Thursday, April 28, 2005

Get Started, Get Moving!

If you want to get started on a project or new endeavor, get moving.
Without momentum, you may lack the inertia or energy to even begin what you desire.
Those who sit at a desk, on a coach, in front of the TV or computer screen, may be blocking their "get up and go".
Beginning a garden, a vacation, a new friendship requires energy.
People often feel blocked by laziness, lethargy, fear, lack of drive and no enthusiasm.
People may feel rusty, stuck, comfortable, tired, loyal and committed and fear change.
If there have been unpleasant consequences or pain in sharing your dreams, hopes and plans, you may have shut down the energy that desires to do or be or have something new or different.

I recently suggested to a group of my senior retired friends to simply "Begin moving."
Get up and do something, any thing that is fun and adds value to your life.
Wash the windows or the car.
Take a walk and enjoy the spring weather.
Go to a new store and enjoy the product displays and the sales staff.
Take some time to test drive a new car or visit some model homes.
Go to the library and try out different books.
Attend a new class.
Take a vacation or even overnight getaway by yourself.
Try a new craft or rearrange your living room furniture.
Buy some new dishes and glassware or get new bedding.

Get your Spirit in gear with something new.
Appreciate every little change you make.
Look for what you can do that will get you going.
Ask what inspires you and fills your heart with joy.
Trust that every risk requires courage and brings opportunity.
New beginnings require vision and planning, faith and desire, energy and commitment, action and appreciation.

You can achieve what you conceive and believe. "JUST DO IT".

Loving you,
Betty Lue

The baby girls were born at 12;40 and :41.
Lila Jo 5#12 oz and Harper Layne 6# 10oz.
Mother, Dad and babies are all doing very well.
We visit later this morning and will take pictures.
Thanks for your blessings.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

New Beginnings

Two girls will be born today, April 27, 2005, to my daughter, Hilarie, and son-in law, Erik.

They are children of God, daughters of Goodness.
They are children of Love, spirit-filled sisters.
They are beautiful Beings of Goodness and DeLight.
They are created as Love, by Love ItSelf, for the holy purpose of Loving.
They are created to create Goodness and Beauty and wholeness.
They are created to create in their own likeness, from their Essence.

They represent all the children of the Earth.
They are coming here to bring the Love and Goodness from whence they have come.
They come into a world of forgetting.
They will be invited to remember by those who remember.
It is a gift we can bring to all children to remember their innocence, their "inner Essence".
They come into a world of fear.
It is our sacred duty to provide them with a world of Love.
They come into a world of seriousness.
It must be our commitment to provide them Lightness and pure joy.
They come into a world of conflict and war.
It is our spiritual calling to offer them a world of forgiveness and peace.

We are all responsible for All children.

We must be respectful of All children.
We must be cooperative to nurture, educate and encourage All children.
We must remind our children of their Magnificence as we remember our own.
We must contribute our best wisdom and Love to All children.
We must give positive and supportive feedback to All children.
This must be our commitment to those we invite into our hearts, our homes and our lives.

We can feed our children with nutritional food for their souls or with junk food and empty promises.
We can fill their minds with unlimited visions or teach them fearful beliefs and limiting lies.
We can speak with them of the mysteries of the Universe or focus on making money.
We can show them the wonders of life or feed them the pain and suffering of humanity.
We can demonstrate life is a struggle or live life with gratitude and expectancy.
We can endarken or enlighten.
We can deflate or empower.
We can diminish or exalt.
We can frighten or awaken.
We can withhold and manipulate or Give All Love and invite.
We can give All to the Source of All Good for the purpose of Good for All.

Each new child is another opportunity to remember the unlimited Source of All Good.
Each baby born is a call to remember to live our highest principles and teach our values.
Each infant showing up in our lives is a sacred invitation to give our very best.
Each holy birth is the coming of Enlightened Consciousness to be nurtured into full realization.

Remembering this is who we all are. This is the reason we came.
We are here to remember and remind, when others have forgotten.

Always remembering,
Betty Lue

Monday, April 25, 2005

Are You Responsible?

Are you responsible for disease, disaster, discomfort and even dying?
What does it mean to be responsible?
Being responsible is being able to respond.
When we are judging, fearing, resisting and blaming, we cannot and will not be responsible.
When we are judging, fearing, resisting and blaming, we will not take on our response ability.
Being response-able requires that we love ourselves and take care of our whole selves impeccably.
Being response-able and able to respond requires that we are fully aware of what calls for response.
Being responsible has nothing to do with feeling guilty, blaming or mistakenly creating anything.

When we judge there is something wrong, we automatically look for blame, critique and find fault.
When we make wrong, we seek the cause and try to stop the offensive perpetrator.
When we find fault, we look for someone or something to blame…our diet, aging, environment or God.
When we are afraid, we defend, protect and seek compensation for the pain and suffering.

If we could believe that all things work together for Good, we would seek the Good.
If we imagined that everything is in our own best interest, we would look for the best.
If we trusted that life is fun, safe and easy, we would choose to see how we stepped away from the easy.
If we believed that it will all work out and a blessing will be revealed, we would expect the miracles.

We are responsible for our experience.
We are able to respond with love to our life experiences.
Most people respond with fear and blame or guilt to challenging experiences.
We are able to change our responses and respond with peace and love to life's challenges.

How do we respond to disease?
Respond with peace, and healing will be revealed.
How do we respond to disaster?
Respond with remembering to love and giving hope to others, and all will be blessed.
How do we respond to discomfort?
Respond with patience, gentleness and kindness to ourselves and others, and comfort will be experienced.
How do we respond to dying?
Respond with gratitude for life's fullness of love, and peaceful release, acceptance and graduation will be experienced.

