Monday, October 31, 2005


Whenever you feel unsupported, support yourself with Love and appreciation.
Whenever you feel unheard, hear yourself with attentive listening.
Whenever you feel discounted, count yourself with respect and dignity.
Whenever you feel unloved, love yourself with freedom and trust.

What you see and hear outside is the projection of what we believe or fear within.
What you experience in a world of change is the call for constancy and persistence.
What you get from this world is what you expect based on the myths of its teachings.
What you know usually comes from the external intrusion of human history.

When there is upset, there is a call for awareness and healing.
When there is confusion, there is a call for clarity and truth.
When there is hurt, there is a call for gentleness and forgiveness.
When there is judgment, there is a call for acceptance and respect.

Wherever there is a problem, it is up to the most conscious one to respond.
We are invited to trust all things work together for Good.
We are invited to remember Love and return to wholeness.
We are encouraged to show up, pay attention and tell our truth, letting go of the outcome.
We are supported in intending peace and understanding to be the result.
We are shown that what we give is received, so giving our best gives us the best result.
We are healed by remembering the wholeness of Love in all things.

Whenever anyone comes to me with a problem, upset, judgment and issue, I am grateful.
I value their trusting my Love enough to bring me the call for Love.
I respect their willingness to share their desire for healing and correction.
I admire their courage to speak up and ask for what they want.
I join with them in seeking peace and happiness for everyone.
I support them in affirming exactly what is wanted and needed.

When we are not in union, we are missing coming together.
When we are miscommunicating, somehow we are not on the same wave length.
I find that the written and spoken word is sometimes misheard, because of what is in our minds.
If we are expecting negativity, we may hear it even when not present in the speaker.
If we are anticipating resistance or upset, we may project it into the communication being heard.
If we are afraid of the communication, we may block out or distort the underlying meaning.
Therefore, when I am not hearing love, appreciation and open-mindedness, I invite clarification.
I am here to awaken us all to coming together in love.
Let it be so through everything I share, here and everywhere in thought, word and deed.

Loving you truly,
Betty Lue

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Behind the Mask

Tomorrow is Halloween where wearing a disguise is traditional and fun.
Is the mask you wear your tradition?
Is your disguise fun for you?

Behind every fa├žade there is a truth which calls for love.
Behind every personality is a history of scars and stars.
Behind every image there is a reality which shines.
Behind the apparency there is an essential Light.

Life can deliver tricks or treats.
We choose which we prefer to give.
Deceit leads to deception.
The fool will be fooled.
Love creates more Love.
The lover may not be believed by those who cheat.
The giver may not be received by those who are greedy.

Often we need to look beneath our own mask before we can see what is behind other's disguise.
When you see yourself, do you see what you have accomplished, accumulated or achieved?
When you appreciate yourself, do you value what is seen by others or what is within?
When you look into your own eyes, do you dismiss the real you and love what is inside?

Behind every mask is a soul, a spirit, a call to give and receive Love.
Begin within and give what you have given yourself.

Life invites us to take off our masks and reveal what is Real.
Your Light invites other lights to fully shine.
Your Love encourages all Love to be shared.
Your Spirit inspires and uplifts all Souls.

Give the Real You,
Betty Lue

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Life is For Giving

"I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service.
I acted and behold, service was joy." -Rabindranath Tagore, philosopher, author, songwriter, painter, educator, composer, Nobel laureate (1861-1941)

How can life be joy?
How can life be fun. safe and easy?
How can I be fulfilled and happy?
Are these not the questions you might have for me?

Life is for giving.
Life is forgiving yourself for not giving.
When you are giving your best, your forget the rest.
When you are giving your Love, you remember your Love.
When you are giving your help, you feel valued and helpful.
When you are giving your wisdom, you remember the wisdom you have.
When you are giving your kindness, you feel good about being kind.
When you are giving your forgiveness, your release you bad feelings.
When you are giving with joy, you feel happy and whole.

What we give, we truly do receive.
When giving with joy and gratitude, we receive joy and gratitude.
When giving with obligation and resentment, we receive fatigue and disappointment.
When giving with love and warmth, we receive loving ourselves and good feelings.

