Sunday, July 31, 2005

Parenting Values

Parents adopt many roles and functions in the raising of children.
Their chosen roles depend on their spiritual development, the modeling of their parents, their level of psychological, physical and financial health, the mores of their culture, and their life circumstances.
How we approach parenting and grand-parenting and family interactions depends on what we value.

It has been my observation that we change values, goals and commitment to parenting.
Some parents lose interest and some claim a renewed interest.
Some parents avoid the job of parenting and some pass it to others.
Some parents are too busy raising money to raise children.
Some parents see children as a distraction or nuisance and try to avoid and ignore their children.
Some parents take credit and enhance their personal worth through their children's accomplishments..
Some strive to become parents and become despondent, if not blessed with children.
Some parents see the job of raising children, as their primary reason for being married.
Some parents see the job of parenting, as the wedge that drives them apart and ruins the marriage.
Some parents find the job exhausting and challenging.
Some parents find parenting inspiring and fulfilling.
Parents are role models, coaches, disciplinarians, teachers, listeners, homework helpers and monitors, comforters, schedulers, chauffeurs, and the ones who provide food, shelter, medical care, values and spiritual guidance. Parents are essential to the conscious respectful and healthy raising of children.

The roles and functions adopted by parents are related to their psychological health and stress level even more than the modeling of their own parents. While you may not find your parents within these few examples, you probably can find yourself and your own parenting values.

In our culture there is an increasing devaluing of the parental role and process.
My own Dad said, "Being a mother was the most important job in the world."
While I embraced his ideal and knew my mother was his choice due to her ideal parental quotient, I myself took some divergent paths, due to single parenting and believing when my children were of school age and did not need my undivided energies. I dedicated myself to my practice and spiritual calling.
So I am aware of the shifts and changes in our culture.

Within our society we need to assess where we are and envision where we would like to go.
What are we now with all children?
What is our ideal for all children?
What is possible within the systems we have in place?
What can we do as individuals and collectively?

Raising consciousness is always the first step.
However, becoming more aware means seeing and acknowledging our mistakes.
So we often would rather cover the mistakes with ignoring or denying them.
What can I do? What can you do?
I can be present?
I can ask inside and to others, "What is needed?
I can admit my mistakes and seek to change them.
I can give myself the opportunity to "make amends".
I can spend time, energy and resources on what I value.
I can live my life honoring my values everyday.
I can tell the truth without hedging, compromising or trying to protect others.
I can be authentic, clear and committed.
I can choose everyday in everyway what to do and say to support what I value.

I am here to inspire and be inspired by an every self-healing world.
Let's wake up together in love and happy.
Betty Lue

Below you see the light that shines with me and you and all of us. This is the precious and innocent light of trust and freedom sharing the joy and love of God and Good for all to see and receive.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


I am wearing my white wrist band which reminds us "We are One."
I am drawn to share with you this simple spiritual prayer.

Yes, we all want to know, to understand, to have our desires be fulfilled.
And still, we cannot know or understand or be perfectly fulfilled, because we cannot see the whole.


We are all one.
When one is harmed, all are harmed.
When one is healed, all are healed.
Therefore, in the name of who I AM, and I am one with all;
I ask that only that which is for the highest good of all concerned happen here.
I give thanks that this is done and so it is.

We can say an affirming prayer.
We can seek to come to peace.
We can request the highest Good be done.
We can trust that the greater wisdom of Love will prevail.
We can let go of our petty desires and ask for All.
We can relinquish our misunderstanding and distorted perceptions.
We can forgive our doubting mind and fearful neediness.
We can surrender our human interest to the Greater good.
We can deny that harm is done, but allowing for the temporary nature of our existence.
We can believe there is opportunity to heal and learn, to help and give.
We can find a higher understanding in our true peaceful mind and loving heart.
We can join together in seeking higher ground and a better way.
We can let go and laugh and live and love trusting all is well within the journey of our souls.

I am ever loving and blessing you and all as One.
Betty Lue

Friday, July 29, 2005

Wanting Your Supportive Visualization and Positive Prayer For the Highest Good for All

I have been challenged this last month with concern for my granddaughter Gia and legal decisions being made which may effect her whole life well being. There are current custody disputes, which concern me because Gia's rights have not been heard or honored. Her needs for stability, security, consistent parenting and to be surrounded with familiar family, school and caregivers with whom she has established a bond seem to be overlooked by the courts and legal system. I am now speaking on her behalf and have alienated my daughter, who was falsely accusing to demand a change in Gia's home, her school, her relationships with her Dad and his family and with us as grandparents and caregivers. The temporary order of the court has given Gia the summer with her mother and her 19 yr. old Swedish nanny who just arrived in the US. Gia's Mom is a resident surgeon, so is most often not present. Without Gia being asked what she might like, the courts have decided the mother needed equal time and so ordered that Gia spend the summer at her mother's condo, with only limited visitation with her Dad and us. Gia is isolated, lonely, confused and depressed. "How have I caused this?" is her inner question.

So what do I, do as grandmother and secondary caregiver since early infancy?
What can I do as a spiritual teacher and counselor?
What can I do as an advocate for children's rights?
What can I do to listen to Gia and give her a voice in meeting her needs?
What can I do as a leader by example?
What can I do to learn from this and to heal my thinking and my fears?
What can I do as a responsible and conscious human being?

When Terry was in kindergarten and having emotional upset after school from the punitive environment, I first gave her the opportunity to deal with it by just listening to her.
Then, someone asked me who had the power to change things for the child?
That single question awakened in me that children often have no power to change their circumstances.
Adults are to listen and observe, protect and create the best living and learning environments for children.

So how do we do this for all children?
Who speaks for children who are not getting proper nutrition or enough love?
Who speaks for children who are not learning because no one understands their differences?
Who speaks for children who are left alone or in the care of someone who is cruel or neglectful?
Who speaks for children who are wrongly taken from their loving homes for no good reason?
Who speaks for children who are sick or handicapped, or have no books to read or shoes that fit?
Who speaks for the child?

I am speaking up for all children. No matter what the law says, there must be equal rights for the child along with the rights of the parents.
No matter what the human condition, there must be a way to support each child in having the opportunity for education, nurturing, a functional family environment, and time to freely express.

When I ask, "What can I do?" I hear from within:
"Remember all is well. The challenges of today will all pass away and only Love will remain.
In the meantime, remember always to Love well by holding the highest vision.
Always Love well by sharing honestly with no secrets or withholds.
Always love well by giving the best you have and teaching in the ways of Love without guile.
Always love well by staying committed to the Highest Good for all concerned.
Always love well by taking full responsibility and remembering to respond without guilt or blame.
Dear Betty Lue, you are there in prayer, in thought, word and deed.
You are conscious and conscientious, consistently offering help, guidance and support.
Trust your Love is enough.

Now ask your friends in Spirit, in this life journey of remembering to stay with you in prayer, keeping the flame of right action, holy purpose and divine will alive and bright in the lives of all those involved."

I ask you Dear friends, hold the Highest Outcome in your consciousness. We need not know what it is, nor manipulate, control or demand our way, but rather give All to All to have All provided.

Loving us together in life for the sake of all beings,
Betty Lue

"Together there is nothing we cannot do." And I thank God this is so!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Seeing things Differently

"I have been taught that everyone should look at life through my glasses and see things my way. Is this a correct concept of control and how do I “let go” of my past learning?"
From a faithful reader.

When we want to be "right",
When we are attached to our viewpoint,
When we are afraid of being out of control,
When we don't know what alternatives exist,
When we fear losing and looking bad,
When we really believe we know what is best for others,
We get attached and fixated on our position.

