Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Emotions are Useable Energy

E-motions=Energy in motion.
The energy of emotion is meant to be utilized to wake up, move us into action, use for creative purposes. When we judge or fear an emotion, it becomes blocked, stuck and sometimes encapsulated in our bodies.
When we listen and respond to the feeling rather than our judgment,, we can use the energy for good.

To listen to our inner self, our Spirit, we can ask, "What am I to do with this energy?"
What is the highest and best use of this feeling?
We can breathe and respond with loving assurance and gratitude.
We can invite ourselves to forgive our judgments and flow the energy for positive purposes.

Blessing our taking responsibility for all our emotional expressions,
Betty Lue

Monday, July 30, 2007

Motivated or Resting?

Whatever is being called forth is for us to honor.
Trust all things work together for Good.
If you are called to rest and you are busy trying to work, you will interfere with both rest and work.
If you are called to work and are trying to rest, you will interfere with both work and rest.

Learning to trust what is is the fun, safe and easy way to respond to life.
It allows us to flow with life rather than resist.
"Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream."
When we judge the experience we are having, we interfere, block and slow or stop the flow of life.

Over the years I have learned how to respond to extra energy or limited energy.
Lay down and rest, means lay down and rest.
Get up and get going means to get up and get going.
When we resist what is, we yield frustration and more resistance.

Little children naturally sleep when tired, eat when hungry, go the bathroom when needing to.
When adulterated, we try to do what our obligations or mindset tells us.
We wait too long or quit too soon or just plain disregard our internal messages.
Life is meant to be lived with a loving responsiveness to our inner calling.

When we love and respect ourselves, we love and respect others.
When we love and respect ourselves, we teach others to love and respect us.
When we love and respect ourselves, we remind others to love and respect themselves.
When we love and respect ourselves, we teach others to love and respect others.

Life is learning to rest when tired, move when motivated.
Thinking is judging.
Judging blocks flow.
Blocking flow creates dis-ease.

Yuck! It is much easier to forgive our judgments and honor ourselves.
I have learned that honoring oneself takes far less time than figuring it out, trying to fix ourselves or change our minds. Sometimes a rest can be 10 minutes of sitting quietly and moving can be a 5 minute break to walk in the sunlight and fresh air. Give yourself what you are calling for. Listen to the precious one within.

Loving you in loving you,
Betty Lue

PS What is best for you is best for everyone, so give yourself the best right now!

This is responsible cooperation in process.
Fun and funny. And it worked.....

How many men does it take to drill one hole? Remember, boys will be boys...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Full Moon

Full moon tomorrow.
Full summer of surprises, work and play, love and joy abound.
Full schedule of happy relationships, events, creations and children.
Full life with a quiet and open mind, a grateful heart and an energized body.
My heart greets All and my Spirit rejoices.

What if we could live in this state always?
What causes us to fall away from what is so ideal and love-filled?
What do we need to stay awake to the beauty and goodness in life?
What works and why not stay with what is working?

A wise ole friend of mine tells me again and again that we need the duality, the opposites.
He insists that life is meant to be highs and lows, ups and downs, pleasures and pains.
He says, "Without the bad how could we appreciate the Good?"

I am postulating that all Good puts us to sleep, the land of forgetfulness and complacency.
With too much of a Good thing people start to take for granted the Goodness and Beauty.
People forget to be grateful, to appreciate and increase what they value.
With all Good, we would step out of this dualistic world into pure Joy and Perfect Love.

I am surmising the wakeup calls of upset and distress cause people stop, look and listen within.
I am hoping that we can all use our pains and problems to choose again for Joy and Trust.
I am encouraging us to find more fun, safe and easy ways to stay conscious and at choice.
I am inviting us to do the work of praying and praising God and Good everyday in every way.

When we hold onto our fear and judgment of mistakes, problems and pain, we sustain them.
When we make things that go wrong an "issue", we may stay in the mess for hours, months or years.
It is with the consciousness of forgiveness, choice and gratitude that we can return quickly to Good.
Forgive what is judged, choose what is preferred and be grateful for what you have.
This is the key to fun, safe and easy remembering and self-actualization.

Judgment and fearful thinking slow down the clearing process.
Forgiveness and thankful thinking speed up the clearing process.
Practice, experiment and enjoy the quick and easy results.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, July 27, 2007

Admiration and Appreciation

Remember: What you perceive in others, you strengthen in yourself.
It does not work for anyone to criticize, judge, doubt or belittle others.
Judgment weakens you and weakens them.
And even more important, fear attracts that which you fear or judge.
If you are holding it in your consciousness, you are much more likely to act it out yourself.

I find myself teaching those in my world that the critic is always talking about themselves first.
It they resist that behavior or have in the past not forgiven similar behavior in themselves, it holds energy.

Whether criticizing or being criticized, forgiveness works for both.
Whether judging or being judged, forgiveness works for both.
"I forgive myself for judging and/or being judged."

If a criticism is helpful to you, receive it with gratitude, sending appreciation to sender and yourself.

What strengthens is sending the best and most positive energy you have.
This pertains to our children, partner, bosses and world leaders.
What you admire, you strengthen in yourself.
What you value, you increase by your appreciation.