In fear, the culture becomes defensive, protective and self-serving.
In despair, the people become needy and greedy wanting always more.
In isolation, the families become separated, lonely and divisive.
In defensiveness, the government becomes deceitful, secretive and corrupt.

When the people are afraid, they depend on their families.
When families are afraid, they depend on their leaders.
When the leaders are afraid, they depend on the economy.
When there is fear, the economy is contracted, the leaders are righteous and the people are not heard.

Yes, it is time for a change.
We must change from within.
We can find meaning in nature.
We can find a reason for giving in our children.
We can begin by taking a walk and giving thanks to our Earth, our water, our air.
Ask, "Where can I begin today to love someone in a helpful way?"

Let us begin.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, October 28, 2005

Seeking Help

Whether seeking help, support or advice, be sure you ask for what you really want.
There is a tendency to give our power over to the professional or friend who helps us.

The One who knows your heart is the Essential You.
The One who loves and cares about you is the Creator within.
The One who listens, laughs and forgives you is the Love in You.
There is a place you can trust within you now.

Yes, there are times and places we all need a professional-lawyer, therapist, coach, doctor, etc.
Yes, there are moments when talking with a friend gives us solace and comfort.
Yes, there are needs we have for hugs, smiles, words of reassurance that only come from loved ones.
And it is important to be clear about asking exactly for what we want from exactly the "right" person.

Recently I experienced being called in by a professional to confer about someone else's problem.
I was asked for my perspective.
I realized within a few moments that the therapist was opinionated, judgmental and threatening.
I heard negative labeling, anger and disrespect for his clients.
I realized that this professional was behaving and thinking more like a judgmental judge than a therapist, mediator or counselor. He was arrogant and righteous.
After experiences in other businesses with customers being gossiped about, made fun of, and abused by sales staff and service people, I realize this behavior runs across all professions.

My suggestion to all of us,
When you seek help from anyone for any reason:
Select someone whom you like, trust and respect.
Be clear about exactly what you want from them.
Clarify their ability to help, the cost and time frame.
Make sure they like, trust and respect you.
If they are not able or willing to help, move on.
You owe no one an explanation or justification for your choice.
If you experience misunderstanding or confusion, request clarification.
Make an agreement that only as long as both are served, you will continue.
Set the tone for all interaction by respecting and appreciating the help you value.
If you seek advice, make sure the one giving it is living it.
Any opinion, criticism is always for the critic.
Don't take on someone else's poison or opinions, or put-downs.
Walk away from those who are unkind and disrespectful.

We are all here together.
We are called to love, support and encourage one another.
Give yourself the very best and leave the rest.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Judgment Limits Vision

When we judge, we cannot see.
When we judge, we are afraid.
When we judge, we limit ourselves.
When we judge, we condemn.
When we judge, we get stuck.
When we judge, we dam the flow.
When we judge, we attack.
When we judge, we close our hearts.
When we judge, we "endarken" our minds.
When we judge, we inter-fear with healing.
When we judge, we cannot hear our heart.
When we judge, life is serious, dangerous and difficult.

Our judgments mean nothing when we see them in the light of right perception.
Our judgments heal nothing.
Our judgments bless no one.
Our judgments offer nothing that we want.

So when we judge, let us delete and let go.
When we judge, let us forgive and move on.
When we judge, let us undo what is not true.

I forgive all my judgments so that I might trust in the highest outcome for all.
I forgive my judgments so I might respond with love to everyone.
I forgive my judgments so I am free to receive the gift and learning in all things.
I forgive my judgments so I might free the flow of creative power.

I am letting go, so I can see with my heart,
Betty Lue

Rx: 30 Days to Enlightenment
To begin your day,
Write or verbalize 30 forgivenesses.."I forgive.."
Write or verbalize 30 choices…"I choose.."
To end your day.
Write or say 30 gratitudes.."I am grateful for.."

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Out of Balance

Balanced living feels fun, safe and easy.
Life works, when we have a balanced lifestyle.
Our health, happiness, home, finances and relationships function naturally with ease and flow.
When there is imbalance, there may be a clear cause or it may be something subtle has shifted.

