Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Conscious Healing

What is healing with consciousness?
Conscious healing is taking responsibility for our current state of mind.
Being aware that we are responsible for our experience is being conscious.
To awaken from the dream that we are victims of the world we see is healing.
Conscious healing is realizing by changing our minds, we heal our perceptions and our experience,

Recognizing that the world we see is not real or permanent frees us from being at the effect.
Practicing the art of changing our perceptions to change our experience is our learning laboratory.
Owning that we are creating our experience with our judgments and perceived limitations enlightens us.
Lifting clouds of lack and limitation by recognizing our creative potential becomes our choice.
We have free will to choose our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and experiences.
With limiting beliefs, we think limiting thoughts, have belittling feelings and experience victimization.
As we choose beliefs of limitlessness, freedom and creativity, we heal our minds.
By thinking expansive thoughts, feeling happy and freely loving life, we experience the joy of creation.
With conscious healing we think with open-mindedness, appreciation and love.
With attitudinal healing we see ourselves as offering the gift of our love to each moment.
With forgiveness of our limited perceptions and fear-based judgments, we transform our lives.
With right use of our will, we create only that which is good, and beautiful and holy for All.

When I am conscious, I see I am created as Love for the sole purpose of loving.
When I am conscious, I remember to forgive and release every unloving thought or perception.
When I am conscious, I use my time, energy and resources, to create what is for the Good of All.
When I am conscious, I perceive my Self as an aspect of God and the Goodness of God.
When I am conscious, I know my Creator and my Self.
When I am conscious, I am inspired to live in alignment with the Holy Purpose of Divine Will.
When I am conscious, I live and move and have my being in God and Holy Goodness.
When I am conscious, I use my body, emotions and mind to serve the Highest Good.
When I am conscious, I listen within to be guided by inspiration and by Spirit within.
When I am conscious, I see all things as working together for Good.
When I am conscious, I respond to lack of love with forgiveness and the extension of Love.
When I am conscious, I give All I Am and All I have freely without expectation as I am inspired.
When I am conscious, I know I am whole no matter what the apparency of body, finances or world.
When I am conscious, I live joyfully and give abundantly knowing all my needs are met.
When I am conscious, I trust everything I experience is to be utilized as loving reminders.
When I am conscious, I celebrate my wholeness, abundance and freedom in all ways.
When I am conscious, life is a reflection of my inner kingdom and I know all is well.

And when I forget………
each relationship, every upset, every moment calls me to wakeup and remember………

I am healed. I am whole. I am healing. I am holy.
And so are you!

In consciousness and gratitude,
Betty Lue