I receive all appreciation as a gift of positive energy and love.
I forgive all criticism, your, mine and ours, and replace it with gratitude.

I am loving you and all with every aspect of my consciousness.
Love, admiration, appreciation and positive energy all work together for the Good of All.
Betty Lue

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Leaving Hawaii

Leaving Hawaii in two hours.
The pictures below may be worth about 4000 words, about 1000 each!
We had a fabulous retreat experiencing responsibility and freedom.
Robert and I watched much of the Tour De France with great enthusiasm and interest.
We have scheduled and calendared our entire 2007-8 programs and travel.
We have renewed much of the programming and calendar for THOTSC.
We have visioned and put into place many of the spirit-guided adventures forthcoming.
We have prayed and praised the beautiful rain, the overflowing Pele, Goddess here on the Big Island.
We have delighted in all the miracles of calf-roping, syncronistically meeting one of our ministry students and retreatants while he was hitch-hiking with two others ant took them to a nearby beach and being blessed with wonderful helpful and loving people.
Robert is reading the new Harry Potter book, and I actually finished reading a novel.
We ate mostly our salad and papaya and other fruit diet.
We renewed some old friendships with venders here and look forward to returning next year.
Many more fabulous and fun adventures in our very simple way.
Home real soon with renewed Spirit and enthusiasm for the coming year.
Loving you, Betty Lue

Yes, rested, renewed and rejuvenated.

Off the balcony at a Sunday Brunch.

I love these little guys.
Geikos are so beautiful!

On a morning seaside walk!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Who Do You Serve?

Do you listen to the loudest voice?
Do you take care of the biggest mess?
Do your respond to the worst complaint?
Do you give to the most needy person?
How do you choose what to give and to whom?

In family systems, businesses and organizations, attention is given to the most needy and biggest problem.
We have come to serve that which we seek to diminish or eliminate.
The focus is on the dis-ease, the dis-like, the dis-appointment.
Where we give our attention, we increase and amplify with our energy.

Somehow, we have learned to focus on the single mistake rather than on all the things we got “right”.
We bought the belief, we have to deal with the error before we can get on with our real work.
We become consumed with the need to fix and change, make everything tidy before we can move on.
Our obsession with making everyone happy with us, may distract our attention from our Real calling.

How would it work to “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and don’t mess with Mr. In-between?”
How would it be to ignore the temper tantrums and emotional threats and give positive attention to healthy communication? Are we willing to be uncomfortable during the transition, when everyone is relearning what it means to focus on the Good, the Blessings, the Gifts in all that Is?

To serve God it feels essential to seek and find the intrinsic Goodness in All That Is.
To serve man it seems we look for what is lacking and fill it, what is limiting and free it, what is belittling and aggrandize it. Is it possible we have created our own lack, littleness and limitation based on our error in perception and response to it?

How would it be to deny that which is judged and feared?
How would it feel to step away from serving the weakness?
How would it look to honor only the blessing and gift?
How would we increase the highest Good by giving credence to the Gift in What is?

No self denial, only serving the Self.
No loss of anything, but only gain for All.
No lack or limitation, but abundance of Good in All things.
No problem, when there is perfect Trust.

All things work together for Good.
God Is in All That Is.
Everything is in our own best interest.
Life works when we do the work of choosing Faith , not Fear.

Only Love is real. Everything else is a temporary illusion.
Betty Lue

“Listen within to know who and how and when to serve another.”

“Since 1977 I have listened within daily receiving inspirational guidance which is practical and effective.
These Loving Reminders are a gift to me and to those who find healing value and inspiration therein.
Know I am loving you as I am loving me. For in Truth We are One.”
Betty Lue

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two or More

Wherever there are two or more, all things are possible.

Have you noticed when you feel alone and separate, fearful and self pity, the creative mind closes?
Have you noticed when you just focus on your own problem, you get stuck in the same negativity?
Have you observed that when you fail to let go of your problems, they fester in the archives of your mind?
Have you seen how negative beliefs and limiting thoughts can seem so real, when held in the darkness?

In the most practical ways…
Inviting the most creative and trusting person into your solution-finding process could be the answer.
Sharing your concerns with someone who will not believe your self made limitations may be the solution.
Including those who are creative, possibility thinkers with faith may be exactly what is needed.
And there is always faith in Spirit to forgive and heal, undo and bring Light to the endarkened mind!

To choose the one you join with in seeking a better way, a creative solution, a Master Mind connection......
Choose someone who you can trust, who will keep your stuff confidential.
Choose someone who loves you and truly wants the best for you.
Choose someone who holds the space for mistakes and problems as challenges and growth opportunities.
Choose someone who is inspired when asked for help.
Choose someone who will flush the past behind and see you in the most whole and holy light.
Choose someone who actually admires your courage and appreciates your willingness to ask.
Choose someone who has the time and energy and resources to give what you “need” (not necessarily what you want).
Choose someone who lives an unlimited and spiritually creative and happy life.
Choose someone who is willing to cut through your neediness and resolve the real issues of trust.
You know who to choose….now just do it.

And when you are asked, consider it an honor and privilege.
Give the best which is what you want to receive when you are in need.
Remember the giver is always receiving what is given.
We must laugh at the idea of sacrifice, since we are always giving to ourselves, the One We Are.

