Tuesday, June 30, 2015


You may be inspired by this utube video of my talk at Brentwood Unity last Sunday.

May peace be with you and all today.
May the words I speak offer peaceful reminders.
May the thoughts I hold be only of peace for all humanity.
May the life I live, begin with peace through me.

How To Find Your Peace.

Everyone is born to find Peace.
Everyone comes into this life to bring Peace.
All people seek peace and to be at Peace.
When we know our Piece, we are at Peace.

Ah Yes, I am here to be Peace.
I am here to clear fear and conflict.
I am here to remember the Peace from which I came.
I am here to bring Peace on Earth.

And so it is, we bring our Peace.
Some bring peace to animals.
Some bring peace to children.
Some bring peace to the earth.
Some bring peace to our elders.

We bring peace through what we do and what we say and think and pray.
Mothers, counselors, teachers, business folks can all find and offer peace.
Hospice workers, farmers, musicians, artists, builders, beauticians, grocers.
Everyone can find peace within and share their peace in their lives.

When we are born, we take on the energy of our parents, teachers and caregivers and the world.
We are here to bring peace to everyone in all situations.
When we have enough quiet time to stay in touch with our inner peace, we remember the peace.
When we are filled with noise, drama and trauma and no time to quiet the mind, we forget.

Our function is to find and return to our inner peace and spread peace to everyone everywhere.
Our job is to clear the inner wars and bring our attention to the Peace of Goodness within.
Our holy rightful place to be and share comes from our intention to heal all separation from Peace.
We are here to be truly helpful, first to ourselves and then to everyone we encounter.

When I sit at my computer each early morning, I see and feel peace within and share that peace.
When I take my shower, I cleanse any thought, concern or memory that appears to me.
When I get ready for my day to be with people and their concerns, I trust in Peace to be the outcome.
When I am planning and preparing food, finances, scheduling, correspondence, I choose peace.

I listen to music that brings more peace and happiness.
I eat foods that offer peace to my body.
I write words that offer soothing and inspiration.
I talk to people about choosing happy thoughts, positive words and respectful behavior.

All I do is dedicated to Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Humanity.
The more you give, the more you have.
The more you have, the more you give.
May Abundant peace be yours today.

This is my vision for the family for humanity.
This is my path and purpose.
May it be so for all of us!
Betty Lue

Monday, June 29, 2015

Little Reminders

Life is a gift to be shared.
Love is an answer to every prayer.
Remember to remind yourself everyday.
Let the little things show you your happy way.

Little Reminders

Do you remember to say Thank you ?
Do you count your blessings everyday?
Do you smile when you pass a stranger?
Do you take the time to pray?

It is the little things that make the difference.
It is the gentle look or soft touch on the shoulder.
It is holding someone’s hand with the warmth of “I value You.”
It is preparing food with care and consideration.

We must remember the value of life without losing.
We must acknowledge how Good it is.
We must offer peace to those in harm’s way.
We must trust everyone can learn to be better.

Each time we remind ourselves, we are reminding others.
Every day we feel gratitude, we are responsible for others gratefulness.
When we speak of the Goodness in life, we are awakening humanity.
When we care, we share that quiet comfort and love silently.

There is no beneficent thought that is not received.
Every act of kindness benefits everyone everywhere.
What you do for one is a gift to all.
When you are good to yourself, you increase goodness for others.

All the good you do returns to you and your world amplified.
What is given with joy and generosity inspires the same in others.
Every little “ I love you.” Inspires others to share their Love.
When we are kind to one child, all children will be touched with more Love.

While it seems we are separate, no own is alone.
Everyone is blessed by every blessing anywhere.
We are given the opportunity to be blessed and a blessing.
Life rewards us with our own gifts of goodness.

Do an experiment of blessing everyone and everything for a day.
Notice how you feel happy and blessed at the end of your day.
Try out complaining, worrying, criticizing for a day (if you can stand it!).
Notice how what you give with thoughts or words comes right back to you.

Life operates on a reward system.
When you do good, you receive good.
When you forget, you get you have forgotten.
How good it feels when you live and Give only Good!