Like balanced tires, our life vehicle moves smoothly along our chosen path and we feel secure.
Imbalanced tires make steering difficult and sometimes out of control.
The state of imbalance can be do to a misalignment caused by a hole in the road or hitting a curb.
Imbalances may have occurred weeks ago and been forgotten.
The state of imbalance can be due to differences in air pressure in our tires or unevenly worn tread.
We may be losing air due to an imperceptible wound or puncture.

It is key to be aware of the imbalance.
It is essential that we acknowledge, when we are out of balance.
It is important to forgive our judgment (fear) of the imbalance.
When we can truly let go of our toxic or painful emotions and come to peace, we are open for change.
Only in a state of neutrality can we know what is the right direction to heal and correct the imbalance.
In a non-judgmental state we can set out mind/heart free to clarify, affirm and commit to our realignment.
As we accept, value and appreciate our willingness to do whatever it takes to find balance, so it is done.

What is the state of your whole life balance?
Where do you see yourself out of alignment?
What are your judgments on the apparent problems?
Are you willing to forgive your judgments (guilt, anger, resentment, fear, hurt, grief)?

Remember, wherever you are upset about what you are experiencing, you are a victim of your thoughts.
Wherever you are angry with others about your circumstances, you are deflating your air and your will.
Wherever you feel regret, you are judging it is wrong and limiting your willingness to see the good.
Wherever you are caught in endless cycle of emotions, you are letting the storm have its way with you.
You can choose again, to forgive your judgments, fears and tears, resentment and blame, regret and guilt.

I don't know what anything means.
I am willing to let my life be a wakeup call for healing, growth and doing Good.
I am willing to trust all things work together for Good.
I am willing to learn and receive greater wisdom, strength and clarity to follow spiritual direction.
I am willing to do whatever it takes to bring my whole life back into balance, order and harmony.
I am willing to practice daily the discipline of self cultivation and devotion to spiritual principles.
I am willing to reclaim a natural balance.
I am willing to take impeccable care of my whole self and my life of service.

I am willing,
Betty Lue

This little exercise may help find your center and balance.
I offer coaching on the phone, in my office and your home to facilitate your balanced living.
It is fun, safe, easy and often quick.

Purpose Exercise

To bring your purpose to life, you need to make a declaration of your values and describe the things, people, attitudes and objectives that are important to you. This is a quick exercise to help you uncover your purpose.
List 5 answers under each set of questions.

What do I love to do?
What makes me the happiest?
What is my secret ambition?
What has given me the most satisfaction in the past?
What excites me about life?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What am I good at?
What have others told me I was good at?
In what areas of life have I excelled?
What are some of my strengths?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What is important to me?
What would I be willing to sacrifice for?
What do I stand for?
What would I commit myself for regardless of the obstacles?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What was I born to do?
Where in life can I make a difference?
What unique opportunities have been placed in my path?
What specifically does God want me to do?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

Based on the answers above, develop a short paragraph outlining your purpose. Take the three top priorities from the four areas to which you just committed answers. Construct a statement that explains what you are beginning to sense in your purpose. This can be a work in progress. What is important is to commit to something in writing. Your purpose can be anything you want it to be and it can include anything that is important to you.

My Purpose Statement:

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Speak Up

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Know when to hold em. Know when to fold em. And know when to show em." Betty Lue

How can we know when it is time to be silent?
How can we know when it is time to surrender?
How can we know when it is the best time to express our Truth?

To show up, pay attention and tell the truth does not mean we are to dump our poison on others.
When you have strong feelings, the feeling themselves may be the message received.
There is value in calming oneself, value in gathering information, value in seeing through the other's lens.
When you care enough to give the very best, you will first be the very best in conscious communication.

In these times of cultural, political, familial differences emotions distort the underlying needs.
For the courageous, these are times to first find peace within to successfully manage the emergencies.
In an impassioned state the words and meaning are often misinterpreted.
From a neutral and non-judgment attitude, one can better find the way to be heard.

When I know what I have to say may hurt or offend another, I express myself silently.
When I am uncertainty about how to help or show I care, I ask spirit within me to show the way.
When I want to heal a schism and make amends, I honor the wishes of the other.
When I am being called to love, I am often guided to extend my Love anonymously.

To be political often helps to stir people into action.
To be impassioned can incite people to destructive behavior.
To be inspiring is to listen to inner inspiration and then act accordingly.
To be a positive influence, I must first heal and bind and separation, fear or judgment within me.