And last, give to those who are truly seeking help, counsel, inspired listening and your prayer.
It can be disheartening to give your best to someone who just wants to complain and get your sympathy or handout.
Even there, we can help prepare them for the Real request for spiritual help and guidance from within.
This is where we must be compassionate and creative in our honest response, guided by Spirit within us.

“Whenever a brother or sister asks with genuine willingness and open-mindedness, do it unless it does harm to him or to you.”

My policy is to never give advice or spiritual counsel unless specifically asked. I
e. These reminders are only sent to those who request them from me.
I also make appointments with people for time together in consultation with a request that I receive from them some compensation.
(Possible forms: Gratitude, exchange of services, using what is shared for the Good of others, financial remuneration of some kind, etc.

The one requesting must give to the co-creative process their confidence in the process.
They must participate with a willingness to share their best as well.

Life is for giving . And we are gifts one to another.
It is only in giving the gift of yourself that you begin to realize the Gift You Are.
Betty Lue

Monday, July 23, 2007

Blocks to Receiving?

During our stay here, our Comcast server blocked these Loving Reminders and our other messages to all Comcast recipients (several hundred of them). We were blocked because of technology picking up on mass mailings from reunion ministries.org. We are limited to mailing to less than 1000 people daily, unless we purchase an expensive business account. Since we are emailing through another server here in HI, they needed to clear us again to send to our email subscription list. This experience inspired me to look at all the ways humanity is blocked from perceiving what is whole and good and beautiful.

Are you distracted, delayed or detoured by technology?
Are you disappointed by holding expectations, wishful thinking or unrealistic desires?
Are you discouraged by asking for too little or too much?
Do you allow busy-ness, dis-ease or your current worries and concerns to suspend your gratitude?
Are you blocking the highest and best messages of Truth and Love that are available to you?

I am aware of many emails advertising, promising and seducing people to buy, get and trust what is illusion.
I am aware of negative thoughts and feelings which get all our attention and concern.
I am aware of the avoidance patterns of addiction, shopping, gambling and pleasure-seeking.
I am aware of how much of humanity turns away from the Light to seek the comfort of darkness.

Are you blocking the Light?
Are you avoiding the Truth?
Are you living in a cover-up of temporary solutions?
Are you seeking what is a quick fix to the experience of life?

Reality is what we make real for us.
Much of the world is defending again the High and Holy Truth, because of adapting to the worldly truth.
Ego says, “Let’s not believe or trust in God, because the pain of disappointment is too depressing.”
Perhaps if we lived in Faith, we could never know disappointment.

I have faith that those receiving messages of Love and Trust, Freedom and Responsibility, are choosing the High way.
I know that living in the Light brings consistent deLight day after day.
I see the Reality of Love expressing itself in everyway, healing and transforming people’s lives.
I hear the Voice of God and Goodness and know it is available to every One.

This is my message and the song I sing in my heart.
This is my reason for Being here.
I trust God and Good in all things.
Bless it All.
Betty Lue

Back on the mainland on Friday 7/27.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ready for a Life Changing Experience?

Change Your Environment.
Change Your Thoughts.
Change Your Way of Relating.
Change Your Self Perception.
Change Your Attitude.

Traveling to a new beautiful and abundant environment fills the mind with thought of renewal and bounty.
Practicing new habits of mind, thoughts of gratitude and joy, begin to heal negative mental habits.
Being with people who are carefree, joyful, receptive and helpful opens the door to do the same.
Seeing oneself as a happy and holy being, welcomed and appreciated, paints a new inner reflection.
Deciding to wear a happy face, forgiving fears and judgments, enjoying what is, builds hope and faith.

Here in Kona on our spiritual retreats with like-minded people, we open our minds and our hearts to heal the past and let it go. We begin with gratitude for who we are, where we are and how much we have learned and grown. We come to expect miracles of loving kindness and therefore we see them all around us. We step forward in wonder and curiosity to greet each new day. And most importantly we celebrate the Goodness and Godness in each relationship and amazing new experiences. Life brings us here abundant gifts and we return our gifts of gratitude and celebration. Love grows as gratitude flows.

Love, the miracles of trust and freedom, expand in the light of our expanding consciousness. All we see is recognized as a part of ourselves to be acknowledged with healing and forgiveness or with joyful gratitude and generosity. Those in our little but mighty group are both blessed and a blessing. Everyone sees others as parts of themselves. Everyone one of us loves everyone as we forgive and heal, laugh and let go, release and let flow the bounty of love and generosity of Spirit that each one of us carries within. We all return to our lives, renewed and reborn, transformed and inspired, expanded and blessed by the Love within that is every-growing us all into the Garden of Goodness we are called to be.

Blessing us one and all,
Betty Lue

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hawaii Retreat Theme: Freedom with Responsibility

What are my Responsibilities?
I am responsible for trusting my spiritual connection with Spirit and listening to the inner Voice.
I am responsible for taking impeccable care of my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and worldly self.
I am responsible for creating and maintaining my environment, home and work affairs at the highest level.
I am responsible for treating everyone with respect and kindness, loving all equally.
I am responsible for living what I teach, ane listening to what I say and write.
I am responsible for respecting my freedoms and those of others.
I am responsible for leaving the legacy of love and Joy on planet Earth, in all my affairs and relationships.
I am responsible for doing no harm to myself, to others or to any sentient being.
I am responsible for living according to the Highest Principles of Love and Respect that I know.
I am responsible for forgiving and gratefully letting go of anything that is not supportive of my Holy Work.