Life is a process of learning when and how to let go with ease and grace, appreciation and love.
"Letting go is fun, safe and easy" may be easy to say, but difficult to embrace as a philosophy.

When we let go we can be happy.
When we let go, we can see another's position.
When we let go, we come to peace.
When we let go, we can understand.
When we let go, we can listen within.
When we let go, we are open to the Highest good.
When we let go, we can learn to trust life.

What is the difference between giving up, denial, surrender and depression?
Giving up is who cares...I quit.
Denial will be OK, so I will just move on.
Surrender is...I trust that Higher Power is in charge and my best interests will be served.
Depression anger does no good anyway, so I will hold my negativity inside.

When do we let go?

Spirit, Help me to see this differently so that I may come to peace.
What can I do to bring this situation to rest?
"Take time to listen and forgive, let go and forgive, love and forgive.
Remember to show up and pay attention.
Remember to tell the highest truth you know.
Remember to give what will be received.
Remember to honor the highest good of all.
And then let go.
Put it all in the hands of God, the heart of God, the mind of God.
Yes, in this world there is a time to say "Stop, no more destruction, no more war, no more unconsciousness.
The work of the Enlighted master is to wake up the masses, not to correct them.
The work of the Enlightened One is to stay awake and trust in the learning value.
The work of the Enlightened Being is to not shrink away or join, not coddle or crucify.
The work of the enlightened One is to bless all beings, to awaken all beings and to remind all Beings.
So it is. Do your work.
Thank you for listening and living what you know, feel and hear from within."

Loving you and all,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Often we take on relationships which are projects…one a teacher and the other a learner.
These relationships are for the purpose of healing or helping both people to remember and fully realize Love and the power of Love.
When both parties are willing the teaching and learning is fun, safe and easy.

The Keys to successful relationships are Joining in a common vision or goal, honesty with no withholds or secrets, equality in giving our best to the other, commitment to the highest Good and taking responsibility for the quality of relationship without guilt and blame.

When there is unwillingness and resistance, judgment and fear, comparison and belittling of self or the other, the relationship is painful and unfulfilling to both.
The attachment to fixing or changing the other or desiring a certain outcome can lead to disappointment, frustration and suffering.

You can choose to stay attached and suffer.
You can choose to stay and accept the way it is.
You can choose to stay and be grateful for what you have.
You can choose to stay and appreciate all you give and learn.
You can choose to leave and stay disappointed, angry and suffer.
You can choose to leave and accept life's opportunities to learn, let go and choose again.

Your inner teacher knows what is highest and best for all concerned.
When we are stuck in our own judgments and distorted perceptions, we cannot see the higher ground.
You may want to set a goal, ie. Peace of mind (from which will follow understanding.)
Then give the goal and your relationship to Spirit.
When you give your relationship to Spirit, let go and observe, giving both trust and freedom to the Highest Good for all concerned.
Watch what happens.
Appreciate everything that comes up.
And keep envisioning the Highest Good for all concerned.

Yes, all of us are teachers and learners.
Yes, teachers are learning as they teach.
Such is the value of teaching and learning.
When the teaching and learning is complete, there may be a change in the form of relationship.
Some seek to prolong the relationship because of prior commitments, societal mores or security.
Some seek to end the relationship with criticism and judgment, pain and bitterness.
Some appreciate and bless what has been completed and make it easy to let go.
Some participate fully in the honorable closure until both parties are open, willing and peaceful.
Some leave first, make amends and heal the release later.

You may want to make a list of all you are learning in your relationship.
You may want to express all you are grateful for with your partner.
You may want to focus on the Good that has come from your Union with your chosen one.
You may want to ask Spirit to tell you if and when it is time to let go before you move on.

When two people come together who are at the same level of relationship, they may stay together for a lifetime relationship with both teaching and learning, giving and receiving equally. This seems to be rare.
I experienced this level of relationship when I had completed my more challenging assignments.

Remember Love is the way.
Love is trust and freedom.
Goodness and God are in charge.
Cling to nothing and no one.
Love and let go and what is meant to be with you will stay until you are complete.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, July 25, 2005

Love Water

You are a healer. As you think, so you create.
You are a healer. As you speak, so you teach.
You are a healer. As you act, so you motivate.

We heal with our thoughts and our prayers.
We heal with our words and spoken affirmation.
We heal with our activities and chosen service.

Therefore we can envision, create, generate and manifest healing or illness, creation or destruction.
What you focus on, you energize and create more of the same.
What you value is demonstrated by where you give your time, energy and resources.
What you value is what shows up in your life.
If we wish to heal, we must focus on wholeness, goodness and beauty.
If we wish to value, we must let go of supporting what we no longer value.
If we wish to participate in global healing, we must focus on the beauty, goodness and wholeness of our planet earth.
If we with to experience pure air, clean water, bountiful crops, a beloved Mother Earth, we must give our love, gratitude and respect everyday to the abundant life we have.

Bless the water to clean, shower, drink, cook, swim and enjoy.
Bless the air , the sun, the trees and plants, the animals and fish and every living things.
Bless the minerals, the mountains, lakes and oceans.
Bless it all for it is beautiful and bountiful.
The Earth is a reflection of ourselves.
To love ourselves healed, whole and Holy is to love our Earth.

“At the heart of Buddhist meditation are concentration and inquiry.
When you cultivate these two qualities in meditation, you develop your ability to be quiet and clear, to offer understanding and love.”
-Martine Bachelor, "Meditation for Life"

On July 25th, we offer pure prayer to water in various places of the world, wishing the peace of our earth and human beings. Much water for praying is not required. Only a glass of water will do. And please pray for 3 minutes at home, at work, at the edge of the lake, at the riverside, at the lakeside, or at the beach. You may pray any time on July 25th. The waves generated by the HADO (vibration) of our sincere prayer will wrap in this wounded planet completely. A blueprint of our planet Earth and our human society filled with Love and Thanks and without any conflicts will be formed on this day.

Let's say together on July 25:

"I Love You, Water.
I Thank You, Water.
I Respect You, Water."

President of the Project of Love and Thanks to Water
Masaru Emoto

Loving, appreciating and respecting water,
Betty Lue

Sunday, July 24, 2005

More Miracles

Miracles come from Love.
In the absence of fear and doubt,
We will hear clearly.
We will follow easily.
We will live joyfully.
We will receive abundantly.
We will give generously freely sharing what is of lasting value.
We will speak honestly, with no defensiveness or guile.
We will relate with openness and appreciation.
We will create what is good and beautiful for All.
We will celebrate life and forgive what is not of God.
This is the Love of God, the Love of Good, the love that we are meant to be and live and give.

Within a few weeks of Robert Waldon coming to volunteer as a consultant to Pathways, Center for Counseling, Healing and Growth, in Pleasant Hill in 1985, I heard from Spirit, "This is the one we have sent to you to help and support your Holy Work." I was open and willing and received his Presence as a Godsend. The guidance led to our friendship, lifetime partnership and spiritual union. At the height of apparent worldly and spiritual success, I was guided to let go of my Center, my practice, my ministry, my home and family, to take a sabbatical for some time. While difficult for others to understand, I chose to follow my inner voice. Inner guidance directed us to found holistic community centers in North Carolina, Montana, Indiana and Michigan during the next 10 years, and then come back to California.