Life offers lots of opportunities to speak up rather than give up.
Holding the highest vision and intention with total commitment will always yield the highest outcome.
When fear causes us to withhold we are committed to self-protection and winning the approval of others.
When love inspires us to express, we are committed to serving and doing Good for All.

Set a high goal of Love and Peace for all.
Ask whether the other is open to receive.
Speak up with respect and kindness.
Invite the other to share their perception.
Receive what is received and given with gratitude.
Trust all is well.

And so it is,
Betty Lue

Monday, October 24, 2005

Seventh Inning Stretch?

Am I stopped to rest, renew and reintegrate?
Am I sabotaging myself with doubt and confusion?
Am I waiting until the fog clears or the dust settles?
Am I reevaluating my choices and best direction?

In life, you may have noticed that everything seems to change continuously.
If where we were headed no longer seems viable, it may be valuable to stop and reconsider.
If we have been sitting down on the job, resting on our "laurels" , we may need to get up and stretch.
If we have relied on past information and old maps, we may need to check out the new turns in the road.

Whenever there is a delay, distraction or disappointment, it is a blessed opportunity to stand up.
Whenever there is a problem, interference or roadblock, it is a time to clarify, choose and recommit.
Whenever there is an illness, upset, or disagreement, it is a chance to release mistaken beliefs.
By giving all things to God and to Goodness, forgiveness erases, light comes and the way appears.

I pause. I forgive. I listen. I invite. I seek. I find. I affirm. I choose. I commit.

Life is my teacher.
I am a willing student.
When I am unhappy and confused, I stop and look around.
Love and gratitude clear my mind.
Beauty and Goodness will I find.
Life is my playing field.
I choose the game I play.
I choose my teammates.
I choose my coaches, my rules and my goals.
I choose my discipline to practice and prepare.
I choose my game attitude and experience.
I am a winner in life when I let the game be a game.
Win or lose matters only for the fun.
What really matters is how I feel, when the game is done.

I appreciate learning from the game of life,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Prescription for Healing

Note: My computer was down for two days and then I have been down for two days.
I am now resting, renewing my spirit and feeding myself the best in Love, food and inspiration.

Confession is good for the soul.
Getting sick is a wakeup call, inviting me to stop, look and listen.
So this is what I have found.
Taking responsibility for everything I experience is enlightening.
Being forgiving of my errors is freeing.
Acknowledging my awarenesses with no judgment opens the way to insight and inner guidance.

So how did you get sick, Betty Lue?

Ate grocery store produce and processed foods.
Ate commercially produced and prepared foods in restaurants.
Ate sugar and pastries.
Traveled in airplanes with no quality air filtration.
Spent time in hotel conference and sleeping rooms with minimal fresh air.
Thought about germs and warned others about being careful.
Felt guilty about 30 year old errors of unconscious commission and omission.
Put others' needs and scheduled activities before my own rest, recreation and spiritual renewal.
Watched TV commercials on illness and meds and listened to flu warnings.
Joined with prevailing human view that we are the victims of germs and viruses.
I have often chosen to get sick or have pain as a way to have alone time.

Yes, I traveled the last two weekends to Phoenix and LA, eating non-organic restaurant foods.
I realize I am increasingly sensitive to dishonoring what I know is best for me.
The choices I make reflect lack of time spent listening within.
The errors made went unnoticed, and I egoically thought I could "get away with it."
I continue to enjoy traveling and teaching, and acknowledge there is physical stress involved.

I don't know what you believe about illness, but this is my experience after years of exploring.
Please know I honor whatever you know or choose for yourself.
We are on a sacred journey of learning, through forgiveness and love, through judgment and pain.
Some of my choices were conscious, but most were not even noticed until after I was sick in bed.
I appreciate all of life's process for it keeps me humbly on my toes and returning to Spirit.
I know there is a Power and Presence within me which heals, guides, teaches, forgives and leads me.
When I allow the worldly power of fear and the noisy presence of commercial truth, I forget what I know and what I am here to be and do and share. For this I forgive myself.