My Freedom Proclamation
I am a free Spirit.
I am free to choose my life as is was, is and will be.
I am free to forgive the past and live wholly in the present.
I am free to create my world again and still again.
I am free to live or to die, to laugh or to cry.
I am free to give all I have or keep what I make.
I am free to love everyone or love only some.
I am free to see God in every moment or see what others see.
I am free to learn the world’s lessons or learn only lessons in loving.
I am free to give the very best and forget the rest, knowing all things work together for God and for Good.

What are you responsible for?
What are the freedoms you claim for yourself.
They are all free for you to choose and you are responsible for your choices?????

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, July 20, 2007

Creating What You Want Your World to Be

Every thought, word and deed are a creative expression of your legacy for this earth and humanity.
Like dropping poop or pearls, you leave behind what you contribute for the Good or ill of All.
It is our work to clean up after ourselves with forgiveness and gratitude.
We can easily acknowledge and offer up our lives to Spirit to be used for the Highest Good.

When you remember that you are teaching your friends and family, your past and your future, you may want to recreate the lessons you teach. Your behavior is your legacy from yourself for future generations.
Our life experience is a reflection of what we collectively agreed upon by our participation in perceiving, believing, receiving and giving.
We each independently are teaching our children and grandchildren, our partners and friends.

Our cleaning house with gratitude reminds others to clean their houses with appreciation.
Our clean language, both inner and outer, teaches others to clean up their language.
Our clean living and loving is a living and loving reminder for our world to live in Love.
Our integrity and consistency in thought , word and deed teaches others to be honest with themselves and others.

If we want what is best for all in our world, we must live and give what we know is best.
If we have secrets, criticism, negativity, threats and demands, we know we are needed to clean up within and in our relationships.
If we perceive the need to improve the health, finances, re-creation and relationships in our world, we can do our part by living impeccably.
If we want respectful and harmonious relationships with no violence or hurt, we can forgive ourselves for being unhappy, disrespectful and creating conflict in our relationships.

Peace begets peace.
Honesty teaches honesty.
Love heals and fills where there is lack of love.
Now is our time to step up to the challenge to give the best we have to each moment.

We can live our highest values by staying in remembrance that thoughts create just as much as our words and behaviors.
We must be fully aware and respectful of the ways in which we spend our time energy and resources.
Tour everyday life and our expenditures reflect the values we are living.
Where we idealize spiritual values, but live valuing worldly stuff, we are out of integrity.
This shows up in upset, disease and difficulty.

A simple shift of consciousness to live what we want to be is our living legacy for planet earth and our children.
Live and give what you want to be and you will see All You Are Here to Be.
Right here and right now, you can make the difference by simplying playing your part with integrity.
Blessed be!
Betty Lue

Feel free to call me at 800-919-2392 if you need phone coaching.
I am available after noon on Saturday for you.

Sunset and Rainbows.
You can count on it on Kona, HI

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Raining in Hawaii

All is in divine Order.
It is not so important that we like what happens, as it is that we not judge it.
Life comes to us as a teaching and learning experience to come to realize all is well.

When perceived without judgment, we find the miracles the blessings the gifts of spirit.
When we perceive life with judgment, we find pain, problems, criticism, suffering and loss.
When we seek to blame or find the guilty cause, we are reinforcing the perceived wrong.
When we seek for forgive and bless, we find peace and ease and healing.

Such is the fun, safe and easy way to live with ourselves and one another.

I have given myself 3 days of rest because my body/mind wasn’t up for more.
Yes, I could seek the explanations of altitude in flying, different climate, foods, and other stuff. But the simple and innocent truth is what I experienced only allowed bed rest and total quiet.
So I responded with Love. Love works.

This morning I am happy and here with you. Ready for a walk in the rain and possibly a swim when the pool opens. Our retreat group is off for a respectful and spiritually conscious dolphin swim this morning. This afternoon, they will gather here in our condo for a luncheon of many salads and grilled cheese sandwiches and this evening a local luau of traditional Hawaiian music, dances and foods. Tomorrow we will have our breakfast high on the mountain overlooking the coast, with homemade local pies, a fabulous papaya special and other fun stuff with the geckos lining up to lick up from the little jelly cups. Then our retreat teaching, learning and laughing, loving time together followed by a trip to a little outdoor marketplace and local hula school performing out in the mall as they do every Friday eve year round. Saturday is our last formal day of retreat and will be a gentle completion of our inner work on personal freedom and responsibility. Wish you were here? Maybe next year? Same time and place.

What is your real response-ability other than to show up in life, as conscious and loving as you can be?
What is your real work, but to live your whole life true to your values and your life purpose?
What is your true responsibility in this human existence other than to pursue your willingness to Love?
What is your real calling but to be grateful to your creator for giving you everything you need to be happy?

When I live my life purposefully, giving the Love I am to everyone, to God and to myself, I am happy.
When I give my natural gifts freely and joyfully, I am fulfilled and abundantly blessed with more.
When I remember God is working in me and through me, I know I am free to be All I Am.
When I free myself from the detours, distractions, and disillusionment of humanity, I am on purpose.