There is nothing and no one to blame, when we judge nothing wrong or bad.
Accept everything with grace, rather than judgment and fear, and the Good will be revealed.
What is our true desire will be revealed when we look beyond the surface to the divine outcome.
What was seen as loss will be experienced as spiritual gain, when we see with forgiving eyes.

With perfect love, all things are healed and Good is revealed.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

There are no victims, only volunteers.

If we saw the world through non-judging eyes, we would cease blame and guilt and remember to love and bless.
If we saw the world through gratitude and love, we would extend only forgiveness and trust to All.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Answers to Some of Your Questions

Everything I write here comes spontaneously as I sit at the keyboard.
I call it inner listening.
I could say it comes from Holy Spirit, the joyful energy of the Universe.
I could call it my conversations with God, although I am only listening and scribing usually.
I might say these are messages from God or from the Goodness within you and me.
I also see them as inspirations and loving reminders from my Higher Self or Soul Self.

When I let go, relinquish and forgive my egoic or personality mind, I am connected with Spirit.
When I stop listening to the external call of people, "to do" lists, "shoulds" and "have tos", I can hear.
When I know I am one with Source, I can easily receive direction for my life.
When I am fully present and paying full attention, I hear loud and clear my inner voice.

Everything I write here is for the One We Are, for you and me and all who choose to receive them.

We are One Son with One Sun.
We are One Self with One Source.
We are One People of One Planet.
We are One Holy Child with many different appearances and assignments.
We are in a learning laboratory, an experiential classroom, designed specifically for our individual needs.
When we are open and willing, we learn from Life, from our Inner Voice, from our creations.
When we are listening within, we can receive direct and specific guidance to experience a happy life.
When we follow our inner guidance, life is fun, safe and easy.

I listen within, receive and live the messages written here.
Everything we share with others is first a message for ourselves.
When we receive the message we are giving, the gift has value.
When we ignore or deny the message given, we diminish its value and impact.

I am direct, honest and respectful of me and you and our learning process.
I love and trust each of us enough to know the teaching is given when the student is ready.
I trust the learning process enough to know that both teacher and student are learning together.
I know to truly learn, we must be curious, open and willing to receive what is being taught.
Therefore, we need both teachers and students to be most able to learn from our life experience.

I trust those who are meant to read these reminders will be guided here in their own timing.
Those who need other teachers and teachings will be called to them in perfect timing.
I believe there is a teacher for every student, a guide for everyone lost, and a coach for each one seeking to live a better way.
I am willing to show up, be fully present, share the Highest Truths and wisdom I know that we all might be free from misery, pain and sorrow.
Yes, Truth sometimes hurts our ego, but then it sets us free to live with Spirit.
So listen within and receive the messages of your heart and Soul and know they are Good.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Love is the Answer

When in doubt, LOVE.
When in fear, LOVE.
When confused, LOVE.
When forgetful, LOVE.
When sick, LOVE.
When upset, LOVE.
When angry, LOVE.
When jealous, LOVE.
When stressed, LOVE.
When frustrated, LOVE.
When needy, LOVE.
When lonely, LOVE.
When grieving, LOVE.
When vehement, LOVE.
When depressed, LOVE.
When busy, LOVE.

When you are happy, you are loving.
When you are peaceful, you are loving.
When you are helpful, you are loving.
When you are praying, you are loving.
When you are forgiving, you are loving.
When you are cleaning, you are loving.
When you are letting go, you are loving.
When you are choosing well, you are loving.
When you are creating, you are loving.
When you beautifying, you are loving.
When you are sharing, you are loving.
When you are gardening, you are loving.
When you are caring, you are loving.
When you are teaching, you are loving.
When you are reaching out, you are loving.
When you are valuing, you are loving.
When you are respecting, you are loving.'
When you are appreciating, you are loving.
When you are giving your family quality time, you are loving.
When you are giving your best, you are loving.
When you are taking impeccable care of you, you are loving.
When you are being thoughtful, you are loving.
When you are honest and trustworthy, you are loving.
When you are gentle and kind, you are loving.
When you are patient and tolerant, you are loving.
When you are faithful and trusting, you are loving.
When you are open and defenseless, you are loving.
When you are smiling, you are loving.
When you are seeing the Love in others, you are loving.
When you respond to lack of Love, with kindness, you are loving.
When you are being fully and freely yourself, you are loving.
When you are connected with Spirit, you are loving.
When you remember your purpose here, you are loving.

You are Love,
Betty Lue

Friday, April 22, 2005


"Give me liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry
We are ensured the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness in our Bill of Rights.
"Freedom is another word for nothing left to lose."
"To be or not to be, that is the question."

Is it possible that we are all free, but may be unaware of our freedom?
Is it possible that we all have infinite choices, but our fearful minds do not perceive them?
Is it possible that only in love can we see our limitlessness?
Is it possible that we are all freely choosing our circumstance, but unconscious to our choice?

We are free to choose how we live, where we live and with whom.
We are free to feel whatever we like and to believe what we choose.
We are free to hear and see and feel whatever we prefer.
We are free to live or die in the way which suits us.

When we feel stuck, we may have a limited perception due to our fear.
When we feel forced, we may have limited options due to our beliefs.
When we feel threatened, we may feel controlled, due to our attachments.
When we feel obligated, we may feel manipulated due to our values.


"Freedom comes from loving ourselves and knowing we are free."

In freedom and love,
Betty Lue

I am a freedom reminder.
Our freedom here on earth is a gift to be received and returned with our full appreciation and respect.
Taking care of yourself is caring for your planet.
Taking care of the earth takes care of ourselves.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Right or Happy?

What is your preference?
When I ask for my honest answer…I prefer to be happy.
Spirit in you will always choose happiness.
Your adaptive personality and egoic mental defenses will choose to be 'right'.

So what is the deal ?
Why can't we have both?
What is your preference?
Who wins when you ask within?

