Thursday, November 29, 2007

Love the Little Children

Every time we love one child, we are loving them all. Love the one you are with.
Every time we enjoy one sunrise, we are enjoying all sunrises.
Every time we say one kind word, we are saying kind words to everyone and to ourselves.
For in each precious present moment, all is given and received in love.

Giving our best does not mean buying gifts of great value.
Giving our best does not mean winning prizes or approval.
Giving our best does not mean doing it better than others have done.
Giving our best means generously and joyfully giving our authentic selves with loving kindness.

We can have faults and make mistakes.
We can have the appearance of physical and mental limitations.
We can be living on the streets or in a corporate tower.
It matters not.
Giving our best is loving ourselves, our Source and others with genuine trust and freedom.

How you spend today is your choice.
In prayer, in praise, in competition, in sales, in relaxation, in creation,
It matters not so much what you do as it does the intention of your living.
Set your intention. State the mission and purpose for your whole life.
Know who you are and where you are and why you are there.
Trust in the perfection of chance encounters as well as long time associations.
Give your best to each and everyone, leaving no one out.
For you see, each one is the One who is sent to you as teacher and student, as family and friend.
Each one is the perfect One in which you can remember the Love you are and why you came.

In this moment, give thanks that you are who you are.
Give thanks that you are where you are.
Give thanks for those who are with you on this sacred journey.
Trust that today will be a new day to find your true self and to give your best.

Loving you as I love each one and everyone,
Betty Lue

Today we are off for a three day adventure with three cherubs: Harper, Lila and Beckett.
The twin girls are 31 months old and their brother Beckett is 13 months old. While Beckett is crawling and being carried, he weighs the same as his sisters. Robert and I will be having the fun and the work of grand-parenting them, while Mom and Dad have a 3 day respite and mini-vacation. We will be home at our desks on Sunday, so please call (800-919-2392) if you need to reach us quickly. Loving you all.

Sharing a stool this summer.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fear Binds the World

Fear Binds the World.
Forgiveness Sets It Free.
(from ACIM)

What this means is that when we are afraid we contract in our bodies and in our minds.
Our physiology is constricted and the flow of life energy, breath, digestion, circulation, etc, is limited.
Our thinking becomes distorted and our creative thinking is diminished.
The fear of judgment, anger, regret, hurt, sorrow, resentment and bigotry shut down thinking and action.

It is forgiveness, an eraser filled with love, that opens the flow.
When you forgive your fear and those who taught you fear, you open the flow of healing energy.
With forgiveness, you see the world with Love and trust, seeing beneath the surface appearance.
When you see the world with forgiving eyes, you see the love and goodness and beauty.

With true forgiveness comes a greater light to see what is needed.
We are called to extend more light and love to those places in which there is lack and limitation.
We are free without judgment and fear to give what is being asked of us.
We trust that love freely given will heal and reveal what has been hidden and blocked.

When we shut down our inner sight and insight with prejudice, past history, pain, guilt and resentment,
We cannot perceive the truth of what is and our creative response is diminished.
Judgment and fear distort what is perceived, revealing a reflection of the call for healing from within.
Whenever we are upset or afraid, we have lost our trust in the revelation of Good.

Forgiveness reveals God, the intrinsic Goodness in All That Is.
Let us commit to forgive the world we see, forgive everything and everyone, including ourselves.
In our forgiveness our perception is healed and the True Creation of Love is revealed.
This is our function here, to clear the fear.

Loving you and me,
Betty Lue

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thank You

Wow! Thank you God! Thank you Good! Thank you One and All!

The more we appreciate all that is good and beautiful and loving, the more we notice, receive and give.
Appreciation Increases. Criticism and worry contract and limit.