In 1998, within one week of Gianina's birth (our first granddaughter), out of the blue with no thought of return to California, I heard within and knew we must return to California now. (At the time I believed it was to give Robert the opportunity to return to his former profession.) Within 4 days of saying "YES" to Spirit, our condo was sold for cash the first day it was advertised in the paper. Our holistic center staff and ministry were prepared to continue. On arriving back in California, Robert had two job offers, and we purchased our condo within two hours. We packed our goods in a Ryder truck were moved in and settled within four weeks. I began caring for our first grand-daughter Gia several days/week. I asked what am I to do to share all I have been given. While not computer friendly or literate at that time, I was guided to begin Daily Loving Reminders around the globe within one month of returning to California. What a great inspiring ministry for me!

I am sharing these stories to tell you the faith walk is really to ask no questions, but to obey the will of Spirit. Our questioning is our learned fear. Our doubts and skepticism comes from limiting beliefs.

When we are innocent, trusting and in love, we follow the joy, the inspiration, the creative expression of Goodness wholeness and Beauty in all things. Unexpected miracles are the result. Surprising gifts of freedom, faith, healing and transformation, provision and ease, are received when we listen within and follow with gratitude.

Loving all miracles,
Betty Lue

Don’t forget tomorrow, July 25th we are all called to pray for water.
Together in love, there is nothing we cannot do.

On July 25th, we offer pure prayer to water in various places of the world, wishing the peace of our earth and human beings.
Much water for praying is not required. Only a glass of water will do.
And please pray for 3 minutes at home, at work, at the edge of the lake, at the riverside, at the lakeside, or at the beach.
You may pray any time on July 25th. The waves generated by the HADO (vibration) of our sincere prayer will wrap in this wounded planet completely.
A blueprint of our planet Earth and our human society filled with Love and Thanks and without any conflicts will be formed on this day.

Let's say together on July 25

I Love You, Water.
I Thank You, Water.
I Respect You, Water.

President of the Project of Love and Thanks to Water
Masaru Emoto

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Blessed and Willing

How am I blessed by my awesome life of loving, learning and letting go?
How does one fully recognize and receive the Good and Abundant Life?
How do we find and live on purpose appreciating the richness with healing and everyday miracles of joy?
I am blessed and so are you.
I am willing and you can be, too.

I have asked myself and been asked by others," How can you be so fortunate?"

When the twin babies (granddaughters, Lila and Harper), were born, I was happy, busy, creative and providing for my family.
I was focused on my coaching and counseling practice, writing daily, editing publishing my next books, making videos for distribution, offering workshops and retreats both locally and in several states, creating a web site, teaching and spending 15-20 hours/week with Gia at her home and in her classroom.
In our home, I am responsible for providing our daily living expenses, planning and scheduling, travel arrangements, food preparation and home chores, as well as all the activities and administration of Reunion Ministries and Creative Solutions. My life is good, abundant and pregnant with possibilities.

So when I was driving one early morning at 4AM to Gia's home, one hour north of us in Petaluma, a few days after the twin babies arrived, I enjoying, appreciating and smiling on my daughter's new family.
I asked in my heart what we were to offer her. And I heard "Offer her two days a week."
So I went home and shared with Robert.
We are to offer Hilarie and the babies two days/week when she returns to work in the fall.
And he joined with me in saying "Yes." Since the babies were born we are spending 2 or 3 mornings/week with the babies and their Mom now. It will become two fully days in the fall, with an offer to sub or help when there are extraordinary needs. My life continues to be good, abundant and pregnant with possibilities. This summer is dedicated to completing some home, creative and inspired projects, as well as planning for the fall offerings. I have simply reorganized my schedule. I find ways to simplify and be even more efficient.
I give my time, resources and energy to what are my highest Values and priorities and all Good is the outcome.

The choices I make are directed by inner guidance.
The advice I listen to comes from the Highest Wisdom I know.
The Love and wisdom I receive is given to my world comes from the Source within.
The Light and Joy I share has no limit, no condition and no end.

I know listening and following with no fear or hesitation, no judgment or need to understand has been a Godsend to me. Listening and honoring the Voice of God, teaches me and reaches my heart with clarity, compassion and forgiveness for all. I feel loved, blessed and totally provided for simply by listening and following, plus freely sharing all I am given. This is the source of my Abundance, my Peace, my Joy.

Listen within and Trust,
Betty Lue

Friday, July 22, 2005

Honored, Delighted and Awed

The Buddha Prays
We are given gifts of pure Love.
We are blessed with bundles of Joy.
We are honored with packages of potential.
Each one comes to us with its own journey and destination.
Each one is offered from the Perfection of Creation.

How do we treat the children we bear?
How do we respond to their poops and their tears?
What do we sing to their amazing delight?
How do we greet them in the middle of the night?

If you could know, this one a healer, a teacher, a friend,
If you would believe that their Love never ends,
If you would soak up the sunshine they freely share,
If you would respect, appreciate and never compare.

Somehow we offer them our world of worry and thought.
Somehow we give them messages that we are their boss.
Somehow we teach them what we want to forgive and forget.
Somehow we reach them with our judgment and regrets.

Next time you are near to someone so precious,
Next time you pass by One who holds Infinite Love.
Next time you speak to a Child filled with Light.
Next time, give your blessing and make it all Right.

You see, as you honor the holiness in just One.
You have seen in the world, the Father and Son.
You will remember what lives in you in the Still of the night
As you teach all to be awed by these bundles of delight.

Parenting, grand-parenting, blessing, holding, teaching and just smiling at these Holy Ones, our children, is an honor and a blessing to our world.
Just One remembering what is true joins with their minds, so they never forget.
In a world of remembering we will all awaken and be healed.

It is my sacred privilege to be blessed by the Presence of Lila, Harper, Gia and all the innocent ones on this planet. They are our daily Loving Reminders.

Let us not teach them of the world,
But learn from them how to be creative with Joy and share wisdom with Love.

Bless all the children and the innocence within each One of us,
Betty Lue

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Journey of Remembering

Deep with you is everything whole and true and loving.
Beyond the body, the job, the roles you play is your inner Truth.
Underneath the personality, the humanness, the beliefs and attitudes is the unlimited.
Outside of time and space is a reality in which your inner Teacher, your Higher Self commune.

In this physical life of work and play, home and family, activity and rest, we often forget what is forever.
In this world of human experience we lose a sense of what is forever and essentially real.
In this temporary and changing illusion of goals and plans, effort and reward, we focus on the external.
In this learning laboratory of experiential and experimental education, we expect increasing knowledge.

Trying to become is encouraged.
Trying to accomplish is rewarded.
Trying to acquire is expected.
Trying to be somebody and do something and have some wherewith all seems to be our project.

Here we are adding to what we believe is lacking and limited.
Here we are seeking for what we believe is lost or absent.
Here we are fearing we will never achieve health, happiness and success in the world.
Here we are forgetting and covering up our forgetting to remember who we are and why we have come.

To let go is to awaken.
To let go is to return to love.
To let go is to release our efforting.
To let go is to trust.
To let go is to remember.

To let go and be still, we can remember and know.
Everything we need is here and now.
Everything we try to become we already are.
Everything pure and good and true is within me and you.

To be quiet and listen to the wisdom within is where to begin our journey of remembering.
To cease doubting and fearing we can quiet our mind chatter and hear and feel what is real.
To suspend our judgments and comparisons, our reasoning and logic, we simply know the way to go.
To stop the planning and projections, the defenses and mood swings, we feel the peace and joy of being.

We can remember and never forget.
We can find our selves and never get lost.
We can see the compass and always go home.
We can feel the Love surround us and our lives.