From A Course in Miracles.
To heal is to make happy.
Illness comes from using the body lovelessly.
All healing is essentially the release from fear.
To love yourself is to heal yourself.
We are made whole in our desire to make whole.
To forgive is to heal.
Healing is the effect of minds that join, as sickness comes from minds that separate.

Healing Prayer:
I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent Him Who sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, because He Who sent me will direct me.
I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me.
I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Living and Growing

Growing is learning.
Learning is observing.
Observing is perceiving without judgment.
Challenging ourselves to learn and grow is the fully living.

When we find ourselves in our comfort zone, we are shutting down.
When we feel secure and lethargic, we are beginning to die.
When we choose to cocoon ourselves by collecting and protecting stuff, we are afraid.
When we stop exploring and being curious about life, we have lost the will to learn.

Every one is my teacher, so I listen and learn.
Every experience is a lesson, so I observe and I learn.
Every word I write and speak is my message, so I pay attention and I learn.
Every workshop taken or taught is for me, so I open my mind and I learn.

I have curiosity and wonder and delight about this world.
I see miracles and magic and mystery in life.
I know healing and feeling and wisdom with those I meet.
I experience complexity and uncertainty and chaos within humanity.

I know I cannot sort it out and organize.
I cannot understand and analyze.
I cannot fix it or make it work.
I can set it free and trust it all works to awaken.
I will find the Love beneath the apparency.

Everything is either Love or the call for Love.
I am Love with Wisdom.
I am Love with compassion.
I am Love with courage.
I am Love with Trust and Freedom.
This Love is Real and Unchanging.
This Love will prevail.
This Love will heal.
This Love seeks only to extend ItSelf.
This Love is fully giving.

I am the Love.
I am the Light.
You are the Love.
You are the Light.

Our real learning is to become aware of our blocks to Love.
Our real work is to clear all the obstacles within us to being the Love we Are.

Daily clearing with everyone,
Betty Lue

“Our Greatest Fear”

Our greatest fear
is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light,
not our darkness,
that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves,
“Who am I to be brilliant,
gorgeous, talented and fabulous?”
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that others won’t feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some of us,
it is in everyone,
and as we let our own light shine
we unconsciously give other people permission
to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear
our presence automatically liberates others.
Maryann Williamson

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Who Are We?

Like ships passing in the night,
Flowing in and out of sight.
We may not know what's right,
but Love with all our might.

You and I are in this world as mirrors or mere reflections of one another.
When we fully see and know and love another, we are loving our whole and holy Self.
Where judge and separate from another, we have excluded a part of our One Self.
When we forgive our fear and withholding Love, we open to more wholly loving ourselves.

Life is a sacred journey, meeting those parts of the One Self that we may have resisted, feared, judged.
As we move through a sea of individuals, some close and some in passing, we heal and make Holy.

In you I see myself.
In you I find my wholeness.
In you, I know my holiness.
In you, I know Love.

There are no chance encounters.
Every relationship is an opportunity to return to Love.
All specialness, both good and bad, calls for holiness.
When I know my own holiness, I trust in yours as well.

You and I are not different.
We are on this earth together.
We are here to erase all separation.
We are here to heal and be healed.
As I remember my holiness and wholeness, I naturally remind you of yours.
Life is perceived as fun, safe and easy when I remember my true purpose.
I am here to remember Love and return to Wholeness.

So be it.
Betty Lue

Blessings to all those who keep flowing on this sacred journey.
I trust your willing to flow in and out of my life.
All is well, because we are.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It's Your Life

No matter how you look at it, from a victimized or creative perspective, it is still YOUR LIFE!

When you want something, don't just wish for it. Take the first step and do something positive.
When you feel down and troubled, don't just sit there. Get up and move, breathe, help someone.
When you are uncertain and doubting your choices, look for what you know is good and true.
When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, get out of bed and work. Accomplish something.
When you cannot seem to make a decision, ask inside and listen. Write down everything you hear.
When your life seems to be off track and no working, make a list of everything you appreciate.
When you feel alone and like you don't belong, visit those in senior centers and nursing homes.
When you are caught in self-pity, write or call someone you know needs some encouraging words.
When you are fearful about what life may bring, go to a playground and swing really high.
When you have lost touch with someone special, write them a letter telling them how you feel.
When you have an old resentment hurting your heart, forgive and let go to heal and free yourself.
When you have lost touch with your curiosity and wonder, watch a baby play all day.
When you feel you are in financial trouble, imagine losing everything in earthquake or hurricane.
When you feel forsaken by God, forgive yourself for tuning out and tune into your heart. Listen.

