Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Holding True Through Respect

The world offers many challenges to our willingness to respect our individual life journeys.
My life journey is for the purposeful living, giving the highest and best I have to Every One.
Others have their own unique life journeys, and inspirational purpose.
I must not interfere.
I must mind my own business.
When I am asked to help, serve and remind, I respond.
I must follow the path that has heart and meaning for me.
I must listen to the Voice of Love within.
I must let go of expecting others to be the same as I am.
I must let go of trying to seduce, persuade or convince anyone.
I must give up all need to make the world different than it is.
I must respect the learning opportunities that come to each one.
I must be a catalyst for change by sharing the highest Truth I know.
I must give all to all to have all I have.
I must walk with a sense of freedom and commitment to the Highest Good.
I must save myself by letting go of trying to understand others.
(It is only when I live my own purpose peacefully that I come to understand.)
I must free myself to simply be.

To respect myself, I am willing to look again, to see things differently.
To respect myself, I choose to see every upset or imbalance as a wakeup call.
To respect myself, I must show up and speak up and let go of expectations.
To respect myself, I choose to give myself the best I know.
To respect myself, I am willing to express how I feel, what I want and be willing to give it to myself.
To respect myself, I am called to see my holiness and support my being whole, healed and holy.
To respect myself, I am called to let go of the world I know.
To respect myself, I free myself to be alone and always connected with the One.
To respect myself, I release myself from all limitations, worries and made up roles or functions.
To respect myself, I choose to be willing to allow Spirit to use my thoughts, words and actions for Good.
To respect myself, I surrender to the power of love within me.
To respect myself, I look on my world with love, appreciation and open-mindedness..
To respect myself, I choose peace now.

As I wholly respect All That I Am, I am always respecting all that you are.
As I totally trust my life journey, I also trust yours.
As I completely free myself be at conscious choice, I free you to be the chooser in your own life process.
I see you. I know you. I love you… As I see Me, free Me and totally Love Me.

Respectfully yours,
Betty Lue