Friday, August 31, 2007

Friends with All

Apparently my Friendship reminder, shook up a few folks, so I will continue……
I believe I am an inspirational and spiritual friend to everyone.

My life purpose, mission and spiritual calling is to inspire, educate and encourage people to actualize their potential.
Thus, the purpose-driven life for which I have volunteered is on purpose 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

My daily prayer and loving reminder for myself is to inspire, educate and encourage everyone to live their Truth, to give their best, to be authentic in each encounter and from this to know their wholeness, Goodness and Holiness.

Remember that your job in this life is to find your life purpose and spiritual path.
Your spiritual work is to clear the obstacles to be True to your authentic self.
Your Holy work is to discover the reason for which you have come and to live your mission as well.
You will find that a life lived with focus, dedication and purpose is happy, fulfilling and effective.
As Betty Lue would say," Life can be fun safe and easy when you are True to your spiritual Self."

So what does it look like for me to be a spiritual friend…..
  • I am usually quiet, unless there is something meaningful to be said.
  • I often listen within to Spirit for guidance before speaking.
  • I would rather be alone than interact without specific conscious focus or purpose.
  • I find joy and fun in doing what is helpful, healing, inspiring and creative.
  • We eat home-cooked meals, often in silence appreciating and enjoy the food.
  • I don't socialize, attend parties, talk about others or media coverage.
  • I watch PG movies that are inspiring and motivational, or shows that are pure entertainment.
  • I get together with people only when there is a focus or conscious purpose or agenda.
  • I share stories only when I feel they will inspire others and leave them with more energy.
  • I seek to support, serve and be helpful only when asked rather than interfere with another's process.
  • I trust people to choose what works for them and encourage people to follow their inner voice.
  • I free others, neither attaching nor avoiding, trusting people to choose right timing to connect with me.
  • I see the real You, the Love You were created to be.
  • I know the True You, the Purpose for which You have come.
  • I love the Authentic You, the Spiritual Presence you bring here.
  • My family relationships (with the children) are totally present and focused, affirming and loving, helping only when needed and giving Guidance only when invited.
  • My preference is for this relationship with everyone.
  • I call this true intimacy and inspirational friendship.

Ask more if you wish to clarify your picture.
Betty Lue

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Letting Go

Do we know how long to stay?
Do we know when to move on?
Do we know what is right?
Do we know what is wrong?

The best we can do is listen within.
The most we can do is love now and say."Amen"
The highest we can climb is to see Good in All.
The most we can give is to Give All to all.

I know not who I Am.
I know not why I am here.
I know not how to love.
I know only, "Do not fear."

In fear my sight is blurred.
In fear, I lose my way.
In fear, my feelings deceive me.
In fear, I mess up my day.

I choose to let go of my way.
I choose to listen within my heart.
I choose to give my very most and best.
I choose to let God give my a jumpstart.

I like life to be easy.
I love life to be fun.
I want life to be God's way.
I want to live as though we are One.

So… I cruise around the corners.
I tack with the changing winds.
I sing out loud songs of freedom.
And I choose to begin again and yet again.

I know life is a journey.
I know our companions change along the way.
I know we play together for just a little while.
I know it matters what we think and do and say.

So I let go of looking for the outcome.
I give up on trying to lose or win.
I release my great expectations.
I face my world with a happy grin.

You might think this is foolish thinking.
You might believe I have lost my mind.
You might fear we won't get to where we're going.
You might notice we end where we begin.

I am loving you,
You are loving me,
We are a loving family.
It's Love that sets us free.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What Does Your World Need?

First, what do you need?
  • Be specific and clear about what you need to stay inspired and feel supported in living a good life.
  • Define it, write it down, reflect on it, imagine having it and really clarify what is truly most essential.
  • Then give it to everyone, all the time, freely without expectation or attachment, with joy and gratitude.

When we give what we really want (not our superficial needs),what is most necessary for our Being:
Initially, our needs are met by giving what we want to have.
Secondarily, we teach and attract and build the world and relationships we want to have in our lives.
Lastly we create within ourselves the context from which we see we have within us everything we need.

Having rests on giving.
To have the friends we want, be the friend y0u want to have.
To have the partnership you really want, be the partner in thought, word and deed you want to have.
To have the home you want to have, treat your home with loving respect and appreciate right now.
To have the life you want to have, give your best with gratitude and joy every moment of each day.
To have the job you want to have, do every job with energy and enthusiasm as if it were your ideal.
To have the easy flow of finances, let go of fear and worry and appreciate the prosperity you have now.

Life is for giving.
We are here to be truly helpful.
We are here to contribute to world we want to be.
We are here to be the person we admire.
We are here to make a difference in the positive direction.
We are here to respect everyone to teach respect to everyone.
We are here to be able to respond to whatever comes our way so that we represent being responsible.
We are here to speak the Highest Truth, so we fill our world with Good and godly Truth.
We are here to model what we value, both publicly and in private.

It all begins with you and I.
We are the Ones.
Begin today to clean up your act.
Begin today to stop doing or saying anything that is not valuable.
Begin today to prune from your life agenda those things which have no value.
Begin today to give only Love and goodness away.
And know always, giving is receiving.

Loving you the best I know.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


After speaking about some difficult friendships, someone recently asked, "Do you have friends?"
I immediately said, "No". This morning I found myself pondering my response. Yesterday
Someone reminded me, "It's lonely at the top." I do not feel lack or loneliness in any real sense. I have shared with students that the path becomes more narrow as you cultivate your spirituality.