It is your life.
Your life is your gift to you.

It is given to you without strings attached.
There is no competition and nothing to prove.
Your life is to be used by you in the way that rings true.
You have been given unlimited resources with which to create, to share, to squander, to expend, to lose, to suffer, to sacrifice, to expand, to store, to enjoy.
If you don't like what you have been doing with your life, forgive yourself and choose again.

Yes, it is that simple.
There is no one to please, except you.

If you are making yourself unhappy, scared and sad, forgive yourself and choose again.
If you are giving yourself fulfillment and enjoyment, appreciate yourself for honoring the gift of life.
If you have made mistakes, now is the time to change your direction.
If you have lost your way, now is the time to seek and find it again.
If you have wasted time and energy on self-pity, hating your childhood or yourself, stop and think kindly.
If you have considered suicide or depression, get your energy moving by giving yourself to others.
If you are feeling abandoned and rejected by others, now is the time to befriend and reassure yourself.

PS When you play the music of others just to belong, you sometimes forget you have your own song.
Only when you play life your true way, will true friends and companions join you.
To live falsely, just to get something from others, always leads to disappointment and disillusionment.

Life is for giving. You are the gift.
It is in fully giving the gift of yourself that you discover the value of the gift you are.
In wholeness, you need nothing else.
Betty Lue

Monday, October 10, 2005


What you believe, you see.
What you perceive, you strengthen.
What you give attention to, you increase.
What you ignore, you extinguish.

Denial is a powerful protective device.
You can and should deny errors can harm you.
Forgiveness is a powerful healing device.
You can and should seek the gift in all things.

Gratitude expands what is valued.
Judgment gets us stuck with what we believe.
Erasing all judgment with forgiveness creates happiness and gratitude.
We can extinguish all errors with forgiveness.

To be grateful and happy gives the freedom to experience more happiness and gratitude.
The more we deny and forgive what we no longer want, the more freedom we have to choose again.
The more forgive our errors and hurts, the more space we have to create anew.
To begin anew is to have no judgments, a clear mind and a happy heart.

Be as a child.
Filled with wonder and delight.
Open and willing to receive all good.
Feeling full of love given and received with no separation.

I am loving you, new each day with the wonder of the Universe guiding my heart.
Betty Lue

Friday, October 07, 2005

What is Love?

(I'm off to officiate a wedding in Phoeniz, AZ. Will be back on Monday.)

Love is not special.
There are not levels of love, conditions or kinds of Love.

Love is Who You Are.
Love is your only source and Re source.
Love is the creative Power.
Love is the healing Presence.
Love is the guiding Spirit.
Love is All.

Love is God and God is Love.
Love is unconditional.
Love is unlimited.
Love is Goodness.
Love is Defenselessness.
Love is Patience.
Love is Trust.
Love is Freedom.
Love is open-mindedness.
Love is gentle.
Love is eternal.
Love is Real.
Love is natural.
Love is present.
Love is powerful.
Love is the Essence of All creation.
Love is Innocence with wisdom.
Love is healing and Holy.
Love is letting go of fear.
Love waits on welcome, not on time.
Love is always given and often refused.
Love is yours and You are Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Doubt or Trust?

When you doubt yourself, you teach others to doubt you.
When you doubt others, you teach them to doubt themselves.

When you trust yourself, you teach others to trust you.
When you trust yourself, you teach others to trust themselves.
When you trust others, your teach others to be trustworthy.

Doubt is a learned protection.
Doubt sets up a mental habit of not believing we can experience what we hope for.
Doubt is one foot on the brakes, saying it isn't possible.
Doubt diminishes our ability to hear our inner truth.
Doubt discourages, fatigues and distorts our perceptions.
Doubt sabotages our best efforts.
Doubt creates faulty evidence appearing real. (FEAR)
Doubt begets caution, demands and conditions on love.
Doubt is fear made to appear reasonable and rational.
Doubt is justified by making the past the creator of the present.
Doubt comes from mistakenly trusting in the changing world.
Doubt belies counting to the ego for guidance.
Doubt is the mental condition which assures lack of fulfillment.
Doubt is lack of forgiveness of ourselves and others.