When confronted with life dilemmas, our minds will protect our current beliefs, however misguided.
When confused and conflicted, our minds search for evidence that protect our position.
When faced with choices of resolution and problem solving, we look for the "right" answer.
When asked to prove our point, the mind seeks all evidence to convince itself of its "rightness".

Spirit seeks happiness.
Spirit forgives arrogant attachments.
Spirit gently states its Truth and lets go.
Spirit is willing to let go and listen.
Spirit seeks the way in which no one loses.
Spirit honors all Beings and respects all perspectives.
Spirit blesses each individual journey with its own timing.
Spirit trusts all things work together for Good.
Spirit knows this life is a laboratory, a temporary learning experience.
Spirit embraces the learning process without attachment to the experience.
Spirit is present with what is, chooses a non judging perspective and states the highest truth, as invited.
Spirit offers peace to problems, love to fear and joy to conflict.

Would you rather be right?
What if you knew there is no "right way"?
Life is the teacher and love is the lesson.
Happiness is your choice.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What Do You Do?

When problems come up that you cannot resolve, what do you do?
When things seem out of balance, what do you do?
When someone you love is in distress, what do you do?
When you are not at peace about the state of our planet, what do you do?

What I do is to pause, breathe, stop and do nothing.
What I do is recognize that I do not know what to do.
What I do is be patient, peaceful and listen within.
What I do is trust in the Good that is everywhere and always present.

To be afraid, upset, unhappy and/or confused merely adds those to the situation.
My primary work is to calm my fear with reassurance.
My real work is to find my essential happiness and inner peace.
My part is to receive clarity from my own inner sanctuary and source of illumination.

When I am in touch with place of Love, trust and freedom within, then I am willing to be Present.
I show up. I pay attention. I tell the Highest Truth I know. I detach from the outcome.
I allow myself the opportunity to be fully present and to be awake to all possibilities.
I receive in my own knowing and sometimes am called to share inspired Truth.
I let go of thinking I know what is best, what is being healed or learned by those involved.

So much of life as we perceive it is a mystery unfolding to awaken humanity to their True nature.
Each one of us plays a part in the awakening of all.
Some of those dramas appear tragic to the judging eye and some appear miraculous.
All of the experiences in life can be used for the highest good of all participants when seen rightly.

It is my work to remember.
It is my function to be a loving Presence.
It is my goal to represent the Peace that passes all understanding.
And so it is, I do my holy work.

Loving you and All as One,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Path of Moderation

As I return to the mainland and my home base,
I recognize how I utilize breaks and changes in routine to recognize the many gifts of my life.

Where I see need for change, I make those changes with respect and ease.
Where I have been taking for granted, I pay attention and give appreciation.
Where I am incomplete, I take time to finish with respect and love.

I am once again aware of how this world seems to be focused on extremes rather than moderation.
Perhaps in reaction to the fear of boredom or ordinary living, many choose overdoing and extremism.
Obsession, compulsion, risks, crises and catastrophes seem to be the way our sleeping humanity chooses to arouse itself into awareness and learn the lessons of life.

It is possible to learn simply by looking at what is and asking simple questions about values.
It is easier to make changes when they are small refinements in the current circumstance.
It is more effective to readjust your course with minor corrections rather than sharp turns.
It is healthier and more effective to make moderate choices than extreme ones.

We are here learning to find and refine our life path so that we live joyfully and abundantly.
When you are about to make a change, ask yourself to look for gentle and respectful ways.

Rather than quitting your job, can you change your attitude or your situation on the job?
Rather than changing your home, can you make improvements or clear the clutter?
Rather than changing your partner or spouse, can you treat yourself and the other with respect?
Rather than change your external situation, how can you change your mind about it?
Rather than withholding your truth to avoid misunderstanding, how can you communicate more effectively?

Often we benefit from a coach or counselor who helps us answer these and other questions which lead to more moderate solutions and improvements in our life experience and relationships.

I choose the life I have.
My choices are good for me.
When my choices are no longer good for me, I easily and gently make moderate and appropriate changes.
I most easily change my perspective, my attitude and my communication.
Changing myself is my right and responsibility.
Treating myself with gentleness and kindness teaches others how to treat themselves, me and others.

Choosing the path of moderation for the highest good of All.
Betty Lue

Don’t forget the open gathering “At Home with Spirit” this Friday evening in our home.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Questions For You

As I have been doing some book editing and putting together my new Creative Solutions web site, I am wondering about my primary teachings. I want to be clear about both the spiritual or inspirational guidance of loving reminders and Reunion Ministry and also the practical reminders found in Creative Solutions, Coaching for Inspired Living, Effective Leadership and Whole Life Success.

Perhaps you can help by giving me some feedback.

I believe my primary spiritual teaching and counseling emphasizes:
Listen to Spirit Within.
Give the Love You Are.
Forgive all judgments.
Trust all things work together for Good.

I believe my practical Creative Solutions Coaching teaches:
See and believe in yourself and the infinite possibilities within you.
Do what has heart and meaning for you. Live what you value.
Be grateful and celebrate the life you have created. Enjoy your life.
Rest assured that you can heal, forgive, let go and choose again.

***Let me know what you have received from my counseling, coaching and writing.***

Thanks for your love, support and encouragement.
Betty Lue

We are on our way home today. Looking forward to our ordinary and extraordinary schedule and being with all of you again. It is simpler when our home base is set up to support our sacred work.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Giving Creates

Giving expands what we have so that all have more.
Giving creates more of what we give.

Getting diminishes so that all have less.
Getting confirms that we have not enough, so we continue to manifest and experience of insufficiency.
We never have enough of what is not valued and shared.