As I walked this morning and talked to God (Holy spirit, Brother Jesus, the Master Teachers, Guardian Angels, etc.), I was reminded of a traditional hymn from my past and one that touched my heart.
"What a friend we have in Jesus,
All our sins and griefs to bear.
What a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer."

I have no desire to cultivate traditional "human" friendship, as I perceive it to be.
I consider myself a spiritual friend for everyone who seeks that from me.
I value those who offer spiritual friendship, based on spiritual principles and practice.
So what is this spiritual friendship?

I foresee a book or collection of writings on Spiritual Friendship. (and this is the beginning outline.)
A spiritual friend listens without judging.
A spiritual friend gives effortlessly with no expectations.
A spiritual friend takes all problems in prayer to God.
A spiritual friend offers only what is asked, no more and no less.
A spiritual friend guides as they are guided from within.
A spiritual friend sees always and only the Good within.
A spiritual friend takes impeccable care of themselves spiritually.
A spiritual friend exemplifies inspired living and joyful giving.
A spiritual friend knows giving is receiving.
A spiritual friend follows their inner guidance.
A spiritual friend trusts in the process of life.
A spiritual friend holds no memory of the past, except its blessings.
A spiritual friend loves easily with respect and responsibility for their part.
A spiritual friend sees no separation, but knows the union of Oneness.
A spiritual friend recognizes prayer as praise for what is already done.
A spiritual friend is trusting, honest, happy, generous, open-minded, faith-filled, defenseless and patient.
A spiritual friend knows and lives a never-ending Love.

There is more to come. This is the beginning of the spiritual friendship we all seek with one another.
When we remember God and good are our source, we think and speak and act like the Holy Ones we are.
In this we know great and endless love for we have become the spiritual friend for everyone.

Loving you.
Your spiritual friend
Betty Lue

What I Learned as a Child

We are whole.
We are not lacking.
We are not limited.
We are here to be helpful.
We are happy.
We are loving.
We are free and unrestricted.
We need no criticism or praise, for we know we are right within our Selves.
We are trustworthy and trusting.
We are honest and open.
We are generous and share everything of value.
We value what is real and lasting.
We are patient as we learn from everything.
We are to love everyone equally.
We are to follow Love and our Inner Truth.
There is nothing to fear.
There is complete innocence, as all are children.
There is nothing that cannot be forgiven.
All paths lead to Good.
All things are possible.
Love gives us everything we ask for in the name of Love.
Miracles are natural.
We are all in the family of man and everyone is our brother.
God is Love and we are His loving creation.
Healing comes from the release from guilt and fear.

Monday, August 27, 2007


This Loving Reminders is and was an experiment in action.
I was awake and looking at the sky at 12:30AM and there were not two moons.
Robert had sent me an email which said it was not true, but I had to see for myself.
So you see, the loving reminder below written partially last eve is what I want for us to do together.

Imagine…..there is no hate, no hunger. Imagine…

(Written partially on Aug. 26)

Two Moons Tonight at Midnight!
Mars and the full Moon show up together and then a Lunar Eclipse intensifying it all. WoW!
I love to make up wonderful things!

Let's make up that the world is healing and transforming.
Let's make up the Goodness is pouring forth from every kind word and Good Deed from everyone!
Let's make up that we are all responding to a cry for peace beginning within our own personal lives.
Let's make up that humanity is forgiving itself for its errant beliefs in greed and fear.
Let's make up that people are growing up in respecting themselves and others.
Let's make up that we are taking responsibility for our sins of passion, dishonesty and manipulation.
Let's make up that we have given up our unhealthy habits of craving, binging and excess in everything.
Let's make up that we are changing and becoming more aware and awake and ready to create Good.
Let's make up that we are respecting our planet with the appreciation and impeccable care she deserves.
Let's make up only Goodness and wholeness and Harmony for our lives and those around us.
Let's make us that we are each individually and collectively making a difference.
Let's make up that our forgiveness is washing away the darkness, disease and pain of the past.
Let's make up that we are cleaning up our mis-creations, one moment at a time.
Let's make up that we have a big job to do, but there is nothing to do except return to Love.
Let's make up that we are holding hands and loving one another all the time, even when we forget.
Let's make up that we are home again, in Love and enjoying life and at Peace with All That Is.

I like that. Do you?
Betty Lue
Apparently what is below is made up…

*Two moons on 27th August 2007*
27th August; the day the Whole World is waiting for ......
Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August.
It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye.
This will culminate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within
34.65 Million miles of earth.
Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am. It will look like the
earth has 2 moons.
The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287.
NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

OK to Feel!

Some of us focus on feelings and emotions.
Some of us focus on thoughts and ideas.
Some of us focus on body sensations and life experiences.

We are all different and dancing to different drum beats.

My work in life is to be at peace and think thoughts which heal and create.
I practice forgiveness, mental clearing with Love, affirmation, choosing positive thoughts and ideas.

Your work may be to honor your feelings, to respect and speak up for your own needs.
And so you are called to be courageous in standing up for yourself and seeking to express what you feel.

Others' work may be to trust their gut, their body experiences and do what is being called forth.
They work on changing their world, their own life and make things better for all.

There are many paths, each with passion and purpose, to be practiced with consciousness.
Each journey requires that we discover and play our unique part without imposing on others' paths.

Getting angry can be directed to make something happen which benefits others and creates Good.
Being sad can be directed to soften harshness and resentment so one can feel tenderness and Love.
Forgiveness can be used to quiet the mind and seek inner guidance.
Affirmation will facilitate finding creative solutions and trusting in the Divine Plan.
Seeking justice through action can open the way to strengthening one's principles.
Being a peacemaker through negotiation and compromise can strengthen Self Respect.