We can choose to remember and know the Peace of God,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Moon Changes

Have you noticed changes in emotions, energy and inner vision during moon phases?
The body is primarily water.
Emotions are the water element.
Emotions flow and change like water.
The pull of the moon on water creates internal experiences.
Like the tides change with the moon phases, so our emotions and energy change.

You may have noticed changes in emotional volatility, changes in driving patterns and traffic,
changes in sleep needs, changes in creativity and inspiration, changes in weather, changes in spiritual focus.
Some researchers claim there is no evidence that illness, accidents, births and mental breakdowns are greater during the full moon days.
Those who are in health care identify more emergency room visits, more urgent calls from clients and patients, more activity in hospitals.
In retail businesses and public service there may be more complaining, confusion and chaos.

More importantly, you may have felt changes within yourself, different with each full moon.
Consider that there is an intensification of whatever is your current state.
There may seem to be an exaggeration of fatigue, sorrow, depression, anger or creative energy and joy.
It is my observation that the full moon simply intensifies and expands what is within, so it will be seen.
We can override our emotional and physical state.
The gravitational pull of the moon and its increased light seems to reflect back to us what we must notice with a helpful and healing response.
I encourage myself and all of us to pay attention to what is, respond with respect and kindness and seek the highest truth within.

There are no worries, when we know we are not our bodies. We are not our emotions.
"We are free. Our Essence and Truth remains constant as the Unlimited Love We Are."

Loving you and enjoying the ride in life,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lighthouse Keepers

We are keepers of the Light.
We are reminders of the Love.
We are the ones who have chosen to be here during the good times and the bad.
We chose to keep the light burning during stormy days, when everyone hides inside.
We rise to the need to keep the world awake, when they may be lulled asleep or unaware.

We are called to keep the light blazing even more brightly, when the world seems dark and dangerous.
We are called to believe when others doubt and question.
We are called to seek and see the Good, when others defend against Evil.
We are called to give our best, when others conserve what they have.
We are called to live what we teach when others may be wishing to live.
We are called to love unconditionally, when other recommend that we withhold our Love.
We are inviting our world to remember the light and to extend the love, especially now.

If you are keeper of the Light, how do you care for your Light?
If you are a reminder of Love, how do you remember to love and support you?
How does the keeper of the flame fulfill his function?
Prepared for the times of scarcity, he sustains the light with vision, faith and respect for his role.

When we are lost in the fog of unconsciousness and fear, we may lose our way.
If we are responsible for being the keeper of the Light of Spirit and the Love of Creator, we stay awake.
If we know the world needs us in stormy times, we gather our energy and courage and do the work.
If we honor our function and stay true to our calling, we keep the flame alive and the love extended.

We must stay committed and connected to Source, the generator of hope, faith and Love.
We must stay plugged in and rely on the Eternal Source of Light and Love rather than the worlds' energy.
We must make time to renew my own spirit before trying to keep up with the demands of humanity.
We must learn fill our Spirit with what is needed to be given and remembered in the world.
We must take impeccable care of the Light and Love in ourselves and our inner sanctuary.

To leave Source, to live in the world, to try to get what we need from a limted is foolish .
To abandon our connection with the infinite for the temporary pleasures of the world is depleting.
To forsake our Union with the Eternal Love will render us lonely and needy.
To believe leaving our spiritual wedding for a marriage with human limitations is silly.

The single relationship upon which we can depend for all things good and whole and loving is within.
The single dependency which will benefit us always is our Higher Power.
The single devotion to One Who is all loving, all powerful and all present is on the Divine.
However we name or claim our heritage, from which we have come, we are here to remember this certainty in a temporary and limited and inconsistent world.

Trusting in the remembering,
Betty Lue

Monday, July 18, 2005

I Am Willing

What can I do? I can be willing.
What can I do? I can be happy.
What can I do? I can learn.

When I am not willing to undo everything that is not true and whole and Loving, I am stuck with untruth.
When I am not willing to give my very best, I get stuck with less than the best.
When I am not willing to support others where they are in need, I get stuck feeling unsupported.
When I am not willing to accept others as they are, I am stuck not feeling accepted as I am.
When I am unwilling to play my part, there is an incompletion in what is given.
When I am not willing to contribute and participate, there is a lack of energy, wisdom and love.

When I am unhappy, I create more unhappiness.
When I am unhappy, I justify and teach unhappiness.
When I am unhappy, I am not creative.
When I am unhappy, I focus on what is wrong.
When I am unhappy, I seek to find fault.
When I am unhappy, I get stuck in my emotions.
When I am unhappy, I feel limited, lacking, lost and alone.

When I am not learning, I miss out.
When I am not learning, I am shutting down.
When I am not learning, I limit myself.
When I am not learning, I go backwards.
When I am not learning, I am stuck.
When I am not learning, I think I know it all.
When I am not learning, I am not fully alive.

I am willing to be willing.
I am willing to be happy.
I am willing to learn.
I choose to be a happy willing learner.
Learning comes easily for me when I am happy and willing.
Life is fun, safe and easy when I judge nothing I am learning.
I enjoy my life when I am a happy willing learner.
Nothing is resisted when I am a happy willing learner.
I see all life experiences as blessing and gifts when I am happy and willing to learn.
No matter what happens I prefer to be a happy willing learner.
When I don't know what to be or do, I can choose to be a happy willing learner.

Loving me and learning easily,
Betty Lue

Sunday, July 17, 2005

When Things Aren't Working

When life isn't working for you, you are being called to wakeup, forgive yourself and choose again.
Any and every upset is a wakeup call.

What doesn't work tells us we are off purpose in our thinking, our speaking or our living.
When we choose, we often get attached to our choice rather than be open to the highest and best choice.
When we don't choose, we have made a choice anyway to let outside forces choose for us or to wait.
When we are unhappy, in conflict or fear, we have stepped away from the happy path of peace and love.

It is easy to blame someone else.
It is easy to blame the world.
It is easy to blame Higher Power.
It is easy to blame fate, the weather, your body or the stars.
And then you are stuck, a victim and unable to effect a positive change.
When you blame, you lose energy.
When you blame, you lose freedom.
When you blame, you lose power.
When you blame, you lose creativity.
When you blame, you lose response ability.
When you blame, you lose.
When you blame, life becomes difficult.

It is far more effective to take full responsibility.
It is more powerful to know you can make changes.
It is easier to consult only with yourself.
It is more fun to explore creative solutions.
It is more helpful to ask for support once you choose for the Highest Good.
It is more likely to succeed when you know what your goal is and assess your options.
It is faster to see things differently and choose again.
It is more efficient to own our choices and make changes to respond to changing times.

I see that my life isn't working.
I know I cannot know what is best.
I consult with the Inner Teacher within to choose what would be a better choice.
I listen, trust and follow the Guidance I hear, feel and know.
I forgive my past mistakes.
I release, make amends and complete unfinished business.
I ask for support.
I am grateful that all Good is given me.

When life is not working, you may be on the wrong road, or holding an unloving attitude, or choosing harmful goals or just not learning to stop, look and listen within.
When life is not working, stop and see where you are.
When life is not working, look at what you have chosen and what you have experienced.
When life is not working, ask for clarity in what you want to experience.
When life is not working, support yourself with beneficial attitudes, imagery, environment and people.
When life isn't working thank yourself for seeing it is not highest and best for you and choose again.

I support you in being able and willing to respond by supporting yourself in what works for you.
Betty Lue

Saturday, July 16, 2005

What Is Missing?

Do you fit in this world, as you see it?
Do you belong within your family system?
Have you found someone who knows you, loves you and believes in you?
Do you know why you are here, so you can focus on something of value for you?

