is highest and best for both. 

Responsibility- Responding to everything with forgiveness and peace. 
Listening without guilt or blame. Being willing to let go and choose again for Love. 
Blocks to Healthy Relationships (Clear all destructive patterns.)
1) Nagging and Criticism ( Use constructive requests and be specific.)
2) Defensiveness (Listen and make no excuses.)
3 Contempt with Name-Calling, Belittling and Shaming ( No using guilt or blame.)
4) Stone-Walling, Ignoring and silent treatment  ( Talk or write when calm.)
5) Belligerence, Threatening, Demanding ( Forgive yourself for using power to get your way.)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Are You Grateful? “The Key to Prosperity”

The magic of gratitude is that is lifts the Spirit and receive unlimited more.
Gratitude is the way we walk in Love and receive Abundant blessings.
Gratitude is the gift that inspires the heart and opens the mind to opportunity.
Gratitude is the Experience of Happiness, Love and Peace, all in One.

Do your appreciate how good life is?
Are you breathing clean air?
Are you drinking fresh water?
Can you listen to music or watch TV?
Can you buy fresh produce?
Do you have electricity to cook?
Are you wearing clean clothes?
Do you have shoes that fit?
Can you store to buy what you need?
Can you read and write?
Do you have a car or bike?
Do you live with a roof over your head?
Do you have someone to talk with?
Can you share your opinions freely?
Are you able to attend the church you want?
Are your streets clean and safe?
Can you get free books to read at the library?
Is there a park nearby where kids can play?
Can you communicate via phone, letters or email?

We are rich in so many many ways.
And still we deny ourselves the joy of gratitude.
When we are open-minded and fully appreciative, we are blessed with fulfillment and Goodness.
When we recognize our blessings, they increase with our appreciation and enjoyment.

Your thoughts belong to you.
Your life belongs to you.
Your words belong to you.
Your activities belong to you.

What you do with what you have determines your abundance or your lack.
How you give and receive, share and bless, are what create your prosperity. 
Let your gratitude fill you with Good, now and always.

The blessings already are.
Betty Lue
Nine Steps To Prosperity
Getting what we want out of life requires 
that we be ready to receive what is naturally ours.
Law of Self Awareness: ”When we know who we are and what we want, we can have what we want in life.”
Law of Wanting: “Experiencing choice means knowing what we want and why we want it.”
Law of Planning: “Without planning, there is no consistent prosperity.”
Law of Releasing:  “We must get rid of what we don’t want to make room for what we do want.”
Law of Compensation: “There is a price for everything and we always pay.”
Law of Attraction: “We attract what we are.”
Law of Visualization: “We become what we imagine, positive or negative.”
Law of Affirmation: “We become what we want to be by believing and affirming that we already are.”
Law of Loving: “Whatever we want for ourselves, we must also desire for others.”

We reap what we sow.
We always prove ourselves right.
To receive more, we must be willing to give more.
Personal power Formula E=MC2: Energy comes from seeing my contribution in every situation.
We are all we need because/when we are what we desire.
Love yourself first.
Quieting the chattering mind promotes directed action.
Forgive all who have offended you—not for them, but for yourself.
Spend with the consciousness of giving with Love.

9 Steps from Concentrated Mind Action
Prospering Woman by Ruth Ross, Ph.D.