All experiences can be used to create or destroy, to heal or to wound, to motivate or depress.
We can direct our lives to be the process of taking what we experience and using it for Good.
We can shape our journey in an uplifting, strengthening and healthy direction by asking for Guidance.
We can encourage our healing and spiritual growth with forgiving our errors and removing obstacles.
We can open the door to fulfillment and creation by appreciating our journey, our growth and ourselves.

Life is meant to be lived one day at a time, one experience at a time choosing the best we know.
Bless us all everyone for choosing the highest path we can find in the moment.
Betty Lue

Appreciate your feelings.
Think what is True.
Do what you are called to do.
And You will find Peace and Happiness.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Challenges Build Strength

Doubters ask for an expression of Faith.
Fear mongers invite Love to heal.
Wrong doers require Courage to stop.
Lies require Truth.

In the way of the Tao,
"It is essential that we do not depend on good fortune.
We must depend on our own virtuous personality and normal life to make us the final winner.
This is the key to reaching the Tao, the great path of life."

To change ourselves to adapt to others ways weakens us.
To maintain our own high path of Truth and Integrity is to gain confidence, consistency and inner peace.

In a world that seems caught in questions, criticism and conflict, we must stay with our true values.
To be authentic is to live what we believe and teach by example.

In this time of adversity, misfortune and volatility, we must be honest , generous and stable.
To be distracted by negativity of those who would project their own lack of integrity is to be off purpose.

In relationships with disrespect, irresponsibility and dissension, we must be constant with respect, response-ability and the voice of collaboration. To be confused by others confusion and inner conflict, puts everyone in jeopardy.

Now is the time when those who are awake must step up and show up with the highest we know.
Teach those who seek to learn.
Reassure those who seek refuge from fear.
Guide those who are asking for direction.
Listen to those who need to clarify their own mind.

Dare to be True to your Inner Guidance
Do what you are being called to do with Love.
Be silent and listen within, unless invited to speak Truth.

Life needs our commitment to the Highest Way.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, August 24, 2007

Conflict or Peace?

When there is conflict, choose Peace.
When there is doubt, choose Faith.
When there is fear, choose Love.
When there is hurt, choose Forgiveness.

Life gives us opportunities to choose.
We must clarify what we value.
Choose what matters to us.
Release what is unimportant.

Life is the school of active learning.
It is a laboratory where we experiment and explore.
When we get explosive results, we make note and choose again.
When we get what we desire, we affirm and appreciate.

There are temptations to be divisive, to be politic, to be argumentative.
There are needs to be healing, to be peacemakers and to be conciliatory.
There are choices between following precedent or honoring principle.
These are crucial times of creating the world we want for our children and grandchildren.

Each one of us is a point of light, directing humanity where we would have them go.
To honor principle, to speak the Highest Truth, to live with integrity, this is my goal.
It is sometimes difficult to do the "right" thing, to speak with confidence, to request the best for All.
It sometimes takes courage to stand up for what we believe and to live in alignment with our values.
Yet, this is the message, the story, the guide I would use for my fellow spiritual travelers.

I am encouraging all of us to show up, stand up, to speak up.
This is the time where we must not hide in fear and anonymity.
Show your True colors and may they be bold with Love and Peace and appreciative Joy!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Speak Only What it True, Good and Useful

Anything other than this is a waste of our time, energy and effectiveness.
Many Grandmothers have told us, “If you don’t have anything good to say, then say nothing at all.”

What we think, speak and act on initiates more of the same in our world.
So why waste our precious energy on anything less that creating that which is good, healing and holy?

This is a fun story that may serve to remind you.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Socratic Truth

In ancient Greece (469 - 399 BC), Socrates was widely lauded for his wisdom. One day the great philosopher came upon an acquaintance, who ran up to him excitedly and said, "Socrates, do you know what I just heard about one of your students...?"
"Wait a moment," Socrates replied. "Before you tell me, I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called the Test of Three."
"Test of Three?"
"That's correct," Socrates continued. "Before you talk to me about my student, let's take a moment to test what you're going to say. The first test is Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?"
"No," the man replied, "actually I just heard about it."
"All right," said Socrates. "So you don't really know if it's true or not. Now let's try the second test, the test of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my student something good?"
"No, on the contrary.."
"So," Socrates continued, "you want to tell me something bad about him even though you're not certain it's true?"
The man shrugged, a little embarrassed.
Socrates continued, "You may still pass though because there is a third test - the filter of Usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about my student going to be useful to me?"
"No, not really..."
"Well," concluded Socrates, "if what you want to tell me is neither True nor Good nor even Useful, why tell it to me at all?"
The man was defeated and ashamed and said no more.
This is the reason Socrates was a great philosopher and held in such high esteem.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All Is Part of God

Beyond the body,
beneath the learned personality,
the energy within the form,
the love that inspires our holy function,
we all are part of God, the Infinite, the Unified Field of All Possibility.

"Godlettes"= Each one of us is a droplet of Divine energy.

Some would name us individually, good or bad, holy or unholy, depending on how we live.
Some would claim our beliefs are right or wrong, true or false.
Some would see the world divided by religion, gender, politics, nationality, age or education.
Some would say they do it themselves and want credit and fame, money and power.

However, when it all is said and done, we are each simply a perfect aspect of the greater whole.
Each one of us is here to play our perfect part with enthusiasm, self respect ad appreciation.
When we are living and giving what is truly ours to be, do and have, we will love all easily.
The comparison, envy, greed and fear will disappear as we claim our True Identity.

Relinquish all attack, judgment and fear, on yourself and one others.
Forgive yourself for letting anyone or anything hurt you or diminish your light.
Give yourself the best and watch how you inspire others to do the same.
Claim only that you are Love expressing ItSelf as Love, creating Goodness everywhere.