There are many philosophies that tell us we are strangers or aliens here.
There are those who believe this is a temporary school of spiritual learning.
There are some who see themselves here to save the world and all humanity.
And you may be one who came to enjoy the ride through life.

Each one and everyone is on a path, a spiritual journey, a mission to find the missing piece.
And we do not know who is completing their learning, in graduate school or getting their Ph.D. in life.
Each one and everyone is on their own unique path.
We can only help one another by following our own path.

When we are looking to fit in or find the "right" path, we may get detoured and distracted.
When we think we have found our own "heaven", suddenly plans may change.
When we know that "This is it!", we may step in a hole unexpectedly.
When we practice to be perfect, we may wake up to see the standards have changed.

For you who read and play with these Loving Reminders, know they are what I am called to share.
There are other sharings and spiritual guidance.
There are many different paths and philosophies.
Along the way you may join with a church or group or teacher that feels right for you.
Then you may outgrow them and become disillusioned or be "pushed out of their nest."
Trust it is all in your own best interest.

Your Essence or Soul or Higher Self is guiding you and directing your learning and life experience.
When you judge, fear or resist the pitfalls and seeming obstacles, you may miss the perfect next step.
When you wakeup and pay attention, you will discover each step is a blessing and a call to stay awake.
When you are willing to be a happy learner and to step conscious, life becomes easier and more fun.

What may be missing may be the perfect mystery and question to motivate and invite your awareness.
What may be missing is the recognition that everyone is searching for what is missing for them.
What may be missing is the realization that the journey and life process is it. There may be ultimate goal.
What may be missing is your appreciation of every experience and every relationship as part of the whole.

You are the missing piece in my life and I am in yours.
Together we are filling in the pieces we do not see on our own.
In our caring and sharing, we can see and enjoy the greater whole.
We are all in this together. We can learn from and with one another.
Let us be grateful and fully enjoy our relationship with all others.

I am loving and blessing us all as One,
Betty Lue

Friday, July 15, 2005

How Do You Love?

Some love by saying affirming words.
Some love by doing kind deeds or acts of service.
Some love by buying gifts.
Some love by spending time.
Some love by giving hugs and kisses.

We all love differently often according to how we feel most loved by others.
How we feel loved is usually determined by the most profound love we experienced as a child.
If we were gently touched and had someone hold our gaze, this may be our preferred form of "loving".
If we were provided for, supported and encouraged, we may love by offering the same to a loved one.

And when we want to be loved, we may look for and even expect our preferred form.
And of course, the one demonstrating their love for us is giving their preferred form to us.
Often the love given is not received, because we are looking for our preferred form or demonstration of Love.
If the one loving us has no experience with being loved, they may flounder and fail at loving us well.

Human "loving" is just this complex, awkward and difficult.
I prefer to trust that everyone is created by Love for the purpose of Loving.
Simply by Being, they are loving.
The withholding of Love is simply forgetting and/or withholding our true nature.

If I am attached to someone loving me a certain way, I will probably be disappointed part of the time.
If I need to have my loving relationships be consistent, steadfast and always giving, I will get hurt.
If I want to receive what I give, I can only count on getting what I am giving.
Everyone has difficult times of illness, depression, sadness and fear, where love is withheld.

I cannot count on being "loved" consistently, if I am looking for "proof" of being loved.
I can count on being loved consistently, when I am loving myself unconditionally.
I can count on being loved always, when I trust my Creator and Source always loves me.
I can count on being loved, when I am willing to remember to look beneath the personality and see the Essence of Love in everyone.
(Everything relationship is either Love or the call for Love.)

Affirmations for you:
I know I am loved.
I know I am loving.

I now choose to see my world and everyone in it as loving.

I now believe that wherever I see lack of love, there is a call for remembering Love.

I know I am loved for doing nothing.

I trust I am blessed by the love of everyone everywhere.

I realize that my love extends to all humanity without cause, expectation or specialness.

I am loving you, because I am fully and freely loving me and freeing all blocks to Love.
Betty Lue

“This is how I am loving the Light in You, the Essence of You!”

Thursday, July 14, 2005

No Assumptions, Please

We want to believe others see what we see.
We want to know others know what we know.
We want to experience we are understood.
We want to have a feeling of belonging, safety and agreement.

Human beings learn from infancy to project our thoughts, feelings and choices onto others.
First, we are imprinted by our parents interpretations of what they experience.
Then we are imprinted by our experiences with nature, playmates, teachers and others.
We often become sensitive to psychic energies, as well as body posture, tone of voice, etc.
From our sensory and intuitive input of billions of pieces of data every millisecond, of which we can only consciously absorb 5-10 bits (they say), we make judgments, comparisons and evaluate.
We make assumptions and draw conclusions about the perceptions, motivations and choices of others and our world.
Usually we are incorrect.
We see what we want to see.
Our mind seeks agreement, so looks for evidence we are right in what we believe.
Our mental process screens out what would make us look bad or vulnerable or different.

Each one sees everything differently.
Each one of us even sees colors differently than others.
Each one sees a piece of the whole picture through judgmental eyes of belief, attitude and past history.
Each one makes up the attitudes, beliefs, motivations, and choices of what is going on for others.
We are wrong about the other.
We cannot know what the other person sees, believes, thinks, feels or the filters they have.

The best we can do is to identify and own our own uniqueness.
The best we can do is to discover and understand our own fears, defenses and motivations.
The best we can do is to admit we don't know, ask what is true and hope the other will communicate.
The best we can do is to create a safe and non judgmental space in which others can discover and share.
The best we can do is to admit when we are projecting.
The best we can do is to forgive ourselves for making up others as the underlying cause of our problems.
The best we can do is stop hoping someone else can see and decide for us.
The best we can do is acknowledge our willingness to learn about ourselves, others and our world.
The best we can do is to be open and willing, accepting and appreciative.

For the first 40 years of my life, I actually believed most people were raised in unconditionally loving homes where they were nurtured and encouraged to grow into their potential, as I was.
I now always recognize the unlimited potential, the enlightened mind and open heart in everyone, and I acknowledge and respect that most people wear filtered perceptions, limiting beliefs and life choices as defenses to protect themselves.
I now see that people keep their shields up, until they come into a space of freedom and trust where they can experiment, explore and discover their own Greatness.
Until we can become the safe and all-loving space where it is safe for others to fully share their journey of Self-discovery, I encourage us to be honest with ourselves about assumptions, projections, judgments, distorted filters, limiting beliefs and our conditional love and acceptance.
Our true work here is not to help others.
It is to help ourselves by clearing our minds of the illusions within our own perception.

Some would say, Let Go and let God.
Some would say, Listen within and allow the One who sees All to guide you in your perceptions and communication.
Some would way, Trust and free yourself and others from thinking you know.
Some would say, Forgive and erase your own mind to find unconditional love and trust.

We are here to unlearn whatever is untrue and unloving, so that we might see and know what is True and Loving.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Inspiration or Depression

Energy moves.
Emotions are naturally energy in motion.
When we judge our emotions, we slow or stop the natural energy flow.
When we name our emotions without love, peace and neutrality we get stuck with what we name.
When we allow the emotional energy to simply flow through like passing clouds or a natural weather pattern, the energy keeps going.

Depression is blocked energy which slows or stops due to our fear, judgment and contracted state.
Depression is withheld energy.
When this energy is held long enough, there is a buildup or backlog of energy pushing for release.
Anger, violence, illness, pain, confusion can be the result.
It seems logical that we then need to flow the energy without judging it.
Physical exercise, creativity, singing, breathing, letting go and forgiveness are all pieces of effective flow.