Freedom to be is the freedom to see things differently than others.
Freedom to me is the call to give all to all.
Freedom is the song of my heart to create a beautiful, happy, helpful and holy world when al humanity respects one another and loves unconditionally.
Freedom is the gift of my Creator and Source to use this temporary time and space to live in Grace for the Good of All.

I love this life and I intend to use it for Good.
More tomorrow and now you are a gift to me,
Betty Lue

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Forgiving, Not Forgetting

Life is for giving. "You are the Gift."
This is the Truth. This is our salvation.
It is in giving that we discover the Gift of ourselves.
When you give your very best, asking nothing in return, you receive the very best you have given.

Giving is the path of reminding yourself of the Spiritual Gifts in You.

Life is for getting. "You are lacking and needy."
This is the ego's message. This is our downfall.
It is in forgetting your True Self that you receive others forgetfulness.
When you seek to get the best for yourself, asking everything from others, you receive what they have.

Getting is the precarious trail of tears, reflecting and projecting your own fears.

Let us forgive ourselves for seeking outside ourselves.
The rich and unlimited resource of possibility lies within.
When we tap into giving by forgiving the limiting beliefs and errant teachings of our forefathers, we find we are more beautiful, capable, abundant and magnificent that we know.
After all we are children of an unlimited, omniscient and omnipotent Creator…
How could we not be created in the likeness and image of limitlessness?

To have All, give All to All.
In the giving abundantly, there is great joy.
In the giving gratefully, there is great peace.
In the giving happily, there is so much love.

This is life's Loving Reminder.
Life is for giving. We are the gifs.
It is in giving that we experience the Gift We Are.

Blessing to all who awaken in the Joy, Peace and Love of Givingness.
Betty Lue

While we leave tomorrow for Hawaii, you will be hearing from me again and again.
I am trusting the technology and all goes well.
So email and calls at 800-919-2392 will work beautifully.
There is always time to serve the Greater Good.
Remember to experiment today with giving.
You are the Gift.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Apparent conflict, division, separation, difficulty, mistakes, judgments, dis-ease, upsets……

Trust will settle every problem now.
All things are lessons God would have me learn.
This too shall pass.
I can choose to see this differently.
Hold no position. State your case and let go to hear the other.
Love heals.
With forgiveness, this will disappear.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love.
I of myself know and can do nothing.
With God in me, there is nothing I cannot do.
All things work together for Good.
Life works when I do the Work.
Enough love heals everything. ( Emmett Fox)
There is only One of us.
Beneath the apparency, there is only Love and the call for Love.
Give all things to God for healing.
Problems cannot be resolved at the level of thinking at which it was created.
All upsets are past similars from unhealed childhood wounds, misunderstandings and confusion.
We are never upset for the reason we think.
In my defenselessness my safety lies.
All attack is attack against myself.
Seek first to understand.
Upsets indicate only that we are off purpose.
Give your brother/sister whatever he/she asks unless it does harm to him or to you.
Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
You who want peace can find it only by complete forgiveness.

Thank you God.
Thank you A Course in Miracles.
Thank you life learning.
Thank you Betty Lue for being a happy and willing learner.
Blessed be.
Betty Lue

How precious are the little children! To love, respect and admire (look up to) our elders is one of the most empowering gifts of humanity.
Find a role model to admire, love and respect.
Be a role model to love, admire and respect.
We are teaching our world with every thought (prayer), word (inspiring Truth) , and deed (act only with kindness and respect.) I am loving you and you and you and you and you. We are all in this together to learn from the Good (God) in one another.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Who Are You?

When we know ourselves, we can find our way.
When we see ourselves, we can love what we see.
When we trust ourselves, we can feel secure and at peace.
When we believe what we know, we can live with confidence and ease.

When you think you are what you have been taught, you may be mistaken.
When you are attached to what others believe about you, you may be misled.
When you are listening to societal standards, you may be going the wrong way.
When you are believing someone knows you better than you, you may be living another's Truth.

It I s so valuable to spend time in self reflection, self discovery, self, renewal, and self healing.
It is through self understanding that we can find our own integrity and live it peacefully.
Upsets come as a result of being out of alignment with our own values.
Conflicts, pain and illness come as wakeup calls for those who have fallen off purpose.

Knowing yourself is key to being confident,
Being True to yourself is key to being happy.
Loving yourself is key to inner peace
Being happy with your life is key to accepting others.

This is indeed fun, safe and easy for those who are willing to do the work.

I am a happy, willing learner, a student and servant of Goodness and God's Will.
I have played and continue to play many parts serving over 10 different communities as friend, family, teacher, counselor, coach, representative of God's Love.
This is my path and my part to play.
I am in love, happy, confident and at peace when I live, love and value being fully who I AM.

Blessed be all of us in inspiring one another to shine our Light brightly in our sleepy world,
Betty Lue

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Blessings Already Are

Is it possible that our conflicts, upsets and emergencies are all made up as a distraction?
Is it possible that our "humanity" has created a dramatic soap opera, we call "life"?
Is it possible that the illusion of pain and suffering, war and violence, is a miscreation?
Is it possible that those who know the Truth are at peace watching their movie run its course?