When we experience the gifts of Joy and Peace, our birthright from Spirit, our lives become a gift to everyone who receives from us.
We represent Joy and Peace.
We extend Joy and Peace.
We love and serve from the limitless flow of Joy and Peace.
Our unlimited giving creates Joy and Peace.
To be in the Presence of someone flowing the Joy and Peace of our Creator is to feel Holy Presence.
We can resist receiving these gifts and limit our experience, shutting down the flow of life itself.
Or we can gratefully receive what is available to all beings without needing to prove ourselves worthy.
Giving Joy and Peace to others creates a world in which we want to live and give and have our being.
Joy and Peace are the gifts of unconditional Love.
Joy and Peace come naturally to us when we feel safe and loved.
Joy and Peace are shared easily with those around us when we have received our Divine inheritance.
Joy and Peace heal.
Joy and Peace awaken.
Joy and Peace create.
Joy and Peace are unlimited gifts of all powerful, all present and all-knowing Divine Love.

Remember to gratefully receive what you value.
Remember to let go of what no longer serves you.

Giving generates more of what is given.

Giving you the highest and best I know,
Betty Lue

Friday, April 15, 2005

Contribute with Gratitude

Where you spend money, spend it with positive regard and respect.
Where you make contribution, give to what has value to you.
When you pay taxes, affirm the highest and best use of your money.
Wherever we give, we can empower and proclaim the value of our energy expenditure.

How often do you write checks with resistance?
How much do you spend money and feel guilty?
How many times have you made negative comments about the cost of things?
Wherever we are negative in attitude, we do not receive the full benefit of our expenditure.

It is important that we give with love to what we love, to fully benefit energetically.
It is important to bless the food we eat to fully receive the nourishment.
It is important to set the highest goals for each interaction, to create the highest experience for all.
It is important to pay our taxes with gratitude to empower our impact on the decision-making process.

Where we hate, we negate.
Where we appreciate, we increase (appreciate) the value both given and received.
Where we hold regret, we deplete our energy.
Where we hold value, we bless and benefit.

The attitude with which we give determines the benefit of the contribution for giver and receiver.

Giving all with open heart and mind,
Betty Lue

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Perfect Happiness

Being Happy is our function here.
In spite of what the world teaches and expects of us…
Not work, not success, not health or wealth.
Not achievement, not service, not sacrifice or good deeds…
Being happy is our Creator’s Will for us.

Life really is meant to be fun, safe and easy.
Life is to celebrate by being fully alive with contentment and inner peace.

Being happy is naturally loving.
Being happy is always peaceful.
Being happy is intrinsically creative.
Being happy is a gift of joy to ourselves and to our world.

When we are not wholly happy, something is amiss.
When we are not truly happy, we have stepped away from our own best interest.
When we are not perfectly content, we have judged and dishonored our inner voice.
When we are not enjoying the moment, we are caught in the mind’s future projection or past pain.

I know that I have created my own path, made decisions according to the world’s ideas and separated from my essential Self, when I am not happy.
I know I have walked in this world as limited, lacking and belittled my self, when I am unhappy.
I know I have forsaken my purpose, my function and my goals in life, when I am discontent.
I know my reason for being here, my purpose and my function is to choose for happiness and peace.

Some struggle along the way, only to find happiness is just a thought away.
Some worry and fear everyday, only to discover that negative thinking interferes with happy choices.
Some hold anger and resentment as protection, only to learn these emotions perpetuate the misery.
Some believe that suffering and sacrifice are necessary to our path, only to experience they hide the way.

Life can be fun safe and easy by letting go of whatever is not fun, safe and easy.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy, when we trust that we are created to create what is good, beautiful and holy.
Choose the path of happiness today and see how blessed the world is along with you.
Be grateful for being willing to choose again for what our Creator wills for us.

Happy to be happy,
Betty Lue

Row, row, row your boat.
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

“This Is My Father’s World”

“All nature sings and round me rings the music of the spheres.”
As I watch the birds on the balcony railing and listen to the ocean waves rhythmically breathe their glorious azure blues and greens onto the shoreline, I feel blessed.
I hear the children playing in the waters below and know all is well.

What does it take for our world to awaken?
What will it take for us to awaken our global family?
Is it possible that each one of us is the awakener, the sacred town crier here to share what is good and holy?

As I walked on the early morning beach and stopped to practice T’ai Chi Chih, I watched a glorious double rainbow appear. Few walkers noticed, but those who did shared this heavenly miracle with an obvious smile of recognition and some with a secret knowing glance.
Many walked right along not seeing the beauty that was there for them.
And some noticed, but didn’t care, caught in their own future worries or past unhappiness.

What if we all could be present in each moment to celebrate the Love that is always here?
What if we had all celebrated and been willing to share the Good news with all who would look our way? What if we keep secret the miracles in life?
What if we forget to share what we value?
What if we need to make beauty and goodness our news?
What if honoring the good times and good feelings is our gift and our blessing?
What if we committed to express, to share and to care about the wonders we see and know and feel?
What if we created only media, movies and stories that invited everyone to awaken and be glad?

Could it be that we are telling and selling what brings fear and doubt, defenses and separation?
Could it be we are creating what supports power and control, disease and poverty, fear and defensiveness?
Could it be that we are looking toward the darkness and making the world go to sleep in fear?
Could it be that by looking toward the light, we can awaken our world to love and joy and peace?
Could it be that in our own awakening happiness and gratitude we are waking up those we love?
Could it be that your happiness is all that it takes to make the world awaken?

Loving you, endlessly,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Who Am I?

I am One who cares.
I am One who dares.
I am One who shares.

I live the Truth I know.
I give All the seeds I sow.
I share what I am told.
I bless All I behold.

You see, I came that All might remember their Essence.
I live that we all can feel at home.
I give myself to Love, so that the world will sing with Joy.
I celebrate the life which has chosen me.