Realize that by fully being your authentic Self, you are irreplaceable.
Recognize that there is only One of You and your part is needed.
Acknowledge that your piece of God is essential to the Peace of God.
Appreciate that your Joy and Love and Peace come solely from being the Love You Are.

I am loving you, as I write to you everyday.
I am seeing us all, healed of our division.
I am remembering that there is only One of Us.
I am delighting in shining away the clouds of confusion and separation.
Betty Lue

Monday, August 20, 2007


Yes, Of course we all make mistakes.
Every judgment is a mistake.
Every resentment is a mistake.
Every fear is a mistake.
Every doubt is a mistake.

The mistakes we often make are not meeting another's expectations or demands.
The mistakes we take most personally are those which seem to offend others.
The mistakes we try to correct are often those for which we are seeking approval.
The mistakes we remember most are those which cause pain, emotional and relational, fiscal or physical.

Mistakes are opportunities to choose again.
Mistakes are wakeup calls to determine what we most value.
Mistakes are the call for forgiveness of ourselves and others.
Mistakes are gifts, disguised as problems.

I love to make mistakes…
They wake me up.
They strengthen my faith.
They remind me to forgive.
They invite me to listen within.

Life offers what we call greater and lesser mistakes.
Yet when see rightly,, they are all the same.
Let go of fear and choose love again.
Realize what really matters here and let go of the illusion.

Sucked into seriousness and anxiety?
Stuck in feeling guilt, regret or resentment?
Caught in trying to be perfect?
Feeling like you can never please everyone?

That is the game of life…an endless circle of never quite perfecting it all.
So what?
There are no winners in the judgment and perfection game.

I forgive myself for trying to be perfect and never make mistakes.
I love myself for always giving my very best.
I appreciate others when they do what they can.
I easily forgive what seems "wrong" to me, but what may be "right" for thee.

Loving you and me in every mistake we make,
Betty Lue

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Choose the High Way

No matter the circumstances, choose the loving way.
No matter the lesson being learned, choose the conscious way.
No matter the words being spoken, choose the kind way.
No matter the life being lived, choose the Godly way.

Life is a journey, short or long,
All finding our voice, either soft or strong.
Time teaches lessons of love and of faith.
God brings us home again to know from whence we came.

We really are here to be truly helpful.
We are here to play our sacred part.
We are here to honor all we know.
We are here to let our Love flow.

It looks like we are lost,
Until we are found.
It looks like we're sinking.
‘til we stand on Holy Ground.

Everywhere we go.
Everyone we know.
All are kindred spirits.
Traveling to and fro.

Together we find our path of hope.
Together we conquer our fear.
Together we own the gift that we are.
Together we celebrate being here.

I am with you now and always,
For in truth there is only One,
the One we are in Love.
Betty Lue

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's A Good Life!

Having a good life is celebrating the life you have.
Having a good life is appreciating the Good in your life.
Having a good life is accepting the Good You Are.
Having a good life is forgiving what seems bad.

To be fully able to see the Good Life is to live the good and Godly way.
It does not come from what is external: it is an inside job.
It comes from choosing to imagine, believe and choose to seek the Good in what is.
In the present, without past and future tripping, we can experience beauty, goodness and Love.

Miracles are natural to those who trust in the Goodness and God in all things.
Love is the miracle of forgiving everything that is not loving.
Life is the educational university to learn to forgive all things.
Appreciation of ourselves and others, plus gratitude for our lives gives us joy in being!

Practically speaking, what is the best way to begin to have a good life?
  • Wake up each morning with a prayers of gratitude.
  • Immediately begin to imagine the kind of day you want!
  • Get moving, up and out of bed, the minute you start letting your mind drift to negativity.
  • While taking your shower, send yourself the most kind thoughts of health and affirmation.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast with gratitude.
  • Read, write and pray (affirm) goodness and wholeness.
  • Make a commitment to yourself of your intention for the day (To be loving, peaceful, etc.)
  • If something yucky happens, stop, forgive your judgments and choose again for what you want.
  • Remember the basics: Rest when tired, eat when hungry, drink when thirsty and move when stuck.
  • Laugh at your silliness and mistakes.
  • Smile at strangers, expecting nothing, but enjoying their return smile.
  • Look for the little gifts of kindness from yourself and others.
  • Commit to loving you and loving others all day everyday.
  • Be patient with the neediness you may see and give what you can without sacrifice.
  • Be cool and calm when people flare up in anger, fear or defensiveness.
  • Forgive your judgments of others so you can see all things new again each moment.
  • When you forget to be loving, just let it go with "Uh Oh! I forgive myself for forgetting."
  • End each day with gratitude for all you are and what you do, always Loving YOU!
  • And appreciate how you too, can have a good life!

I am loving you,
Betty Lue
I want you to know that you are an integral part of my Good Life!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Empowering Your True Self

Take full responsibility for your life.
What you have created, you can appreciate or undo.
What you have chosen, you can forgive and choose again.
What you have accepted, you can value or release.

It is all your choice.

When you judge the past, you are creating your future.
When you are unforgiving, you carry fear.
When you feel regret or resentment, you are not present, right here and now.

When you find peace and contentment, the gifts you give extend only love.
When you accept what is right now, all possibilities are open for what you can become.
When you forgive all lack of love in yourself and others, the gifts of love are abundant for all.

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
Loving one in loving all. And Loving All loves everyone.
Life is our gift of love to be given in love for the remembrance of Love.
Love empowers us. Fear weakens us.
Forgiveness opens the way to love again.

And so it is.
We can choose.