Some of us believe what we see on the screen and become part of the drama.
Some of us watch and are frightened, but walk away knowing it was just all madeup.
Some of us simply bless what we see and practice finding peace within.
Some of us simply choose to only watch and participate in inspiring movies.

Whatever our view of life, we are each where we need to be, experiencing and creating what is our Truth.
Life is our learning and experimental laboratory where we see what we seek and find what we believe.
As we change our beliefs and correct our misperceptions, we come to realize the creator and the creation.
When we take responsibility for what comes our way, we respond with gratitude and helpfulness.

Life is an adventure for some.
Life is a roller coaster for others.
Life is a spiritual path for some.
Life is a sacred remembering for others.
Life is a discovery process for some.
Life is a school for others.
Life is a joy for some and a pain for others.
Life is brilliant experience for some and a trial for others.

In this life I have lived many lives and many possibilities.
I have chosen diversity, exploration and learning about human stuff.
It has felt cheerful and challenging, inspiring and intriguing, abundant and full of service.
Life is rather impersonal for me with opportunities to help others let go.
I am enjoying the life I have chosen. If not I will change what I choose.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Note: Robert and I will be in Kona, Hawaii from July 15-27th.
You can always reach us for coaching/counseling at 800-919-2392#

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Conflict or Peace?

Do you want to be right or be happy?
Whatever you choose determines your behavior and the outcome.
Do you want conflict or peace?
Whatever you choose creates the experiences you have?

I prefer to be happy.
I make choices to step away from being right and making others wrong.
I leave any position I hold to consider the other's point of view.
I choose to forgive and let go of past upset so I can return to happiness.

I prefer peace.
"The peace of god is my single goal, the aim of all my living here, the end I seek, my purpose and my function and my life." From A Course in Miracles
When I am disturbed by anyone or anything, it represents a step away from the Truth.
I have lost my way, forgotten my purpose here and believed I am limited and lacking.

I choose Peace.
I extend Peace.
I step away from conflict.
I return to the Voice of Peace within.

When the world teaches conflict, it aims at teaching the game of right and wrong.
There is no right way.
When we engage in arguing or conflict resolution, we are functioning at the level of humanness.
We can rise about our petty differences and neediness and enter into the realm of Spiritual Truth.
We can care about one another and share our best Selves, by forgiving all that is not wholly loving.

All upsets are past similars.
"We are never upset for the reason we think." ACIM
When we try to resolve conflicts in the present, we are merely avoiding the ancient wound.
When we are in conflict, we are trying to heal an unhealed wound from our childhood.
This can only be resolved within ourselves.

The work is to go within to the healer within ourselves.
The work is to be appreciative of the current situation that brought to light where we need healing.
The work is to step back within ourselves to listen to the Voice of Peace and healing.
The work is to do the spiritual work.

There is no need for dumping (puking and pooping) on our loved ones.
There is no need to make others wrong to make ourselves right.
There is no need to fix or change situations that appear to be broken.
There is no need to discuss and argue about what is our own inner conflict.

There is a need to stop ourselves from acting out.
There is a need to look at what is happening inside and out with a greater Light of awareness.
There is a need to listen to what our minds are believing and deeply listen to our inner Voice's response.
There is a need to heal ancient wounds (fears) that cloud and distort our misperception and beliefs.

Rather than fight, argue, discuss, explain, prove, justify, figure out and analyze, there is a better way.
Rather than struggle endlessly wasting time and energy, there is a fun, safe and easy way to find peace.
Rather than feeling guilt, fear, resentment, hurt or anger, there is a path of ease and effectiveness.
Create privacy with and for your own Higher Self.
Ask for healing and help from Spirit.

What is happening here?
What needs to be healed within me?
How am I to bring the healing Light of God to this situation?
How do I respond with Love?
What am I to say? And to whom?
Where am I needing to respond with Love to my inner child?
How can I see things differently?

There is a place in you that is filled with Light.
There is a place in you that extends only the Love of God.
There is a place in you that offers only Love and Peace to all as One.
There is a Place in you that remembers the Truth of Who You Are.

Bless your willingness to listen within.
Baruch Basham,
Betty Lue

Living in the Peace of God.
The sleep of the innocent

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ignoring or Letting Go

On this day of change and transformation, let us change the ways we see and treat our earth home!!!
Offer peace, gratitude and profound respect for all She continues to give to us.
Let us hear her call and respond with Love.
Betty Lue

It is valuable to ignore behaviors you want to extinguish in yourself and others.
It is effective to reward behaviors you wish to encourage.
While the negative behavior may escalate to get attention, continue to turn your attention away.
This is the essence of behavior modification in young children and adults.

Letting go of fear is the heart of spiritual growth.
Letting go of the need to be right.
Letting go of the past and its mistakes.
Letting go of the need to correct others.

How the psychology of behavior modification and the spirituality of A Course in Miracles and New Thought differ or support one another.
When we see another behaving insanely (without Love and Trust), it is important to perceive the "sanity" in him.
This means I must always seek the loving way to call forth the Love in another.
Our work here is not to be right, but to be happy and at peace by following our inner spirit.