YOU ARE Goodness Itself.
Now let’s remember our own Good.
Live the Good You Are.
Betty Lue
Ten Keys to a Good Life:

Be Responsible for the entirety of your life.
Be Open to learn from everything and everyone.
Be Forgiving of all mistakes, yours and others.
Be Truly helpful by thinking, speaking and giving your best.
Be Impeccable in caring for your body, relationships, home, work, finances.
Be Willing to live with moderation in all things.
Be Aware of the Gift of Love and the Call for Love.
Be Exact with your thoughts and words; they create your life.
Be Hard-working with wisdom, gratitude and joy.
Be Good.  See Good. Think Good. Speak Good. Give Good.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Just Do It!

I know what I want and I go for it.
I trust the choices I make.
I free myself to do what is best for me.
What is best for me is best for others.

Dare Yourself to Just Do It!

If it feels right, do it!
If it makes you happy, just do it!
If it inspires you, do it!
If you want to try, go ahead and do it?

Life is what you make it.
Love is why you take it.
Joy is how you show it.
Begin is how you grow it.

Life waits for you to say YES!
Life asks you to invest.
Life is the place you show up.
Life is how to enjoy living.

Why not now?
Why wait for tomorrow?
Give the best you have.
Receive the best there is.

Show others you can do it.
Show yourself you can choose it.
Believe you can and you can.
Learn each day how to live life.

Breathe fully and freely.
Love your self totally and absolutely.
Enjoy what you experience because you chose it.
Be responsible and appreciate all you learn.

There are no limits in an unlimited world.
No one stops you except you.
So set yourself free to be.
And You will see you can just do it.

If everyone were happy and free…..
There would be no more wars.
There would be exponential happiness and health.
There would be a celebration of all great good for everyone.

If you were doing what you really want to do…..
You would be happy and healthy.
You would be forgiving and kind.
You would be creative and responsible.

If we together create a world that is just what we want…..
Everything would work together for good.
Miracles and true prosperity would abound.
Love and Joy and Peace would flow to everyone.

Let’s just do it now.
Think it now.
Feel it now.
Share it now.

Loving you and me in being free.
Betty Lue

You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over. - Richard Branson –
Get up and try again with a smile.
Mistakes can be fun, safe and easy.
Everything you do is your creation.
Betty Lue    

Saturday, June 27, 2015


I give my peace and remember the Piece I Am.
I live at peace with the choices I make.
I honor the Piece of Good I share with everyone.
Life works with peace and grace and gratitude.

Peace Begins With Me

When you are peaceful, others calm down.
When you are agitated, others tend to feel it.
When you are happy, others are touched by your vibration.
When you are unhappy, everyone is affected whether you say anything or not.

Many are unconscious about how our energy impacts those around us.
When we are off path or not quite right, we are more easily impacted by others energy.
When we are at peace and in love, we may not notice how good if feels to be around us.
Our energy makes a world of difference to everyone in our world.

When the leader of the pack is clear, it brings clarity to others.
When the Mom is at peace with herself, the whole family feels it and benefits.
When the boss is upset or unwell, the whole organization is impacted.
When the leader of the nation is worried or stressed, all his people are affected.

Peace begins with us.
Where we see conflict, it is ours to harmonize.
Where we feel lack of love, it is up to us to Love.
When we know someone is suffering, we can offer comfort.

Each one of us can bring the light to any darkness.
Everyone of us has the power within to offer healing.
Wherever we are, we can extend kindness and encouragement.
However we experience our lives, we can extend our Peace.

Peace Be with You.
From our inner peace, there is unlimited possibility.
From our heart of Love, we can give Love and blessings.
From the place of caring, we can comfort, pray and love one another.

People often deny or diminish their impact on others.
People may forget and forsake their potential gifts to be given.
People may withhold what is their part to play at home and work.
In everyway, everyday, we each can give our best and trust it is good.

Peace begins with my forgiveness of self.
Peace flows when I know my piece of Good matters.
Peace opens the door to so much more to fill what is needed.
Peace allows all of us to feel safe and love and at home.

Let us begin today remembering to bring the Piece and Peace you are.
Loving you at peace in my life.
Betty Lue

The 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing By Jerry Jampolsky, MD and ACIM
1.       The essence of our being is love.
2.       Health is inner peace, healing is letting go of fear.
3.       Giving and receiving are the same.
4.       We can let go of the past and of the future.
5.       Now is the only time there is, and each instant is for giving.
6.       We can learn to love ourselves and others by forgiving rather than by judging.
7.       We can become love finders rather than fault finders.
8.       We can choose and direct ourselves to be peaceful inside, regardless of what is happening outside.
9.       We are students and teachers to each other.
10.    We can focus on the whole of life, rather than the fragments.
11.    Since love is eternal, change need not be viewed as fearful.
12.    We can always perceive others as either extending love or giving a call for help.