Loving you and me, endlessly,
Betty Lue

Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's a Good Life!

I learn everyday.
I appreciate everyone.
I value what I have.
I give all I can.
I trust Goodness within.
I believe in miracles of Love.
I choose to be happy.
I seek to extend the Peace of God.
I respect myself.
I look for positive possibilities.
I honor all life.
I live what I teach.
I forgive my mistakes.
I create beauty in my life.
I enjoy being with children.
I "innocentize" my mind.
I listen to spirit for guidance.
I follow the path of Good for All.
I appreciate what works.
I know Love is our natural state.

With this attitude, how can my life be anything but Good?
Loving You,
Betty Lue

What you think, say and do teaches you and all what you want your life to be.
What do you choose for yourself?
It is all up to you, so choose well!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back home again…..

I have missed our divine appointments.
Long days and some short nights, so missed my quiet time to be with you in our inspirational reminders.
Michigan is a renewal of friendships, opportunities to share and care about family, friends, and those whom I have worked with for 10-15 yrs. Brought my Mom home to CA with us for the next 9 days, here to visit with her 5 great grandchildren, celebrate my birthday and just spend some time with us, playing cards, sharing and enjoying our time together.

What's Up on Planet Earth? was one of our workshops in Michigan.
It is time to assess the happenings of this year and more especially this summer.
We can see all around us individually and collectively the results of our consciousness and unconsciousness.
When we have more light, inside and outside, we can see more of the beauty and more of the mess.
When we experience more light in our lives, we can perceive where we need to prune, to harvest, to appreciate, to forgive and to let go.
Yes, what's up in our world is the need to step up, to show up, to pay attention and tell the highest and most effective truth about what we see. Mostly it means that many will feel guilt or fear or even resentment about falling behind on their bills, their health, their relationships and those areas of denial, ignorance or unconsciousness.
When we let things go because we are lazy, incompetent or preoccupied, we may wake up up to a mess that others have made while we were dozing.

The more we judge the "mess", the more we get stuck with the problem and increase it.
The more we focus on the problem, who did it, and analyze why it happened, the more we are stuck in the feelings.
The more we notice the mess as a wakeup call and move on to the solutions, the more creative we are.
The more we get active in cleaning up what was unconscious, the more we can appreciate the solutions.

Our focus determines what we see.
Our beliefs and attitudes determine our focus.
Our attitude about life decides how responsive we are.
Our responsiveness comes from feeling capable and confident about meeting the challenges.

We all need knowledge.
With practice of what we know we become skillful.
With knowledge and skill, we grow in confidence.
With knowledge skill and confidence we seem capable.
However until we can connect (spiritually attuned) to the inspiration within, we are not fully actualized.

With knowledge, skill, confidence and attunement, we can be fully responsible for our lives.

Where you need knowledge, learn.
Where you need skill, practice.
Where you need confidence, believe.
Where you need attunement, listen within.
All are essential to your mastery and spiritual growth.

Loving you, Betty Lue

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Have It All

To want what we have and have what we want is what makes us appreciate the creation process.
Bless what you have.
Acknowledge responsibility for your experience.
See it with forgiveness of your judgments on it.
Give yourself the credit for creating that which you have.
Enjoy what you are learning and teaching, giving and receiving.
Just as a child learns through their experiences, so are we “big” children.

To blame or feel victimized by your experience separates you from having what is yours.
When we give ourselves the full experience with appreciation, we can choose to change it.
When we allow ourselves full acceptance of what it, we can see others options and choices.
We are here to learn and experience fully the creative process.

Life is a learning laboratory in which each individual has the opportunity to embrace or reject their lessons.
Life is a process of letting go of our blocks (judgment, fear and the need to control) to learning easily.
Life is a place to enjoy the experience of living, loving, learning, laughing and letting go.
Abundant living is natural for those who trust God and Good and are free to choose again.

This weekend we are in Michigan (Aug. 9-13) at a family reunion with my Mother, and also offering a few workshops for some of our ordained Reunion ministers and other Kalamazoo friends, many whom we have knows since we had a holistic center here (Reunion Whole Life Center from 1994-1998). I love returning for the renewal of these deep and inspiring relationships. I love returning to see how much has grown in consciousness and in the stuff of life. I seek to see the growth, the awakening, the transformation in all things both in those seekers we have known for over 10 years and in the ever growing Dickerson family. In both the spiritual family and the blood family the cycle of life is apparent. All things move through seasons of growth, renewal and letting go. There are the changes of childbirth, and child-rearing, adolescence, adulthood and marriage, career, etc. and the letting go of the body as many cycle down. All are part of the grand scheme of learning, loving and letting go.

Two truths stand out as I observe:
Love is an action of detachment.
Life is letting go of limitations.
Spiritual Development is continuing to learn and renew freedom and trust.

Be willing.
Be aware.
Be grateful.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What's Up, Betty Lue?

A birth day (August 16) is coming up!
Time to "relook" (respect) my life for the first 65 years and take a look into the future at the next 65 yrs.
Remember aging is a product of the mind. Think young and renewed and you will be ever renewable.

My life has been.......
Inspiring, diversity, adventure, challenges, creativity, healing, growth, undoing, release, forgiveness.
Yes, all of this and so much more.