Inspiration or the taking in of Spirit "breath", as in respiration, is the breathing or flow of life energy.
As we allow ourselves to breathe in new life energy, we feel renewed and revitalized.
As we let go of the blocks and withholds of love "energy", we feel fulfilled at a deeper level.
As we let love in and breathe love out into our world, we feel at one with the energy of life.
Where we withhold our energy and our love, we feel the lack of life with the accompanying contraction and fear.
Where we are blocked with fear, contraction, withholding, judgments, we feel depressed, slowed down, not fully alive and enthusiastic.

Often people become accustomed to this depressive state because it is part of their lifetime experience.
Often people use anger and resentment to push out the blocks temporarily.
Often people make excuses for the absence of ease and flow of love in their lives.
Often people prefer to continue doing what they have always done.

I am inviting you to be inspired.
I am encouraging you to fully and freely breathe.
I am guiding you to Love everyone, everywhere all the time.
I am inviting you to be the inspiration you are.

As you remember to extend only Love, you will be renewed, more alive, more connected and at peace.
As you remember to be inspired and to give inspiration, you will observe the world around you change.
As you remember to be the breathing and living source of Love, you will receive the Gift you give.
As you remember the Light which only you can shine, you will be the enlightenment right where you are.

Inspire yourself or depress yourself with your thoughts.
Criticism or blessing?
Worry or trust?
Doubt or faith?
Resentment or forgiveness?

Inspire or depress yourself with what you ingest.
Read bad news or good inspiration?
Study problems or solutions?
Eat processed dead unhealthy foods or fresh healthy live food?
Listen to painful angry lyrics or harmonious inspiring music?

Inspire or depress yourself with where and how you live and work.
Cluttered, dark surroundings or beautiful, harmonious environments?

Consider what you give yourself everyday and find a better way.
Betty Lue
"I am choosing the best I know for me and you."

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Commit to Your Best

Are you committed to comfort or to excellence?
Are you going for wealth or worth?
Are you living your highest potential or mediocrity?
Are you drawn to be impeccable or fallible?

Do you use the excuse of being "only Human"?
Are you afraid to step up and lead the way?
Do you play small and inadequate to be invisible?
Are you about just making it through or are you about making something of your life?

Are you proud of your willingness to learn and grow?
Are you content with your forgiveness of mistakes?
Are you grateful for what you have achieved?
Do you feel confident and pleased with yourself and your life?

It may be out of favor to be your best.
It may be fashionable to dress sloppy and informal.
It may be "cool" to have an attitude of disrespect and irresponsibility.
It may be true that adolescence now lasts until 30+ years.

Why are we supporting laziness?
Why do we pamper the unwilling?
Why do we encourage not caring?
Why do we let our children just get by?

We need inspiration.
We need strength and courage.
We need authentic leadership.
We need to give our best in all our relationships.
We need to remember our value by seeing it in action.
We need to give for the joy of giving rather than to get in return.
We need to see for excellence and mastery.
We need to better ourselves and our lives though constant growth.
We need to appreciate those who step forward and achieve excellence.
We need to value those who love and serve and make a difference.
We need to teach out children respect, responsibility and cooperation.
We need to lead by example and serve those who practice what they teach.

Let us recommit to give the best we have by support the best within ourselves.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, July 11, 2005

Value What You Have

If you have it, value it.
If you are experiencing lack in your life, choose gratitude instead.
If you are wishing for something different, appreciate the experience you are giving yourself.
If you have believed you are not enough, then appreciate the choice for holding back.

Trust that all you have chosen to be, to do and to have, have been perfect in the time of their choice.
Trust that when you have fully valued your choices, you can and will easily and naturally choose again.
Trust that the Universe supports you in your thinking, your feelings and your activities.
Trust that you have within you Abundance, Magnificence and Limitless Freedom of Choice.

You are more than you know because you are not ready to accept all that you are.
You have more than you know because you hide your power and your potential from yourself.
You can do more because you believe you can only do the little you know.
You are not yet willing to take full responsibility without guilt or blame.

Yes, when we judge what we have and who we are, we get stuck in the experience.
When we appreciate, value and receive the gift of what we have and who we are, we are free to choose.
The fastest easiest and more enjoyable way to live life always growing and expanding our consciousness is to validate and appreciate our present experience.
The way to get stuck is to avoid, criticize, resist and try to get rid of what we no longer want.

Valuing what you have enhances both the One who is valuing and what is valued.
Appreciating who you are increases your self knowledge, willingness and freedom to expand.
Enjoying life as it is releases attachment and wishes and opens the way to experience the joy in life.
What you are perceiving, you strengthen.
What you resist and avoid, you increase.
Wherever you place your attention and energy expands.
Your energy and mental focus create.
So choose to focus on gratitude, wholeness, ease and abundance.

Choose to remember to trust in the abundant Love you are.
Share this Love fully and freely with every breath and experience the world of expansive Love you create.

I value you. I value me.
I value Love being given endlessly.
Betty Lue

Off to the Zoo and Fairyland with Grandpa and Gia.
We will see the baby girls and other fun stuff.
Tonight is the Leadership class beginning at Unity. 7-9PM

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Human Desire

"Another shortcoming of desire is that it leads to so much that is undesirable."
Lama Zopa Rinpoche, "The Door to Satisfaction"

The word "de sire" means from the Father.
From spiritual perspective, all desire must come from our Inner Voice, the call to live more spiritually.
Listen within and ask only for the Highest Good, God's Will.

Human desire feeds our physical and emotional neediness with what we make up will numb the pain, fill the lack or make us feel whole again. Human desire leads to craving and addiction, the habit of covering up our separation from our whole and Holy Self. Human desire is to stop what hurts and make us feel good, if only temporarily. Often alcohol and drugs, TV and video games, working and raging, sex and violence, are temporary escapes from the pain of living off purpose, with meaningless work, unhappy relationships and no source of real guidance and Love.

Our addictive culture is avoiding the real problem, separation for Self and from Source.
As we spiral into the hell of our own avoidant behavior and habitual cover-up, we lose consciousness and fall into the oblivion of endless days and empty nights.
Some choose illness and death.
Some choose chasing dreams of wealth and power.
Some choose getting high in diverse forms.
Some choose doing harm and causing pain.
Some choose mental despair and emotional drama.
Some choose endless seeking and not finding.
Some choose moving and changing, novelty and diversity.
Some choose God and religion.
Some choose service and contribution.
Some choose peace and love for all.
Some choose to wakeup, forgive the errors and choose again.

Whatever you use or choose, take responsibility for your choice and your experience.
Whatever you use or choose, be clear it is what you value and support.
Whatever you use or choose, notice you are teaching everyone in your world.
Whatever you use or choose, know you are passing on your legacy and leading your children.
Whatever you use or choose, know you can choose again at any time for what is best for you.

Desire, addiction, habit, compulsions and obsession are merely covers for inner pain and separation from your authentic self. To come home to the Real You will lead you to happiness, freedom and inner peace.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Human Life for a Spiritual Being

Do I have Pain and Problems?
How could I understand and speak to so many issues without knowing worldly stuff?
How could I respond to my fellow travelers without traveling the journey myself?