Attitudinal Healing affirms that we are responsible for our thoughts and whatever feelings we experience.
Attitudinal Healing encourages us to re-examine our relationships, bringing them into the present by releasing past judgments and grievances.
Attitudinal Healing reminds us that perception is a mirror of what is in our mind.

Life is forgiving .

You are the gift.

It is in freeing and being the gift you are, that you recognize the gift.

Set yourself free with forgiveness.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, June 26, 2015

Is It Love?

I give the Love I Am to both foe and friend.
Everything I give I receive.
Love is the Truth of who I Am.
The more I give Love, the more love is awakened in everyone.

How Do You Love?

How do you show you love someone?
How do you show you care?
What are the ways you express your love?
How do you demonstrate you really feel for others?

Is it Love or need?
Is it Love or worry?
Is it Love or lust?
Are you desiring to give Love or get Love?

Learned personality based Love is often based on fear, restriction and suspicion.
When we are doubting or jealous, we are afraid of losing.
When we are judging and criticizing we are desiring to fix and change.
When parents and partners are complaining and not appreciation, they are not loving.

Love is kind and patient.
Love demonstrates and teaches.
Love shows the way.
Love trusts and allows.

Love is sharing and caring.
Love listens and is present.
Love believes and gives encouragement.
Love seeks only to please and give joy.

Love is not abrasive or mean.
Love forgives and forgets.
Love is gentle and allowing.
Love heals and seeks the highest and best.

Love is honest and trustworthy.
Love receives and gives equally.
Love is responsible and able to respond.
Love commits to what is best for both.

Love joins with others happiness.
Love is peaceful and does not complain.
Love continues during struggles and strife.
Love remembers only Love.

When we fall into the drama and trauma, we have forgotten to Love.
When we let ourselves judge and compare, we have become a critic.
When we hear ourselves gossip and complain, we have separated from Love.
When we talk about past mistakes. we have withheld forgiveness and Love.

Seek only to Love, 
Betty Lue

You cannot worry about someone and love them at the same time.
Most people mistake the emotion of worry for the emotion of love.
They think that worrying about somebody means that you love them.

What can you do to heal the fear in yourself, in your community and in the world?
Fear contracts.                        Love expands.
Fear withholds.                       Love shares.
Fear defends.                          Love is open.
Fear judges.                            Love appreciates.
Fear condemns.                      Love forgives.
Fear separates.                        Love joins.
Fear acts out.                          Love responds.
Fear withdraws.                      Love reaches out.
Fear shuts down.                    Love opens up.
Fear argues.                            Love listens.                 
Fear excludes.                         Love includes.
Fear worries.                          Love blesses.
Fear justifies.                          Love trusts.         
Fear is stingy.                         Love is generous.
Fear is pushy.                         Love is patient.     
Fear can be cruel.                    Love is kind.        
Fear is suspicious.                   Love trusts.
Fear demands.                        Love guides.        
Fear cowers.                             Love is courageous.
Fear takes care of  its own.      Love is helpful to all.
Fear distorts our thinking.        Love sees clearly. 
Fear speaks of wrongs.            Love speaks of value.

Often fear makes us sick at heart and sick in body.
Often fear shuts down our ability to think, feel and act for Good.
Often fear limits our healthy appropriate responses.

Each of us is called to manage, forgive, heal and release the fear in our lives.
What can you do to handle your fear and to help others with theirs?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Love Everyone

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I release all fear and remember Love.
I give Love where there is a call for Love.
I trust the Love I give returns to me.
 I am the Love I seek to see through all Eternity.

Love Everyone

Can you imagine what the world could be?
Can you imagine how you would feel?
Can you imagine the end of disease and trauma?
Can you imagine the reign of love on earth?

What you imagine comes from you.
What you imagine can come true.
What we conceive and believe, we will achieve.
When we are willing to be, we will see.

Let us each begin the work.
Undo what you no longer seek to be true.
Stop thinking about what you don’t want to be.
Begin to see in your mind what you seek to find.

All we need to do is forgive and delete.
What we each can do it become what we seek to be.
One step at a time will bring rhythm and rhyme.
Every day in everyway, sing out for Love.