Fabulous spiritual partnership for over 22 years.
Five beautiful happy loving grandchildren and four adult children all managing their lives well.
Licensed psycho-spiritual therapist for over 30 years with the privilege of serving thousands of folks.
Have created, taught and facilitated hundreds of workshops, designed to inspire and educate.
Founded 15 spiritually-guided non-profit holistic centers for healing, counseling and spiritual growth in CA, MI, NC, MT, IN.
Facilitated and encouraged all people to live their highest potential and follow their heart's desire.
Taught, supervised and spiritually coached ministers, teachers, health practitioners, spiritual teachers.
Focused on teaching inspired living and joyful giving to find health, happiness and inner peace.
Facilitated and trained 30 ordained ministers with 12 now in the Living Ministry Training Program.
Currently co-minister of the Home of Truth Spiritual Center in Alameda, CA.
Offer coaching and counseling for individuals, couples and families.
Teach and facilitate five groups weekly.
Founder and Partner of Center for Conscious Living, a co-creative space for counseling, holistic practitioners and spiritual coaching.
There is plenty more, but this is good to share with you..who wonder what I do.

I love my life. Thank you, God!
My life is God's gift to me.
I have received my life as a gift to be cherished and used wisely and well.
By listening within and dedicating my life to Good and to God, my life is my gift to myself and to my God.
And I am grateful this is so!
Betty Lue

Tomorrow AM we leave Michigan for 3 ½ days for workshops, coaching and counseling and our annual Dickerson Family Reunion with 100+ relatives on my Mom’s side of the family, in Bloomingdale. MI at a 4H Camp. We will return with my 86 yr old Mom who will visit for a week to celebrate my birthday and visit her grand children and great grandchildren.
Much fun everyday! You are invited to my Creative Play shop Birthday party on Saturday, August 18 1-5PM

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It’s Never Too Late!

It’s never too late to say "I'm sorry."
It's never too late to say, "Good-bye".
It's never too late to say, " I love You".
It's never too late to let yourself cry.

You see time is the illusion we have given ourselves to take all the time we need to awaken to the One Truth that is Real and Lasting and Healing and True……….

I am Love, Loving the Love in You.
You are Love, Loving the Love in Me.

When this is all we see and know and feel and show, the world of time will end in laughter.
When all there is is Love perceived, believed, conceived and received, there is only the Now.

So let' s just love one another right now.
Not for what we do or make or give or show, but simply because we are Love.

Love need not have words, nor touch, nor cards or flowers.
Love need not wait for the right time or place or happy face.
Love doesn't depend on someone being my friend.
Love is simply the state of natural grace in which and for which we exist.

I love you and you love me,
No matter how it looks or sounds or feels.
Under everything that covers it up,
in camouflage and clouds of emotions,
the heart of God, the Essence of Love
is everywhere in everyone and everything.

So for the purpose of being happy, set yourself free.
Simply love you and let yourself love me.
When all there is is Love, we will be happy.
We will know the Peace (piece) of God We Are.

Blessed be,
Betty Lue

My Dad and Mom taught me to love everyone no matter what.
No matter what another’s behavior may be,
whether we like their personality or not,
it can only benefit all of us for me to Love.

To let go of prejudice, fear and judgment releases creativity and energy in unimaginable ways.
Miracles occur and everything changes.

When Love is withheld, there is fear.
When Love is not given, we shut down the Light, the Life force within us.
It does not serve anyone to stop being the Love We Are.

So let’s forgive ourselves and remember to Love.
I love you Dad.
Today is his earthly birthday, although he has been gone for many years.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Accentuate The Positive

"Accentuate the Positive.
Eliminate the Negative.
Don't Mess with Mr. In Between."

These song lyrics that tell it like it is to create the good that is available to all of us.
Getting anything from others begins with how we think and speak and act ourselves.

What we give attention to, talk about and work on grows with our focus.
To focus on trying creates more trying.
To focus on fixing what is wrong, manifest more wrongs to fix.
To focus on needing more will create more needing.

So what do I do to have the life I really want?

Give attention to, talk about and grow your gratitude, your blessings and your joy in life.
Focus on the Good you do.
Focus on all you have and all you give.
Focus on the abundance that is within and all around you.

Life is as rich as you perceive it to be.
The perception begins within in our minds.
There is nothing to see outside ourselves until we believe it to be there.
No one can fill the void we make up in our own thinking and judgmental mind.

Woops! This means we are all entirely responsible for our experience!
Yes, and what a relief to know I can choose to change my mind and think gratitude and abundant joy.

Loving you in seeing what is True,
Betty Lue

It is easy to cooperate when there is serious sand play!

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Play is what we love to do.
Work is anything we resist doing.

"Plork" is my made up word for "Play and work" together.
People sometimes think I am a workaholic, but actually I am a child who loves to play at life.
I see life as a playground.
We are all playing the game of life, trying to figure out how to win.
We are all children here, trying to figure out how to play together so everyone will be happy.
So I create games and ways to have everyone win, as much as they are willing to let everyone win.

We learn to take life seriously by watching how serious the grown-ups are.
They seem to know what they are doing, so we think that we need to do what they do.
We practice being like Mommy and Daddy by playing dress up.
We put on their clothes and talk like they sound to us.
We mimic their mannerisms and even treat our siblings and friends like they treat people.
Later in life without realizing it we live out their patterns and behaviors and crises.

Like animals imprint their young with what is needed for the species to survive, humans imprint their children with the unconscious script to reproduce, protect their young, strive and stay alive.
If we stay unconscious, we act out our parental patterns within our own families with eating habits, health issues, body types, financial crises, job experiences, relationship stresses and even death.
If we wake up, we can undo, forgive and reprogram what seemed inevitable with our own choices for lifestyle, relationship and work experiences, attitudes and opportunities to heal and grow.

The transformation of our past with healing, forgiveness, affirmation, prayer and deliberate choice will awaken us to create the life we prefer. If we perceive a limited range of alternatives, a lack in knowledge and expertise and believe "we don't matter", we will limit ourselves unknowingly.