How can I be less that I Am just to match the other's insane behavior?
I must step up and call forth the best in myself and the other.
While I have experimented with other ways to match the emotional tone and need of others, it serves me not at all to diminish myself to meet insanity with insanity or pettiness with pettiness or fear with fear.
I must continue to give my highest and best in all circumstances.

To do this I must take impeccable care of myself, not over-giving or withholding all that I Am.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

My current favorite way to assist others in finding their way back to peace is changing the channel, shifting the focus to something fun and positive. My second favorite way is to reach out with Love and give deeply of the Love I AM. My intention and purpose is always to listen within to the Voice of Goodness and God within me and respond accordingly. Let it be.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Missed Communication

I am responsible for everything that happens to me. I have asked for and received as I have asked. ACIM

How can this be?
My perception and judgment of what I see is my responsibility.
How I respond to what I experience is totally mine.
It is through "trial and error" that I can choose what I want to experience and how I choose to respond.
It is through life experiences that I learn to value love more than fear and peace more than conflict.
It is through upset that I awaken to my choices to forget my purpose here.
It is though inner listening to the voice within, the place of eternal peace and Love that I come home to my whole and Holy Self.

So what does all of this mean in the everyday stuff of life?
We are being refined and awakened by the pictures we project onto those around us.
It is though our interaction that we come to see where we are blind to what is.
It is through the bumps in the road that we discover where we are assuming, expecting and making up our world.

How I respond to those bumps is my choice.
The ways we respond give us power and peace or disempower and build conflict and anxiety.
Some are here for personal lessons in loving relationships.
Some are here to learn how to heal or teach or lead.
Some are here to serve all unconditionally.
Some are here to envision and build a more enlightened world.
Some are here simply seeking their own peace and pleasure.

We are called here for a holy purpose.
Whatever that purpose is lives within us and is our Holy and healing choice.
When we listen and follow, honor and learn, give and receive whatever is, we are on purpose.
When we forget, forsake, are detoured, delayed and distracted we interfere (enter-fear).

Every time I have erred, I forgive myself.
Every time you err, I forgive you.
What else needs to be done when we are on course with our Holy Purpose.
It is in forgiveness that we see the light and are set free to find and follow our Holy Purpose.

I am loving us all as we learn quickly and easily from our mistakes,
Betty Lue
(PS Mercury, planet of communication, has been retrograde since mid June-July 9)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Why Not?

Why not make peace?
Why not love your enemies/
Why not bless those who persecute you?
Why not trust others to do better next time?
Why not put your faith in humanity's essential Goodness?
Why not give All to All to have All to give again?
Why not be the best you can be with everyone all the time?
Why not claim the Kingdom of God is within?
Why not begin today as though it is the first day of the rest of your life?
Why not let "by-gones" be "by-gones"?
Why not just love away all the fear, worry and anxiety?
Why not?

Gosh! I don't know....
If it were that simple, wouldn’t' we all just do it?
Looks like there is a part of our learned personality that is hanging on?
Sounds like people want to win and so they don’t lose?
Sounds like guilt sets us up with blinders to our own misperceptions.
Sounds like we would rather be “right” than be “happy”.

Oh Well!
I would rather be happy.
That's why I write these reminders….for me and You!
Betty Lue

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


We are free.

We are free to go or to stay.
What is for the Highest Good?
We are free to laugh or to cry.
What is our preference?
We are free to express or withhold.
What will be best for all concerned?
We are free to create or destroy.
What will yield the outcome we want?
We are free to be rich or be poor.
Which supports our spiritual growth?
We are free to give or to get.
Which will expand our consciousness?
We are free to fight or surrender.
What is the result we seek?
We are free to be right or be happy.
Do we have a preference?
We are free to keep our agreements or make excuses.
Which yields greater confidence and inner peace?
We are free to give our best or be lazy and get by.
Which will empower us in future endeavors?
We are free to let our emotions rule or stay connected with Spirit.
Where do we find the highest wisdom?
We are free to listen within to Spirit or listen outside to humanity.
Which will guide us to a fun, safe and easy life?
We are free to be ourselves or please others.
Which will give us the peace and power of integrity?

Yes, we are free to choose.
Life is a gift of free will and choice.
Our path is one of repeating the past, getting stuck in fear or freeing ourselves to move on in trust.

Loving our freedom,
Betty Lue
I am free!!!! What a big kid I am.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Transitions and Changes

Transitions are changes in circumstances, relationships, environments, attitudes, planes of existence.
All changes seem to create shifts for everyone. When we are comfortable and stuck in homeostasis, attached to the same, the same, the same, changes may be upsetting, threatening and even resisted.
The more we embrace, enjoy and even celebrate change, the more easily we allow life's transitions.

Some say, "Attachment is the source of all suffering. " For me clinging to an every changing experience will precipitate the pain of losing people, jobs, money, health, beliefs. Life changes and we change as we heal and grow, trust and let go. Letting go easily will facilitate greater happiness and inner peace.

"Letting go is fun, safe and easy" is a powerful and helpful affirmation to be written and spoken until the body/mind let go of their attachment to keeping things the same. Write and speak the affirmation 20 times daily for at least two weeks, to release your resistance.

The more we let go of fear, the more we experience the joy of Love.
Love never ends. It merely changes form.
When you experience the permanence of loving, you realize that only Love is Real and all else is illusion, temporal and transitory.