I forgive my doubting mind.
I trust my inner voice.
I let go of believing in the world I see.
I learn to trust in the real world.
I am willing to let go of everything that is not real.
I am willing to let go and trust in Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


This morning I found myself being concerned for those in my life who appear to be struggling with illness, grief, resentment and hurt. I was worrying and wondering and concerned for them.

The root meaning of "worry" is to strangle.
To worry is to contract and squeeze out potential creative and constructive thinking.
To worry is a primary way many people have learned to show their love.
To worry is often seen as being "all we can do to show we care."
Worry is a bi-product of fear.
Fear generates more fear.
Worrying is and easy habit of mind to learn and practice.

Spiritual or metaphysical truths:
What we focus on, increases and expands.
What we perceive in others, we strengthen in ourselves.

With the habit of worrying:
We can become consumed with worry.
We can increase the individual's worry and concern for themselves.
We can become a worrisome and fearful person.
We can teach others there is something real to fear and worry about.

When I catch myself "worrying", I ask "What can I do?"
I know it does no good to be concerned.
So I ask if there is some good I can do which will be helpful and ease the dis-ease and distress.
I do what I am called to do immediately, so I send no more scared, negative and toxic thoughts.
I forgive myself for worrying.
I release my pictures of the problem, the pain, the disaster.
I envision the highest outcome.
I appreciate all those who are supporting, serving and helping.
I let go and give it all to God.
I imagine those involved feeling loved and peace.
And I offer my blessing.
I bless the person, the situation, myself and all those involved.
I trust everyone is learning and growing, healing and helping to the best of their ability.
I reassure myself that all is well.

Blessing us all now with the highest and best I know,
Betty Lue

Below is a beautiful healing prayer I share with you.

Prayer For A Loved One

I will not worry, fret or be unhappy over you.
I will not be anxious concerning you.
I will not be afraid for you.
I will not give up on you.
I will not blame, criticize or condemn you.
I will remember first, last and always that you are God’s child, that you have His Spirit in you.
I will trust this Spirit to take care of you, to be a light to your path, to provide for your needs.
I will think of you as always being surrounded by God’s loving Presence, enfolded in His protecting care, as kept safe and secure in Him.
I will be patient with you.
I will have confidence in you.
I will stand by you in faith, and bless you in my prayers, knowing that you are growing, knowing that you are finding the help you need, the love you need, the healing you need, the financial freedom you need.
I have only good feelings in my heart about you.
I am willing to let you live your life as you see fit.
Your way may not be my way, but I will trust the Spirit of God in you to show you the way of your highest Good.
God loves you and I love you!
I have confidence in you and I believe in you!!
(author unknown)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Flexibility and Change

Fixed opinions resist peace and understanding.
Attached relationships fear natural evolution.
Controlled behavior generate rules and guilt.
Demands and threats yield fearful reactions.

When we think we are helping, fixing and making someone change, we may be interfering-- "enter-fear".
When we want to have commitment and build responsibility, we may be demanding loyalty through guilt.
When we are teaching the world through angry words and negative emotions, we may be creating fear.
When we try to be nice when we are feeling hurt, we may be teaching deception.

How flexible can I be when taking care of me?
Give yourself the highest and the best and let go of the rest.
Trust that with life and relationship changes, you need to change your choices.
Trust that when something goes with your gratitude, the next best thing will arrive.
Trust and respect your inner knowing and let go of external rules and commitments.

Life and relationships as meant to serve the participants.
When the experiences fail to be healing and healthy, it is time to change one's choice.
When we offer allegiance to what once was helpful and now is not, it is time to make a new agreement.
To take impeccable care of oneself encourages constant inner listening and honoring the Highest Good.

Using threat, demand and punishment to get your way engenders fear and fearful compliance.
Using guilt, manipulation and bribes to get your way encourages dependence, covert hostility and resentful obedience.
These are two forms of apparent Love in parenting, politics, education and religious compliance.
These forms of Love are often projected and imagined in our relationship with our Creator.