Yes, I lived for several years in a state of grace…with peace and joy in my heart and mind.
Yes, I have known a connection with the pure consciousness of God, with no fear.
Yes, I have given myself, all my belongings and my whole life to the Highest good.
Yes, I have known all the human emotions in doses from huge to minimal.
Yes, I have experienced family and physical issues periodically.
Yes, I have created a life which supports my remembering to Love.
Yes, I eat much organic vegetables and whole grains, no preservatives or artificial additives.
Yes, I lived in my own ideal world, "ivory tower", as a monk in a monastery with no media, etc.
Yes, I have explored and experimented with diverse lifestyles; from traditional to ascetic and mystic.
Yes, I have, for most of my life, used no alcohol or other drugs, illegal or prescription.
Yes, I have sought and found many ways to use my mind to live in harmony and happiness.
And Yes, I have known betrayal, infidelity, near death, life-threatening violence, ostracism, immobilizing pain, paralyzing fear, bankruptcy, food stamps, dark night of the soul, being overweight and underweight, health and family concerns, and worry about financial security.

However, what keeps me sane is remembering I am loved, deeply and profoundly by my Creator.
With this knowledge (not just a belief), I know I am loved I love, by All life and nature.
I can go to the trees and they give me solace and comfort, as they remind me of Who and Whose I AM.

When times feels dark and difficult:
I just keep things moving.
I keep looking for the light.
I seek for ease.
I look for the opening and flow.
I let go of what is hard and scary.
I turn away from the closed doors and find the open ones.
I open my eyes wide and look beneath the apparency and beyond the challenge or obstacle.
I seek happiness , harmony and peace.
I choose to be happy and give up needing to be right.
I ask for spiritual guidance rather than worldly advice.
I choose inner authority rather than outer experts.
I seek and find always to remember the loving way.
I request of my whole self that I free myself from the traps and illusions of the world.
I remind myself to trust in all that is whole and Holy, good and Godly.

I am having a human experience, just the same as you.
I have chosen not to live on a mountain top or live in a cave or monastery.
I am living in the world, experiencing the challenges of remembering Truth in a sea of unconsciousness.
I am an inspired and inspiring Spiritual Being.
I am here to walk in the world, remembering I Am not of the world.

And so it is for You, Dear One.
You and I are spiritual sojourners.
We are reminders, as we remember.
We are teachers, as we demonstrate.
We are leaders, as we lead by example.
We are a blessing one to another.

With gratitude and respect.
Betty Lue

Friday, July 08, 2005

You Have Time

You have time for what really matters.
You have resources for what serves your highest Good.
You have energy to do what is yours to do.

When we gratefully let go of what we no longer value,
When we stop spending on what does not serve our Good,
When we relinquish duties and responsibilities that are not ours to do,
We always have the time, energy and resources for what brings us Joy.

The Universe, Divine Supply, God's Unlimited Abundance, provides for what is given us to be and do.
We tend to want to make things happen, to do life our way and to choose what we "think" is good for us.
We learn to listen to outside authority, parents, books, teachers and other beings who tell us their way.
We forget there is a Guide and Resource within each one that know the best foods, the best home, the best work, the best gifts, the best creations, the best ways to love and be loved.

The Spirit of Abundant Life would choose more simplicity, more honesty, more innocence, more playfulness, more freedom and more trust.
The Spirit of Joy in Living would invite us to a happier and more peaceful way to live.
The Spirit of Ease and Creation would call us to a vision of happy creations which we appreciate.
The Spirit of Goodness and Wellness would say seek only that which is what you value. Forget the rest.

As I rewrite the schedule of my daily life, I notice there is always time for what I value and enjoy doing, when I let go of what is no longer as important.

Currently we have two days +/weekly for Robert and I to be with the twin girls now ten weeks old.
It is a blessing to us all. Present Moment living and loving. We love to help out in the household with laundry, lunch, shopping, organizing and cleaning, plus being with the babies for feedings and play, walks everyday. Gia is with her Mom more this summer, but she will spend a few days with us, when her schedule allows, and more time again in her classroom when school begins again August 24. There is time for family gatherings, time for finishing my web site and editing the healing books for the publisher,
time for beautifying our home, more photos and creative projects, eating fresh organic vegetables and fruit smoothies, and exercise while we watch Tour De France cycling and favorite tennis tournaments.
There is blessed time with my clients, three afternoons and Sundays in my office, two classes each week and phone coaching on Tuesdays and by appointment. There is plenty of time for walking and swimming, reading and writing and always extending the love and appreciation I feel for all of you, my spiritual friends and loving reminders.

Plenty of time to remember Love,
Betty Lue

Thursday, July 07, 2005


What are problems, but events we judge?
What are dilemmas, but concerns about which we have conflict?
What are troubles, but those things over which we worry?
What are arguments, but those areas in which we need to win over others?
What are tragedies, but those experiences in which we see suffering and not the blessing?

Have you yet perceived that your viewpoint creates your experience?
Recently I had an opportunity to worry.
This is not a usual use of my thoughts and emotions, so I was worried about worrying.
I used my change or unusual behavior to wake me up to stop, look and listen within.
I noticed that the quality of my life diminished with the worrying.
I observed that I enjoyed life only when I suspended the worries.
I realized that my happy and trusting experience of my whole life was blanketed with grey.
I acknowledged that I could choose another way, a happier way.

More importantly, I was willing to admit that worrying greatly diminished my capacity to change.
Worrying itself interfered with creative thinking and problem-solving.
Worrying clouded my vision, sapped my faith, depleted my determination and slowed my action.
Worrying seemed to circle back on itself, ever generating more to worry about.
Worrying itself was a loop of endless thinking, judging, analyzing, internal agitation.
Worrying seemed to be a form of mental self stimulation.
Worrying seems to be sticky and addictive.

It appears that many serious adults have the habit of endless worrying.
They value worrying as a form of commitment to right outcome
They often justify their behavior by seeing it as loving and caring.
I have learned through my experiment that it goes nowhere and accomplishes little.

What I prefer is to do what I can do now and let the rest go.
I prefer to extend trust and peace into my world and allow for a moment of creative silence.
I prefer to believe in the intrinsic karmic fairness of our universal learning school.
I prefer to see life as righting itself, doing my part and enjoying the learning experience.
I prefer love over fear, forgiveness over judgment, happiness over worry and peace over conflict.
I prefer to seek solutions and practice living in the most effective way I know.
I prefer playing my part with gratitude, respect and open-mindedness.
I prefer forgiving myself, loving all and seeking the blessing within what is.

I know where I place my attention and intention, therein lies the treasure, blessing and optimum result.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Easy Way

Life can be fun, safe and easy.
Do you realize how you make life difficult?
Are you willing to find the easy way?

Are you attached to challenges, trials and tribulations?
Is suffering and martyrdom the way to heavenly rewards?
Does our Creator, Universal Parent want us to struggle?

Are you a believer in "no pain, no gain"?
Do you look for problems and find them?
Is your focus on disaster or delight?

Unconsciously much of our culture and religious heritage believes in pain.
I believe in happiness.
Many people believe life is a serious business which requires emotional intensity.
I believe in fun and play.
Some suggest that caution is required to avoid the pitfalls and difficulties.
I believe in the spontaneity and trust that come from joy within.

To stop blocking the fun, safe and easy path:
Let go of control.
Realize you can only control yourself, your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
Stop worrying.
Let go of this unhappy habit which leads no where.
Give up judging and comparing.
You fatigue yourself, slow the process and someone always loses.
Relinquish wishing and wanting.
Attachment to desires is the road to unhappiness and suffering.

To experience life as happier, safer and easier:
Trust your heart to know.
Listen within to the inner voice of Joy and Love.
Do what comes naturally.
Smile. Laugh. Love. Give. Appreciate what is right here and now.
Change your mind.
Learn how to turn on a positive attitude and practice daily.
Focus on the Good.
See the blessings in the rising sun, running water, helpful people, being alive.