Blessings of Eternal Love,
Betty Lue

Monday, July 02, 2007

Responsibility with Freedom

(My Mom's birthday) (Also the birthday for the union of Robert and Betty Lue)

Here are some notes I made for my talk at the Home of Truth Spiritual Center in Alameda yesterday. In honor of my mother's 86th birthday today I am sending them on to all of you. My Mom was the primary example for me of responsibility with freedom. Not only did she free me to be the responsible and free being I am, but she also modeled how to be responsible with joy. To this day I admire her ability to love, serve and remember the Good in all people and circumstances. She is a free and independent woman who is totally and absolutely responsible for her thoughts, words and activities. She gives selflessly and gives generously to those who come her way. I love, admire and respect who she was, who she is today and all she is coming to be.

Sunday's Notes - Responsibility with Freedom

Just as in human life, there are many ages and stages, so in soul development and spiritual cultivation, there are many ages and stages. We are each responsible for our own learning and growth, but we also are called to encourage, support and model for others our spiritual growth.

Younger souls get what they can from life, in relationship, business, and material success.
They ask, demand, manipulate and practice being needy and dependent.

Older souls give everything they have to life, in relationship, business and life fulfillment.
They share, model, teach and invite others to grow in responsibility and independence.

Maturing souls give to get, and through trial and error, grow into being happy and peaceful.
They have emotional, relational and financial upsets to heal and awaken them to find a spiritual path.

When we find ourselves, needing to learn responsibility with freedom, we must find a role models.
When we are stuck in our immature ways, we must look to those who are following a spiritual path.
When we are children, without appropriate parental models, we must find them as adults.
All of us need someone to admire, to appreciate, to learn from and to believe in to grow spiritually.

Responsibility begins at home.
My parents believed they were temporary guardians for the children, there only to guide us, if needed.
My mother, an older soul, believed in giving each person as much responsibility as they could handle and a little more. She taught me by her example that being responsible was a privilege and indicated a deep sense of love and trust. I was responsible when I arrived and carried through on giving the best I had in all circumstances, even as an infant. My parents talked with me as a conscious person from birth and I responded consciously. I was never belittled, dismissed, held back, or in any way felt limited or lacking.

Are you giving those you love responsibility for their lives?
Are you expecting your children, your mate and your friends to be respectful and responsible?
Are you teaching those around you by your example how to be on time, keep your home and financial affairs orderly, pay for what you have, work hard for what you earn, do your best at all times, never lie, cheat or steal?
Do you take responsibility or try to pass it on to others?
If you see a need, are you willing to fill it?
Do you take responsibility for your errors, either conscious or unconscious, rather than explain or justify?
Do you appreciate those who are your mentors, models and teachers?
Do you value those who are taking responsibility, bosses, ministers, elders, leaders?
Remember, "admiration" means looking to others to exemplify and teach by their example.

Be totally responsible for the beginning, the follow through and the end.
Be responsible for yourself, for your home, for your finances, for your relationships, for your spiritual path and for your whole life.
It is in being responsible that you recognize, you are free.

Enjoy your responsibilities as much as you enjoy your freedom!
Loving you all,
Betty Lue

Here are some little responsible and free cherubs.
This is the perfect age to learn the joy of being responsible.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Freedom with Responsibility

Love is Freedom and Trust.
Our creator has given us total free will.
Our creator has entrusted us with the gifts of unlimited power and peace.
Our creator has unconditionally loved the creation with full freedom and trust in us.

When we love, we trust the other and free the other from our rules and restrictions.
When we are free, we are responsible for the results of our freedom.
When we are trusted, we must be able to respond to whatever the outcome.
When we are in fear, we doubt, limit and attempt to control the other.

Given the freedom to express, we must also accept responsibility for the outcome of that expression.
Given the trust to follow our inner guide, we must also recognize unconditional is the love.
Given the freedom with responsibility, we know we are seen as equal, whole and good and loving.
Given a life time of learning, with conscious and unconscious errors, we must take responsibility.

Responsibility means the ability to respond, no matter what the circumstance.
We can only fully consciously respond when we have taken impeccable care of ourselves.
We can only fully respond when we have neither guilt nor resentment.
We can only fully respond with love when we value learning and accept natural consequences.

How are we all free?
We are free to think our own thoughts.
We are free to behave however we choose.
We are free to interpret our world as we wish.

How are we responsible?
We are responsible for knowing our life purpose.
We are responsible for fulfilling our dreams.
We are responsible for staying on course.
We are responsible for our thoughts.
We are responsible for our words. We are responsible for our behavior.
We are responsible for our commitments.
We are responsible for the example we set.
We are responsible for how we utilize our time, energy and money.
We are responsible for establishing a spiritual faith and connection.
We are responsible for what we give and to whom.
We are responsible for who and how we judge.
We are responsible for tour laziness and the excuses we make.
We are responsible for how we are supported or dismissed.
We are responsible for keeping our agreements.
We are responsible for the equality of our relationships.
We are responsible for our health, finances, environment and home.

Sure sounds like we are responsible for everything we experience in life.
Loving you with my whole-hearted ability to respond to the Call for Joy and Love,
Betty Lue