Yes, we can be what we want to see.
Our willingness and happy gratitude will do it.
We can choose it with everyone we know.
And those we don’t know will feel it too!

Love works and prevails.
Love is alive in us all.
When we forget, we fail.
When we are unkind, we fall.

It looks like we need to remember to Love.
It feels like we need to trust in Love.
It seems like we need to rely on Love.
It shows up like peace comes with Love.

I am loving YOU Always.
I am True to Love, Always.
I am the Love I feel and make Real.
I am She who Remembers Love.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I listen to myself and learn to always return to Love.
I hear my heart and mind wanting only peace.
I honor the calling to join everyone with compassion.
I trust myself to find a creative solution where everyone wins.

When No One Listens

When no one listens, listen to yourself.
When no one cares, care for yourself.
When no one is present, be present for yourself.
When no one is happy, be happy with yourself.

On the inner, everyone is listening.
The heart of everyone cares.
The Universe is present.
Everyone wants what you want.

Begin with you.
Be the one who listen and cares.
Be fully present for others.
Be happy and good to yourself and others.

When people don’t listen, they often don’t want to hear what is being said.
When people don’t listen, they may not feel the speaker cares.
When people don’t listen, they may be distracted or absent to themselves.
When people don’t listen, they be unhappy, upset, angry or resentful.

In order to communicate, one person must be present listening and caring.
One person must be fully clear, attentive and at peace within.
When one person is listening with attention and care, they can respond to the immediate needs of the others.
Be still and know what is needed and wanted to demonstrate safety and a desire for harmony.

How do we communicate with those who don’t like our personality or voice or feelings?
How do we talk with those who walk away, shut down, resist and resent?
How do we reach harmony, mutual respect and trust one another?
Create peace and harmony, respect and trust within and for ourselves.

Come to peace within.
Ask yourself: “What Can I Do?”
Write down what you hear.
Clear the ego and personality talk.
Hear the guidance of Spirit, love and Inspiration.

There is always inner guidance to forgive ourselves for being hurt, offended, resentful or upset.
There is always conscience telling us to be kind and respectful, forgiving and compassionate.
There is always a desire to find a solution where everyone wins and no one loses.
There is always a way to let go and return to Love.

Learning everyday with every relationship and every situation.
Loving as I learn, 
Betty Lue

Keys to Successful Relationships
Joining-Create a common vision or shared goal.
Honesty- Communicate your true intention without secrets or withholds.
Equality-Each is giving the best they know in each moment.
Commitment- Agree to what is highest and best for both parties.
Responsibility- Be able and willing to respond consciously to all relationship needs without guilt or blame. Be respectful and forgiving of mistakes made.

Successful Relationships

To have successful relationships with partners, spouse, coworkers, teammates, children there are five essential factors: Joining, Honesty, Equality, Commitment, Responsibility.

Joining: All parties must share a common goal or vision for their relationship. This shared vision comes from communication regarding the needs of each individual, their vision for the future and what they share in common.

Honesty: Honest communication is sharing what really matters with no blame, guilt or withholds.
Honest is a byproduct of integrity, living one’s life on purpose with openness and appreciation.

Equality: When both parties are giving their best in each moment, there is equality.  Equality is not measured by comparison: it is experienced when there is the willingness to give one’s best even when it is less than the other.  To quit or hold back on one’s giving creates inequality.

Commitment: To commit to the fulfillment of the desired vision or goal and to the success of the relationship requires always choosing what is best for both.  Decisions are based on what is a win/win for all concerned.  One must be committed to what is highest and best for each party.

Responsibility: Being fully able and willing to respond to whatever is needed to create success through joining, honesty, equality and commitment is being fully responsible.  Where there is guilt or blame being communicated, there is inequality and victimization as well as lack of responsibility.

To be successful requires staying conscious.
To be successful requires a willingness to communicate with respect.
To be successful requires an acceptance of differences.
To be successful requires open-minded and appreciation of all parties.

To take on unconscious patterns of dysfunctional family systems will limit the success of one’s joining, honest communication, true willingness to give., total commitment to what is best for all and assuming full responsibility for the quality of the relationship.

If you want success and fulfillment in your relationships, begin today to observe what you can do to improve them in every way. You need not depend upon the other changing in order to increase the quality of your relating.