Yes, I did say “Yes”.
When I was invited to volunteer, I asked, “What am I to do?”
“What is needed is someone real and true to bring the world hope and faith and Love.”
And has volunteered to come and be the One to remember and remind.

And so it is that all my life, I have chosen to remember Love…no matter what the circumstances.
I have never known hatred.
I have never known unforgiveness.
I have chosen to realize forgiveness and Love with all beings.

I discovered that where there was separation due to judgment and fear, I preferred it all to clear.
I never liked feeling uneasy with anyone, and so I consistently have practiced the loving way.
I recognized when I did not enjoy my life, I was lacking open-mindedness and full appreciation.
I have never liked being unhappy, even for a moment, and so I consistently seek blessings and gratitude.

I really am what I write.
I really share how I live.
I really feel what I know.
I really give All that is True.

You see, I really am here to Love You.
Betty Lue

Remember, there is only One of Us.
In your eyes it is Me I see.
There is only One of Us.
You are my reflection.

So in loving you, I am loving me.
In loving you and me, I am loving All.
In loving All, I am loving God.

Monday, April 11, 2005

What Is Paradise?

What is paradise, but an experience of all beauty, goodness and wholeness?
What is heaven, but an experience of all love and joy and peace?
What is home, but a place of safety, freedom and trust?

Consider that these holy places are sacred spaces of no fear, no worry, no doubt.
Consider that we need go nowhere or do anything but rather be here and undo what is not clear.

If thoughts create…
If all thinking is judgment…
If judgment is fear….
Then when we think with our ordinary minds, we are creating that which we judge and fear.

If Divine Mind is all knowing and all loving…
If the Mind of God is all powerful….
If only love is Real….
Then everything else is temporary, mistaken and an illusion.

What is the world you see?
What is the forgiven world?
What is true denial?
To forgive what the world sees and see with forgiving eyes is true denial of the illusion.

Paradise is the concept of a world with no fear, no disease, no lack, littleness or limitation.
Heaven is a Divine Idea of what can be now without our judgment and fear.
Home is our own inner sanctuary, where we know “All is well.”

I love knowing that I can choose the Grace of God and live in heaven here and now.
It is through total forgiveness and perfect love that all illusion dissolves into nothingness.
It is through true denial that anyone or anything can harm me that I know total safety and freedom.

I am willing to live in paradise and know my home is in the heaven and haven of my forgiving mind.
I am willing to enjoy a carefree life of seeing only holiness by realizing salvation comes from me.
I am willing to remember truth when others may still believe in false beliefs and misperceptions.
I am willing to surrender my thoughts and feelings to think with the Mind of God and feel only Love.

I see Your Essence. I know your Truth. I love the One You Are.
Betty Lue

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Our Wedding Anniversary

“Will you wed with me in Christ?”, was asked.
And we both said, “Yes.”
This was our spiritual wedding, as God ordained us to be united in Holy Union to fulfill Divine Purpose.

On April 10, 1985 we were called to sit together and listen within.
Spirit directed me to ask, “Will you wed with me in Christ?” to which you prayerfully answered, “Yes,”
Our relationship had been a brief spiritual connection seeking to improve the services offered by Pathways Center for Counseling, Growth and Health and Reunion Ministries. We had had no personal conversation or private time to explore our relationship. Holy Spirit’s guidance was that you were sent to support me in doing the holy work of Reunion to build spiritual community and fellowship, to offer services to individuals and families to heal, inspire and create better relationships, healthy lifestyles and meaningful work. You were a new volunteer, offering consulting for administrative efficiency and financial advice.

To this day Robert and I after 20 years recognize this was an arranged spiritual marriage, guided and directed by spirit in a very obvious way. Our respect, love and admiration has grown over the years of teaching and learning with one another, helping and healing family members and friends, founding and directing community centers, giving and receiving support and encouragement to each other, as well as reminding and remembering our spiritual purpose.

With life there have been life challenges which are full of growth, healing and inspiration.
There have been opportunities to remind one another of our trust in God.
There have been changes in our leadership in the partnership where one leads and the other supports.
There have been times of apparent lack of financial resources and times of plenty.
There have been health crises which have called for practical reevaluation of our holistic practices.
There have been family needs which have required setting aside our own needs and moving to honor others.
There have been amazing opportunities to expand our services to our global family.
There have been moves to North Carolina, Montana, Indiana and Michigan to found holistic centers.
There have been travels to other countries to celebrate with family and friends, to share Love and Joy.
There have been creations of many books, hundreds of workshops and training programs.
There has been learning and exploring new areas of knowledge, T’ai Chi Chih, Feng Shui, Numerology, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Reiki, Success Tools for Effective Leadership, and much more.

We are blessed to have a life of such similar interests and spiritual calling.
We feel grateful to have been called to minister, heal and teach together.
We feel empowered by our relationship which daily supports the best in each of us.
We are abundant in the knowledge that God is our Source, Spirit our Guide and Love is our Way.

Happy Anniversary world!
Be grateful that we only need say “YES” to know we are one in Spirit, One in Love, One in Faith.
Betty Lue

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Family Healing

Every relationship is for the purpose of healing.
Healing is the return to wholeness.
Healing is the remembrance of our intrinsic holiness.
Healing is realizing we are all created by Love as love for the purpose of Loving.
Healing is remembering Love and returning to Wholeness.
Healing is forgiving everything that is not Love.
Healing is the awakening to our divine Purpose.
Healing is freeing ourselves and others to be the Love we are.
Healing is trusting the process of the return to Love.

Our families, our relationships, our friendships, even our chance encounters, are all for this Holy Purpose.
Therefore, wherever we are and whatever we do, it behooves us to remember what is True.
I choose to remember with each relationship.
I choose to honor each as a holy encounter.
I choose to own my part is to remember.
I choose to value the awakening.
I choose to clear my own judgments.
I choose to be wholly present.
I choose to be the loving reminder.