One of my preferences is to play at life……To recognize my life can be fun, safe and easy.

Even when the world of egos is teaching and demonstrating serious, dangerous and difficult,
I can listen to the Spirit of God, the Joy in my heart and choose the high way of freedom and trust.

Now why would I do this….
Because I know God's will for me is perfect happiness.
I know to be stuck in seriousness is the ego's error and a tool for deception and distraction.

Children play at judging, scaring, rejecting and then making up.
Children try out being mad and mean, silly and happy, scared and needy, demanding and upset.
Children try out emotional states, shifting minute by minute.
Children learn by watching adults enjoy work or hate it, work to completion or quit, feel pleased with a job well done or always demand more of themselves.
Children learn to be satisfied or stressed.
They learn how to be focused or distracted.
Children learn to enjoy working and helping or get tired and resist.

I love to be with the children.
They remind me to enjoy each moment.
They show me how to be curious and full of delight with the natural world.
I observe them get distracted by the abundance of toys.
I see them fight over one special toy, when there are literally hundreds of others available.
I see how little it takes to shift attention from one game to another when adults interfere.
I see how natural minds shift into seriousness by the struggle to win, to have, to serve itself alone.

Some playful tips:
· Play at life and remember how easy life can be.
· Move around all obstacles allowing the natural flow to prevail.
· Choose to be happy rather than right.
· Give up the need to win at another's expense.
· Be an advocate for God, the Good, rather than a Judge of Evil and sin.
· Find ways to enjoy each moment of the day, rather than wait for the day to end.
· Seek out opportunities to love, to laugh, to let go and to learn with everyone.
· Let each day be the opportunity to enjoy it all, home and work, rest and play.
· Give up the need to make some activities hard and serious and dangerous.
· Begin to envision ways to make up fun, safe and easy games wherever you are.
· Be a child, dressing up for the work and pretending to be the worker.
· Engage in life with natural enthusiasm, curiosity, enjoyment and appreciation.

Loving us all as we play everyday, in the most natural way.
Betty Lue

Saturday, August 04, 2007

What do You Teach?

I was never taught to hate. I was shown how to Love everyone.
I was never taught to harm. I was taught to never kill anything or hurt anyone.
I was never taught to put down anyone. I was shown how to respect young and old.
I was never taught to withhold my gifts. I was given opportunities to always share the Highest Truths.
I was never taught to be angry. I was encouraged to speak my mind without letting energy build.
I was never taught to be afraid. I was invited to clear my fear with faith and trust in Higher Power.
I was never taught to belittle myself. I was always trusted and honored for my thoughts and ideas.
I was never taught to step away from prejudice or injustice. I was encouraged to speak up for equality.
I was never taught to wait to actualize. I was encouraged to believe all things are possible for Good.
I was never taught to feel guilty. I was always invited to tell the whole truth without fear.
I was never taught to be envious. I was encouraged to be grateful for the many blessings I have received.
I was never taught to be proud. I was told to give thanks to God for the gifts which are bestowed on me.
I was never taught to be separate. I was shown how to include everyone in my human family.
I was never taught to hold resentment. I was clear all people are here to help one another.
I was never taught to be petty. Life has too many treasures to mess around with complaining.
I was never taught to be childish. I was taught to be mature when it mattered and to play at life.
I was never taught to hold resentment. I was taught to forgive instantly and recognize the need for love.
I was never taught to deny others. I was expected to share everything I had with those in need.
I was never taught to yell or blame. I was taught to take responsibility, to learn and to discuss.
I was never taught to give authority for my choices to others. I was taught to make my own decisions.

There is more I could elucidate, if needed.
The important quality for me to see and share is how important our early teachings are in building our adult life.

It would be of value for you to write down what you were taught by words and beliefs and actions of your parents and other influential people.
It is of value for you to relearn what no longer works for you.
What we practice we are teaching with our thoughts as well as words and actions.
The cultural scripts being learned today by our heroes, movie stars, politicians, parents and significant folks in our life often are not exemplary.
I learned from the highest examples within my family and those lives of studied who were selfless, wise, inspiring and helpful to others.
I did not spend time with those who were selfish, ignorant, depressing and here solely for themselves.

Look at what you spend your time with in everyday life as well as in fantasy, story or spiritual study.
It s important that you know how you want to be and find role models, mentors and teachers.

Blessing us all as we learn,
Betty Lue

Friday, August 03, 2007

Who Is This God?

I'm having difficulty putting "a face" on my spiritual presence. I believe in God, I pray to God, but I'm not at all sure what he/she looks like. Help! When I do pray, it seems most comfortable to simply direct my attention to the sky - the sun, moon, stars, clouds. Am I way off base? J.

"………….. I can no longer see any logical, emotional, physical, spiritual connection between a Generative/Creative,Operative/Sustaining/Descontructive/Reconstructive/Transformative/Restorative/Rejuvanative (my GOD principles) energy/force that created and sustains this spectacular universe (and maybe more that our senses are not aware of) and eternal condemnation and punishment of the very beings that are an intimate out-expression of this energy/force. It is beyond my scope of imagination that [GOD] would condemn any part of itself to eternal punishment. …………..

Not having studied "New thought" or Unity, I would like to become more educated. So my first question is, what, if any, are the similarities or differences between traditional Christianity and new thought? E.

These two questions arriving within a few days causes me to pause and reflect on the Truths I share and the practical path of spirituality that I am called to "teach".