My concluding list of simple points to be applied to many difference circumstances for abundant living:

No worry. No criticism. No arguing.
No waste. Use it all or don’t buy it.
Establish a step by step plan and follow it.
Set policies of fairness and effectiveness and live by them.
Borrow nothing and use no credit cards (unless you can pay it off easily and quickly).
Save for what matters most and give to what inspires and motivates you. FIRST.
Live on what is left.
Spend only on what you need. (Wants are for special rewards and when there is plenty.)
Wait at least 24 hours before indulging in what you “want”. (Ask if still want to pay the price.)
When debts are paid, give yourself and family members a small allowance for pleasure. (less that 1%)
Forgive at quickly as possible when mistakes are made.
Appreciate every penny earned or received.
Be conscious of every penny spent or given or saved.
Let your earning and spending habits be healed and changed with conscious attention and appreciation.

Money is a symbol for security, freedom, power, achievement, prestige, respect, acquisition, control or philanthropy. Be creative in finding a better way to create the same experience without depending on $$.

Homework Exercise:
How much have you earned in your life time?
How much have you spent and saved?
How much do you really “Need” to live simply?
Knowing what you know now what would you do differently?
Can you make the decision to learn from your experience and make changes now?

Loving you in remembering:
Life is for giving. You are the gift.
It is in giving the gift of your whole self that you recognize the Gift you are.
We are gifts to one another when we remember.

Don’t be tempted to think that money or material things are the measure of your worth.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, November 25, 2007

“Having Rests on Giving”

This quote comes form a Course in Miracles.
It reminds us that what we sow, we reap.
What we give, we receive.

And It is my call to remember:
Life is for giving.
And we are the gifts, one to another.
It is in giving that we realize the Gift of God and Good we are.

It is in giving that we receive the gift of our own innate Goodness.
The God in us expresses in our unconditional and joyful abundant giving.

I come from a long heritage of volunteering and giving.
Small town folks taking care of their neighbors and farmers caring for their farmhands, community members actively leading and contributing to church, school, and civic projects for the community.
And in my life I was called “mommy’s Little Helper from under one year of age.
I learned to walk early because my Mom’s was pregnant with my baby brother.
I helped her with diapers and other little girl chores with pride and joy, because I could.
Throughout my life, cooking, cleaning, doing errands and being of assistance has strengthened my sensitivity, caring and ability to know what might be most helpful to others.
I know I am capable of doing whatever is needed with the help and guidance of God.

“With God’s will and our willingness, all things are possible.” And so it is we come to believe.
We strengthen our faith through being willing to give ourselves selflessly, recognizing that the Greater Self, the One Son of God, the circle of spiritual Union, is experienced in the giving.
“We give but to ourselves.”

In my life I began volunteering in my family, with neighbors and my parents friends.
I volunteered with Girl Scouts and church Group for years.
I opened a free in home preschool for a few children and my own.
I volunteered 40 hours/week in the local school district when my children went to kindergarten.
Almost half of my work as therapist, minister and teacher is volunteering or donated to those people and places to which I am guided to give. I see my life as given to me to be given to all.

“To have All, give All to All.” Is a theme from ACIM that leads my life.
For me it means remembering to give the eternal gifts of Love and Joy and Peace.
Being grateful for what is given is the key to always have more than enough to give.
When we are grateful (not resentful), the gifts increase for giver and receiver.

Remember that we need give nothing that “costs” us.
True gifts “cost” nothing, and give everything that is real and good and whole.

“God lover a cheerful giver.”
“And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that you may always have enough of everything and may provide in abundance for every good work.” II Corinthians 9:8

Loving you abundantly,
Betty Lue

Friday, November 23, 2007

Full Moon, Full Month and Full Tummy!

Fabulous fun and spiritual family gathered to play and laugh and eat and love and remember.
Food was excellent, since I made everything except biscuits from scratch.
Turkey dressing, cranberry sauce, gravy and mashed potatoes, yams, and green bean casserole, tossed salad, beautiful biscuits, and pumpkin pie, chocolate cream pie, apple crisp and whipped cream for dessert.