You are my family.
You are my reminder to Love.
You are my reason for being.
You are my awakening encounter.
You are giving me the opportunity to heal.
You are showing me what I need to forgive.
You are a gift of love waiting to be received or a call for love waiting to be loved.

I love this life of healing.
I am inspired by every relationship.
I am blessed to remember what is truly valuable.
I celebrate and fully enjoy the life I have chosen.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, April 08, 2005


Taking time to imagine is one of the keys to creating the good life you want.
Being proactive and visioning what you choose to experience each day is our opportunity to create.
Children who play make believe are imagining their life as a grownup.
Psychics and prophets who describe the future are making it so in their minds.
As we share our visions we invite others to join us in their creation.
As we withhold our dreams we invite their dissolution in our forgetting.
To write what you see and hear within is one way of choosing to retain its memory.
As we revisit our high visioning we empower it and increase its potency.
It is valuable to undo, forgive, erase and let go of imaginings that are not wanted.
It is valuable to accept, affirm and appreciate those visions which are your heart’s desire.
We place energy, focus, direction and call for universal support in what we dare to dream.

On a regular basis I redesign my life.
I reassess what is wanted and what I have.
I appreciate and encourage more of what I value.
I bless and gently let go of what I no longer choose.
I make not of my priorities.
Do I choose simplicity and peace or diversity and joy.
Often the dreams are paradoxical and need to be harmonized or prioritized.

Our lives are a reflection of what we have envisioned and valued.
Our lives demonstrate where we have placed our attention and energy.
Our lives are a projection of where we have evpended time, money and energy.
Our lives are in invitation to value, let go and choose again.
Our lives are our creation in a very accurate and real way.
Our lives are often unconsciously chosen to wake us up to be more conscious in our choices.

We are more powerful than we know in a world which reflects our imagination and dreaming.
Dream well and dream wellness.
Dream happily and dream happiness.
Dream sufficiency of time, money, energy, creativity and love.
Dream awakening, goodness and mercy for all including yourself.

I love realizing I am the realization of all I dream and envision for myself.
Realizing how wonderful you are and how good life is,
Betty Lue

Thursday, April 07, 2005


What is vacation for you?
How is it different than your everyday life?
How can you live your life like everyday is vacation?

Everyday is meaningful and fulfilling for me.
This is the way I choose my life to be.
Empty moments are full of grace and gratitude.
Full moments are rich with joy and gratitude.
My activities all support the well being of all.
My thoughts are prayers offering blessings of peace.
My words are meant to inspire and heal.
My life is a gift to everyone as my life reflects my love.

Wherever I am, I choose love.
Wherever I am, I choose joy.
Wherever I am, I choose peace.
Wherever I am, there I Am to be a gift of loving service, wisdom and inspiration.

We are going to Maui, as an act of service (and always enjoyment) to be with Gia and her Mom…to bring our granddaughter home after two weeks, so she can return to school and be with her Papa, while her Mom continues her one month vacation from the heavy schedule as resident surgeon. While there, I will be writing the web site, doing the final edit on my two books on Health and Healing and spending time everyday with Gia. There will be adequate time for initiating a new exercise program for myself, doing spiritual visioning and phone coaching with those who call. All in all, I have changed my place of being, but continue with living as usual.

My life is full of whatever I choose, wherever I am.
I have created what works for me to give my best.

I listen within to my spiritual guidance.
I serve those who are sent.
I follow the call each day in everyway.
I flow with what comes and trust it is Good.
I appreciate the blessings of everyday life.
I enjoy doing whatever comes my way.
I am on vacation. I am free. I am fulfilled and at peace.
I truly value my life, my spirituality and myself.

Let today be a vacation for you.
How would you choose differently?
What can you do to more fully enjoy today?
This is YOUR Life, so why not make it Good!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Serving Your Self

Are you being served by what you serve?
Are you being used by those you give to?
Do you love what you are supporting?
Are you enjoying and energized by the people, places and activities in your life?

What are you serving?
Are you serving freedom or serving limitation?
Are you serving love or serving fear?
Are you serving trust or serving insecurity?
Are you serving honesty or serving self-deception?

When we founded this nation, we built a government of the people, by the people and for the people.
Over time instead of being served by the government we built, we began serving the government.
When we marry or create a primary relationship, we choose it to serve our happiness and well-being.
Over time instead of being served by our relationship, we may work to sustain what no longer serves us.
When we choose a career or life work, we choose a job where our career will be developed and grow.
Over time we may discover that we are serving the growth of the company rather than ourselves.
In volunteer work, we may choose a place to give where we will feel fulfilled and inspired.
Over time we may discover that we are drained and/or diminished by the services we continue to do.
With friends we may have chosen activities, which were enjoyable, and uplifting which overtime have become tedious and even depressing.

Check out your whole life.
Notice where you no longer are served by the people, places and activities.
Make a decision to change your attitude or change the circumstances.
Often our negative judgments, regrets and guilt will interfere with our joy and fulfillment.
Often we outgrow the experiences of our past and need to move on.
Often we get caught in sustaining what used to be beneficial which has now become detrimental.
Often we fear making changes because we feel comfortable and secure where we are.
Often we serve in unconscious ways and are asleep to our own well being and happiness.
Often we are just following the crowd or what others want for us.

The relationships, material goods and activities we have take energy to maintain and sustain.
Everything we own owns a piece of us.
Our commitments and responsibilities take energy.
To continue what is draining cause fatigue, depression, heaviness, aging and lack of peace.
If our lives are based on duty and obligation we may continue to burden ourselves.
If our lives are based on freedom and trust, we will let go and grow with joy and appreciation.
If we take full response-ability for our choices, we listen in our hearts and choose for the highest good.
If we martyr ourselves and blame others, we seek others' opinions and approval for our choices.