While raised and baptized in traditional protestant (Christian) churches, I was offered many opportunities to attend other services and always honor all religions, nationalities and peoples within my family. While I have been a member of several Unity churches and now am co-minister of Home of Truth Spiritual Center, a New Thought church in Alameda, CA, spiritual guidance for the founding and direction of Reunion Ministries has always been to facilitate people in finding their own path to faith and freedom from fear. Rainbow Reunion was focused on the reconnection of individuals with their own definition of God, Higher Power, Source, the One, Great Mystery, Allah and Jehovah, the Trinity and Spirit. Reunion is also about reconnecting with our Authentic Self, the Love We Are created to be, and recognizing all humanity as our brothers, our spiritual family. We are the One Son, One Light, One Love of God, when we remember the Love of our Creator and the Love we are created to extend to one another.

Now those are my words and the words I understand.
When I listen within, what you receive in these Loving Reminders is the language which is most easily received by me.
However, Spirit, Source, our true Parent speaks to us in the language in which we can each best hear.
All are chosen by God.
All are loved by God equally.
All are guided by Spirit.
However, few actually listen and allow themselves to receive and believe the Truth of their Divinity.
The key is to forgive our self judgment, fear of punishment and denial, so that we know we can receive the healing Love and empowering Light of God everyday in every way. Every child comes in with a divine connection to Creator. Children usually stop listening within in early childhood when the outer voices become more insistent and loud. We can all take time to suspend our thinking (judgments) and listen to a higher way, a more expansive perspective and begin to explore living our lives for the Greater Good, the God of All That Is.

Now about the punishment and anger and fearsome stuff….
When we have only experienced parents as being judgmental and punitive, it is natural that we project this image onto God.
When we do not have a positive and loving face or form for God, how can we believe or trust what we hear?
When we have lived with teachings of external authority, it would be natural to rebel and then get lost in uncertainty and doubt.
When we have tried the way of institutions and experienced abuse or misuse of power, we may distrust what churches, temples and religion does. When we read the history of the Christian tradition as well as most others, we can see where the leaders and teachers allowed their egos to use the people together wealth, power and privilege to sustain themselves and the institutions rather than serve the people by serving God and the Greater Good. (Fear is the most powerful control over people!)

In brief, New thought came from spiritual seekers at the turn of the century who founded Unity, Religious Science and Science of Mind and Christian Science and Home of Truth.
All of them listened within.
All of them honored teachings in the Bible.
All of them sought to create a tradition based in Love and total acceptance of all paths, while seeking to teach what "worked" for them in creating health, happiness and harmony among mankind.

And for me, I am part of the New thought movement always honoring all religions and no religion, trusting each and everyone to find and follow the path that eventually leads us all home to the Good of our hear and the good within each one of us.
These are just words.
My life is the demonstration of what I know and am given to be and create with the good of all in my heart and mind.
Thank you for asking.
Betty Lue

Betty Lue’s Teachings as a Child

We are whole.
We are not lacking.
We are not limited.
We are here to be helpful.
We are happy.
We are loving.
We are free and unrestricted.
We need no criticism or praise, for we know we are right within our Selves.
We are trustworthy and trusting.
We are honest and open.
We are generous and share everything of value.
We value what is real and lasting.
We are patient as we learn from everything.
We are to love everyone equally.
We are to follow Love and our Inner Truth.
There is nothing to fear.
There is complete innocence, as all are children.
There is nothing that cannot be forgiven.
All paths lead to Good.
All things are possible.
Love gives us everything we ask for in the name of Love.
Miracles are natural.
We are all in the family of man and everyone is our brother.
God is Love and we are His loving creation.
Healing comes from the release from guilt and fear.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Course In Miracles

"All things are lessons God would have me learn. A lesson is a miracle which God offers to me in place of thoughts I made that hurt me. What I learn of Him becomes the way I am set free. And so I choose to learn His lessons and forget my own." A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson #213

Recently someone shared with me the value of the pieces from the course that I share from time to time, so I may be including more of the lessons as my own daily reminders. A Course in Miracles has been part of my active spiritual practice since 1976 when I consciously began my spiritual commitment to God. I committed my whole life, all my possessions, and all the activities in which I engage to serve God's Will. Over the years I have watched how that single commitment made over and over has directed, guided, encouraged, provided, challenged, and inspired me to live in faith, absolutely knowing I am loved. With a solid foundation with God, with someone's total love with a sense of your holy purpose, there is a certainty and confidence that cannot be eroded or dismissed by the world's judgments, fears and even crucifixion.

That being said, I invite you to look for within yourself, something or someone that matters more than anything else. Devote yourself to what brings you peace and joy and inspires your Love. Give your All and watch how yu grow with the challenges that life brings as well as appreciate the blessings along the way.

It is only our thoughts which hurt us when we are focused solely on the calling of our heart and the inner guidance of Spirit. Give yourself the gift of Holy Purpose and find the High Way to a life of trust and inner knowingness. All is well when you remember that you are whole and Good and beautiful just as you are.

Loving you, just as you are.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Love is Truth

Love is Truth, not a Feeling
Love is a State of Being.
When you seek for Love, you will always find it.
God is Love and Love is All.

If Love is letting go of fear, then we are all loving one another when by simply being here.

If Love is letting go of neediness or specialness, then Love is indeed freedom and trust.

If Love is our natural state, then we cannot stop being the Love We Are.

How could we miss feeling happy and peaceful, when we are all always loving and loved?

It must be because we are withholding our Love , due to our fear and judgment.

And maybe when we judge others, we miss that they are extending Love to us and All.

Sure hope you get,….
I am always loving you, busy or not, separate or not, sick or not, cranky or not.
I am always loving, since Love is my natural state.
I know you are always loving me even though you may not know it, feel it or believe it.

Loving you, loving me,
Betty Lue