You can choose to live on a path of happiness and watch the world learn with you.
You can choose to experience inner peace and offer a safe place of loving and letting go to others.
You can choose to flow with what is because it is simply easier than resisting and causing pain.
You can choose. Your experience of life is yours to choose.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, July 04, 2005

Freedom and Responsibility

With freedom comes responsibility.
Total responsibility creates real freedom.
One is incomplete without the other.

To be free we must take full ownership of our choices and our circumstances.
To be free we must know what it is to use well all that we have.
To be free we must give our best to all relationships and circumstances.
To be free is to be able and willing to respond to whatever life offers.

People cry for freedom.
People often resist responsibility.
If people would assume more responsibility, they would experience more freedom.
When we give freedom without responsibility, we are asking for disaster.
Today's young people are not prepared for freedom, if they have not been given responsibility.

Freedom of choice or free will is only valid and valued, when the chooser is fully responsible for the outcome.

We are free to treat our body however we like.
Are we willing to be totally responsible for our health?

We are free to spend our money on whatever we wish.
Are we willing to be totally responsible for our wealth?

We are free to vote, pay taxes and provide political support according to our beliefs.
Are we willing to be responsible for our government’s strategic focus?

We are free to live and work wherever we decide.
Are we willing to be responsible for not giving our best to where we are?

We are free to choose our mate and how we teach our children to behave.
Are we willing to be responsible for the quality of our relationships?

We are free to purchase and own whatever we value.
Are we willing to be wholly responsible for taking impeccable care of our home, clothes, car and belongings?

When we are responsible, we are able to respond, to give our best, to whatever we experience.
When we are responsible, we respect the gift of life and all creation.
When we are responsible, we feel appreciative of what we have, do and give.
When we are responsible, we take impeccable care of ourselves and our creations.
When we are responsible, we release all blame, criticism, regret and guilt.
When we are responsible, we easily make corrections and constantly expand our vision and views.
When we are responsible, we take time to respect other's viewpoints by listening openly.
When we are responsible, we express ourselves honestly and respectfully.
When we are responsible, we see others as equally able and encourage responsibility.
When we are responsible, we trust in freedom with responsibility.

There are no victims here….only volunteers.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, July 03, 2005


What is your "truth"?
What is mine?

Is there a "truth" upon which we both can agree?
Perhaps we will find a formless "Truth" which we both believe is true.

Each one perceives according to what he/she believes.
Each one believes according to what he/she conceives.
Our conceptions come from learning, programming, habits, history and the great mystery of life.
Each one sees the world and everything in it differently.

So how can we ever agree?
To argue is futile.
Arguing is asking the other to give up.
Arguing invites loss for the loser.
Arguing tells you that you are wrong, faulty and mistaken.
Arguing says you don't know and I do know what is true.

The best we can do is to say what is true for us.
The best we can do is to invite the other to see through our filters of judgment, fear and learned values.
The best we can do is to ask what is true for the other.
The best we can do is to request understanding the other's point of view by gathering more information.
The best we can do is to choose peace and understanding.
The best we can do is to know we see only one piece of the hologram.
The best we can do is to relinquish winning the disagreement.
The best we can do is to seek what is for the highest good where no one loses.
The best we can do is to focus on unity and where we agree.
The best we can do is to accept peace without conflict.
The best we can do is to choose joy and not pain and love without fear.

When we choose for what we really value….
To forgive and let go.
To listen and learn.
To love and unite.
To bless and prosper.

The Truth dawns on us.
The Truth is not form or function.
It is not substance or winning.
The Truth is experience and presence.
The Truth is what is real beneath all rhetoric, argument, judging and fear.
Truth is the choice for what is truly valued.

Loving you in knowing and having Truth as you know it,
Betty Lue

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Ideal Relationships

So many are seeking their ideal, when they do not value what they have.
So many believe they are without, when they do not look within.
So many judge what is not there, when they cannot see what is.
So many compare what others have, when they do not value themselves.

Your ideal comes not from wishing for something more, but for idealizing what you have.
Your ideal is found within yourself, rather than seeking for an external to complete you.
Your ideal is earned when you have ceased to chase a myth and enjoy what is experienced.
Your ideal is ever changing as you grow and gain an expansive view of reality.

This world invites us to vision and manifest.
If you do not see and accept what you have already manifested for yourself, how can you expand your vision?
See your dreams and be grateful.
See your children and be content.
See your achievements and be pleased.
See your travels and be happy.
See your health and be thankful.
See your wealth and be comfortable.
See your problems and trust.
To see what you have created is the way to learn and earn an expanded awareness of what you do and what is true.

Remember what you think, both consciously and unconsciously create.
Each thought, belief, attitude, memory shapes what you perceive.
And in turn you may allow each perception to generate what you think.
Every thought is communicated.
"This is not OK with me." And it won't be.
"I am never enough." And you will be.
"I want something more or different." And you will go on wanting.
"How can I ever get what I deserve?" and you are left with the eternal question.

What you say generates response and teaches your world.
Every word is heard, vibration, intention and emotion.
This too creates an experience in people, plants, all life and the Universal Force, as well as reinforces what is in you.
What you do and say with love and joy begets more love and joy.
What you do and say with caution and defensiveness creates more of the same.

As we grow in consciousness and spirituality, we are more capable and responsible for being happy willing learners and choosing what is for the highest Good.
As we gain respect and take responsibility for ourselves and our lives we cooperate with the Universe and live by spiritual principles.
As we learn how to vision and manifest by appreciating our creations, we earn the power to choose again with respect and full responsibility without judgment for what we have.

This is a fail safe world in which each of us is here to learn to take full conscious responsibility by being a happy willing learner.
This is spiritual kindergarten and elementary school.
Let us easily learn from all we have though, said and done and simply choose to live in appreciation and open-mindedness for what we have and give and believe.

I am grateful for this manifest world on which I can see my creations.
I am open and willing to learn.
I take full responsibility for my whole life and respect my learning process.
I am happy with what I have created and fully enjoy the fruits of my vision.
It is in this I realize the potential and power of my thoughts, words and deeds.

Loving you in realizing what is true.
Betty Lue

Remember: Blame and guilt teach you and others powerlessness and victimization.

Friday, July 01, 2005

What Others Think of You

What others think of you is none of your business.
What you think of you is what matters.

What others believe about you is insignificant.
What you believe about yourself and your life inspires or discourages you.

How others see you is, at the best, the highest way they see themselves or the worst they know within.
How you see yourself keeps you learning, healing and growing or quitting on yourself.

How others respect and treat you is a reflection of their own self care and must not offend you.
How you respect and treat yourself teaches others how to respect and treat themselves.

You are unlimited.
Your past cannot define you unless you so choose.
Your mistakes do not hold you back unless you let them.
Your current relationships, education and finances cannot block your potential, unless you so allow.
You are free and unlimited to create the image, expression and lifestyle you choose.
You are only limited by the definitions you have chosen to believe and accept.

Your denial of others' opinions and projections is a powerful protective device.
You can choose to let go of worldly opinion now
Know that you are whole, creative and free in this and every moment.
Choose your attitude, emotions, state of health and life path that serves your highest good.
Let go of allowing anyone to limit you. Forgive yourself for limiting yourself.
Be free and know you are magnificent, abundant, and limitless.

Forgive yourself for limiting anyone with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and opinions.
Give your best to see the best in all that is.

It is so for you and all creation.
Loving you,
Betty Lue