What is truly best for you is best for others.
Spirit will always guide us to solutions so that no one loses.

Loving you in sacred service,
Betty Lue

Consider joining us this fall for our annual spiritual retreat.
Guaranteed to be fun and growthful!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Is there a special partner for you?
Is there a special quality to one friendship over all others?
Is there something special that lives in you?
Is there a special need that only one person or place can fulfill?

This world teaches specialness.
Seek what is special.
Exalt what is special.
Believe special teachings.
Cling to what is special.
Collect special things and people.
Sacrifice for what is special.
Celebrate what is special.
Grieve when specialness dies.

What if every moment is special?
What if every person is special?
What if every love is special?
What if every opportunity to do good is special?
What if every kind word is special?
What if every morning is special?
What is every healing is special?
What if we all are special?

Each encounter is Holy.
Each relationship is healing.
Each conversation is helpful.
Each interaction is healthful.

Our lives when looked at through the eyes of wholeness are holy.
We are here to extend that holiness to everyone everywhere.
When we are each treating ourselves with dignity and respect, all relationships will be blessed.
When we are all appreciating one another with kindness and compassion, we all will benefit.
When we are living the holiness in which we are meant to live and give, we will be safe and happy.

You are special to me, because everyone is special.
In seeing you as whole and holy, I know my own holiness.

Bless us all everyone,
Betty Lue


Is there a special partner for you?
Is there a special quality to one friendship over all others?
Is there something special that lives in you?
Is there a special need that only one person or place can fulfill?

This world teaches specialness.
Seek what is special.
Exalt what is special.
Believe special teachings.
Cling to what is special.
Collect special things and people.
Sacrifice for what is special.
Celebrate what is special.
Grieve when specialness dies.

What if every moment is special?
What if every person is special?
What if every love is special?
What if every opportunity to do good is special?
What if every kind word is special?
What if every morning is special?
What is every healing is special?
What if we all are special?

Each encounter is Holy.
Each relationship is healing.
Each conversation is helpful.
Each interaction is healthful.

Our lives, when looked at through the eyes of wholeness, are holy.
We are here to extend that holiness to everyone everywhere.
When we are each treating ourselves with dignity and respect, all relationships will be blessed.
When we are all appreciating one another with kindness and compassion, we all will benefit.
When we are living the holiness in which we are meant to live and give, we will be safe and happy.

You are special to me, because everyone is special.
In seeing you as whole and holy, I know my own holiness.

Bless us all everyone,
Betty Lue

Monday, April 04, 2005

Divine Timing

Do I know what is best for you? No.
Do I know when it is time to go? No.
Do I know how best to love you? No.
To know, I must trust and listen, trust and let go.

There is a time and a season for everything.
People often wish it could have been different.
People seek to cling or continue what is finished.
People hang on and cherish past hurtful memories.
People think they know what is best for others.
People make up how they want life to be and make it happen.
People invest in losing relationships are their own expense.
People bail out of hopeful, positive relationships to reclaim the comfort of losing..
People suffer by hanging on when the time is long gone.

There is a time to love and a time to let go.
There is a time to give and a time to grow.
There is a time to rest and a time to work.
There is a time to speak and a time to listen.
There is a time to reach out and a time to withdraw.
There is a time to do and a time to wait.
There is a time and a season for everything.

I usually wait until I am asked….but sometimes I listen within and know.
I usually do what others want….but sometimes I am guided to give what I have.
I usually show up only where I am wanted –but sometimes I show up where I am the catalyst.
I usually continue with what has heart and meaning for me…but sometimes I continue anyway.

I do not know.
I must let go of making up who I Am or how I Am to be.
In each moment of Eternity, I will see what comes next.
I am called to respond according to the spiritual guidance or inner knowing at hand.
This means No Rules.
This means no Right or Wrong.
This means no ultimate all pervasive Truth.
This means listening within.
This means being always present.
This means loving no matter what.
This means learning from everything.
This means staying conscious.
This means being responsible.
This means showing up, paying attention, listening to the Truth within and letting go with blessing.
And even all this may change and I will "let it be".

Loving the mystery and the unknown, as I watch the beauty and goodness of our Love unfold,
Betty Lue

I am not at my home computer April 7-17, so will write and post when I can.
Please be aware I can be reached at 800-919-2392 anytime and anywhere.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

True Family

Bless the passing of a Great Spiritual Leader, humble servant of God's people!

In much of this lifetime my global family has taken precedence over my personal family.
While most souls focus on their intimate and personal relationships, some of us are called to include all humanity as our family.
In this life, I have included those who come to me as part of my family and my spiritual community.
These are the precious ones I have been sent to be with, to love and serve, teach and learn.
"You are my inspiration, my reason for being, the meaning for my life. You are my family.” BLL

While we are here to learn to love everyone equally, there are those with whom we have a spiritual contract or agreement to do some special healing, clearing, forgiving and completion work.
To honor our spiritual agreements is of great benefit to all concerned and moves the spiritual awakening of all people along in powerful unseen ways.

There are cycles and seasons to this sacred work.
To be present and in this moment is of key importance.
Notice where you are and with whom you are living, working and befriending.
Notice whom you are ignoring, negating and sending negative energy.
Where there is attraction or repulsion, there is a calling, something to learn or heal or give.
Where there is neutrality and comfort, there is respite and a safe place to rest and simply be.

Love the ones you are with.
These are the ones you are meant to love and serve, teach and learn right now.
Where you are is your inspirational and/or healing community.
Your everyday relationships are your family, whether personal or more global.
Your healing and forgiving work may seem personal but is always more.
Where we are bringing love and light, we are extending healing light and love to all hearts and minds.
Where we are being responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds, we are teaching the world.
Where we are forgiving the past hurts and hurtfulness, we are healing our planetary wounds.
Where we are clinging to payback or longevity, we may interfere with our spiritual progress..
Where we are trusting with gratitude and blessing, we enhance all planetary and social healing.