Love is trust and freedom.
Trust and freedom with oneself begets trust and freedom with others.
Trust and Free Will are the primary qualities of our Creator's Love.
As times change the ways in which we live and learn, love and let go change form.
The substance of spiritual principles and universal laws remain the same as described in the teachings of the Masters.

In order to see how these apply, we must be willing to look beyond our narrow beliefs, our guilt-ridden mistakes, our resentment of others errors and our attack on their behavior and choices.
When we are willing to see from many other perspectives, we can become the forgiving and understanding teachers, healers, counselors and lovers we are here to be.
Everyone seeks to give their best.
Everyone is exploring to find a better way.
Everyone wants to love and be loved.
Everyone wants a "good life".
Everyone wants their loved ones to be safe and happy and whole.
So let us begin with ourselves.
Give yourself permission to take impeccable care of you.
Without guilt or blame, change what no longer serves your best self.
Let go of trying to get others to change or understand or obey or comply.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, October 03, 2005

Gratitude and Forgiveness: The Keys to Happiness

The autumn is a powerful time of letting go.
Letting go can be fun, safe and easy, when we forgive our judgments and experience gratitude.
Rich with letting go of summer, of old leaves and beliefs, of unfulfilled wishes for ourselves, we can release what no longer serves.
We can embrace the coming of the holidays and celebrate.
Or we can dread the coming of winter, the sadness of family brokenness, the loss of loved ones and be depressed.

To let go with resentment, hurts.
To let go with gratitude, blesses.

Being grateful for all life offers will bring the awareness of gifts, healing, learning and growth.
Being forgiving of ourselves and others opens the way to see the blessings and the feel the love.

When we remember to forgive, we heal.
When we remember to appreciate, we see the Goodness, Beauty and wholeness.

Choose to begin everyday forgiving everything and everyone including yourself.
Choose to end each day with gratitude for everything and everyone including yourself.

Life is offering us everything we need to remember Who and Whose we are.

Children of the Light, we bring the Light.
Children of Infinite Love, we offer endless Love.
Children of the Unlimited Creator, we are limitless in our creations.
Children of Omniscience and Omnipotence, we are wise and powerful.
Children of God, we create Goodness and Beauty.

Are you remembering or hiding?
Are you freeing or limiting?
Are you trusting or doubting?
Are you loving or afraid?
Are you choosing or losing?

Remember and Forgive your forgetting.
Remember to give and really live.

Devoted to Remembering,
Betty Lue

Sunday, October 02, 2005


When you come home from a time away, it is valuable to be grateful for the leaving and the return.

One way of coming home is to feel grateful and bless, where I have been and those whom I have met.
I look forward to my own bed, going grocery shopping and getting involved in my daily activities.
I make a list on the ride home of calls, plans, projects and changes in routine which I intend.
I use the time away to "upgrade" my life, to let go and release whatever no longer serves my happiness.

Whether for an overnight holiday or an extended vacation, it is valuable to benefit all parts of your life.
We may see a trip or vacation as something separate, a special event or disconnected from the mundane.
I see it as an extended meditation in which I clear my vision and perceive what I truly value.
I can "tweak" my life and make it support and benefit my highest vision for myself and my true work.

Some experience the high and low of pre-miracle anxiety and post-miracle depression, before and after a time away or a special event.
It is healing simply to be aware of that possibility. I make transition almost seamlessly by packing only a few hours before leaving and keeping my daily routine going. And on my return, I have unpacked, washed clothes and moved into everyday life with a few hours. Life itself is so filled with miracles when we are present, and in the now with gratitude.

If willing to vacate the ordinary and see things with a fresh outlook, life can be filled with joys daily.
Each of us can take five minutes of reflection, an evening of doing what we love or a weekend getaway to give ourselves a treat,
a mini-vacation.

You can take a walk and ask the question, "How can I improve the quality of my life today?"
You can ask in morning meditation, "How can I support myself in being my best?"
You can write in your journal a list of “ways to take impeccable care of yourself.”

We will be taking a group on retreat again next year, so do plan on joining us if you are called.
We love to " get away" , to make new friends, create spiritual family, to inspire awakening, healing and growth, as well as see our lives from a fresh perspective.

I am loving and blessing you in beholding the rich and abundant life you have right now!
Betty Lue