The healing of all humanity is a BIG job.
Who else will do it, if not you?
Start with where you are.
Heal your own wounds now.
Enlighten your own mind now.
Extend the Love within you now.
Share the Best you have now.
Let go in Love and Trust it All.

Loving the "hell" out of "heaven",
Betty Lue

There is nothing Love cannot do.
So Love and Laugh, Live and Let Go.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Relationship Responsibilities

I am responsible for all my relationships.
I am responsible for how I communicate.
I am responsible for how I resolve conflicts.
I am responsible for my decisions.
I am responsible for my mistakes.
I am responsible for my beliefs and opinions.
I am responsible for the example I set with my own life.
I am responsible for my consciousness.
I am responsible for my feelings.
I am responsible for my health: physical, emotional and spiritual.
I am responsible for my own happiness.

Within personal families and intimate relationships, there is often a learned dependency to heal, fix, create, contribute and take care of each other, rather than a learned independence and nonattached encouragement. Within co-dependent relationships there is a tendency to blame, to use guilt, to expect, to need and lean on one another, when life is not going our way. Co-dependent families use past woundedness and present hurts to explain and justify continued disrespect, judgment and manipulation.

With more maturity and spiritual awareness, we take stop judging and start healing.
We recognize our present choices continue to create our experience.
We realize we are responsible for our own life experience.
What happens to us and for us is not a mistake for someone else to take the blame or to fix.
We know all relationships offer an opportunity to learn and grow, heal and love.
We are here learning to be responsible for ourselves.
We are here teaching others to be responsible for themselves.
When we interfere by taking on others' blame, we encourage their disowning responsibility.
When we feel guilty and try to help others, they do not experience the consequences of their behavior.
We often take away their opportunity to learn how to forgive, change their minds, and choose again.

Taking responsibility for our own present choices is a key to learn to love, listen and let go.
The past is gone. It can be erased, released and forgiven.
I choose to be wholly present and responsible for my choices in all my relationships today.
I am here to respond with highest and best I know for everyone at all times.
Only my errant thoughts and limiting beliefs keep me stuck in feeling blame or guilt.
I am trusting, honest, accepting, patient, kind, joyful, defenseless, open-minded, gentle and faithful.
I am confident in the power and presence of Love within me.
Everyone I encounter is a living reminder, a member of my global family and a reflection of my Self.
Everyone I encounter deserves the best I have.
I listen within to know how to respond and for whom I am to stop and serve or bless and move on.

I am responsible and able to respond with Love,
Betty Lue

From April 7-18, I will be traveling so loving reminders and email may be intermittent.
If you need to reach me, call my voicemail at #800-919-2392.
You are a significant member of my spiritual family. You matter to me.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, April 01, 2005

Loving to Work!

I love to work.
I love to help.
I love to make others’ burdens a little lighter.
I love to be of service.
I love to tell the highest truth I know.
I love to clean and organize.
I love to create a beautiful space
I love to do what I do best.
I love to make life a little better and brighter.
I love to put my natural talents and gifts to work.
I love to make a kitchen or bathroom sparkle.
I love to organize a drawer.
I love to write a book.
I love to cook a family meal.
I love to clean house.
I love to do whatever I do.
(Now there is the clue to the work you do.)

When I love what I do, I give my best.
When I love what I do, I listen within to my own guidance and rhythm.
When I love what I do, I enjoy the experience.
When I love what I do, I appreciate the results.
When I love what I do, I am detached from others' approval.
When I love what I do, I feel fulfilled rather than depleted.
When I love what I do, I am happy and at peace.
When I love what I do, I look forward to the next thing I get to do.
When I love what I do, life is an adventure rather than a chore.
I love what I do and I do what I love.

If I didn't love it, I would hire it done or do an exchange.
Or I would find something I could truly enjoy about it.
Or I would change my mind and love it anyway.
Or I would love myself for being willing to do it for love.

Do you notice I prefer to be happy and in love?
Loving you is just as natural as breathing,
Betty Lue

Personal postscript
So Tuesday and Wednesday morning I was in bed resting.
When I rest I truly rest (sleep, breathe, pray and listen).
When I am up and on, I am working and enjoying the fullness of my life.
Thursday, Robert and I were up at 4:15AM to Gia's Mom's (Oakland) by 5:30PM and to daughter Hilarie's (San Francisco) by 8AM. There we were sorting, clearing, organizing, putting together baby furniture and moving out their dining room for the girl's nursery. We also were laughing, loving appreciating Gia's help, and delighting over the coming twin girls. Today up at 5 AM with Robert going to pick up Gia (Petaluma) at her Papa's for a morning of leisurely play and horseback riding lesson (Walnut Creek) and over to Hilarie's in San Francisco for a little more help getting ready. I will help Hilarie (on total bed rest for the next 2 weeks, when the twins are 36 weeks and about 5-6 lbs or more) sort and organize her closet and stuff and do other packing and spring-cleaning. This morning after some administrative and creative work in my home office, I will drive over to SF to take Hil to her MD's appointment and for her weekly sonogram. Trusting all will be well and we will toodle on home for a day of enjoyment and fulfilling work. I love my life being on call for the Good of All. :)

Thank you for joining me on this spiritual journey.
Thank you for receiving my gifts with respect and gratitude.
Thank You for supporting us all with your prayers and your contribution.
Thank you for your love and for giving your positive energy to what you value.
Thank you for knowing that we are all in this together...
Thank you for healing, transforming and co-creating our experience of this world.
Thank you for enjoying what is given with joyful appreciation for the Good of all.

I appreciate YOU!
Betty Lue