Full moon is today.
The light of the Sagitarrius fire gives us a higher vision and purpose.
The fullness of family and feasting creates such a sense of our prosperity.
The coming days of possible busyness preparing for the holidays can distort our perception with stress or open our eyes to how much we have to appreciate.

Today and everyday is an opportunity to give more.
We need nothing, but to realize our own abundance.
We need nothing, but to extend peace around the world.
We need nothing, but to love and share our many gifts.

The table is set.
Life is full of possibilities, gifts, choices and Goodness.
We are to choose wisely what to take for ourselves and what to share with others.
It is the time to let go of unconsciousness, selfishness and false neediness.
We can choose to give everything we do not need to those who do.

What would it take to buy less or not at all this year?
What and to whom could you give that is would benefit all?
Heiffer Project benefits an entire village and country and world.
Doctors without Borders have a food that in days saves starving children.
Habitat for Humanity builds housing for and with the homeless around the world.
In your local communities fgive to food pantrys and those places that give all they receive.
I applaud those all volunteer orgs with little or no overhead, giving all to those in need.

I love you and bless you always in all ways.

Each one of us is making a difference in each encounter.
As you shop, you bless.
As you cook, you bless.
As you give, you bless.
As you receive, you bless.
As you sing, you bless.
As you work, you bless.
As you rest, you bless.
As you create, you bless.

Life is a blessing as we remember it is.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

Love is given in being grateful.
How can we not be appreciative of this amazing life.
How can we not remember the Power and Source beyond what we can see?
How can we not give praise and thanksgiving for the Goodness and Love that Is?

Let us remember that all things, seeming different in size, value and scope, are all to be appreciated.
I appreciate education and libraries and books, and research and teachers and universities.
I appreciate cleanliness, our garbage men ,incinerators, dumps, recycling and janitors and maids.
I appreciate the environment with horticulturists, bird watchers, naturalists, Green Peace and more.
I appreciate our homes, with sound roofs, walls, insulation, windows, floors, kitchens and bathrooms.
I appreciate the builders, workman, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, contractors, landscapers.
I appreciate transportation with cars, trucks, buses, trains, planes, bicycles, boats and helicopters.
I appreciate families, parents, grandparents, step parents, single parents, foster and adoptive parents.
I appreciate children of all ages and sizes and shapes and abilities and differences and difficulties.
I appreciate helpers, doctors, , nurses, practitioners, hospital and lab workers, holistic and traditional.
I appreciate our stores with fun and beautiful stuff and food and furnishings and clothing and such.
I appreciate all who are employed in factories, stores, corporations, government agencies and all.
I appreciate al the entrepreneurs and self employed who dare to risk and try new things for Good.
I appreciate all the givers, volunteers and philanthropists, benefactors and contributors.
I appreciate everyone and everything as it all gives me the opportunity to remember to give LOVE!

You see, I appreciate it all.
Everyone and everything is the best expression of our co-creative venture here on Planet Earth.
As we give thanks, so we awaken and become every more creative in how to benefit all.
If we criticize, we distract and distort the Real work and limit our creative potential.
So today I choose to emphasize, Now is the time to give thanks for it all.

Let Gratitude increase awareness, so we can improve, undo and make true what is Good for everyone.
It is You today that I am grateful for.
Without you in my life, these Loving Reminder would never have come to pass.
They are a great gift to me and to and for All.

So very grateful for the gift of giving what is given to me,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Meaningful Holidays

How can you make this Thanksgiving the most meaningful you have ever experienced?

No matter whether you are with family, friends, serving others or by yourself, you can make this year full of genuine appreciation and thanksgiving.

You are the gift in life. Your life, your thoughts and prayers, your words, written and spoken you deeds of loving kindness and generosity all create the world you see and the experiences you have.

When you care for yourself with full appreciation for the eyes that see beauty, the feet that carry you to new places, the hands that offer loving touch and the senses that enjoy a good meal YUM!, you realize the blessing of your life.

When you care for another with total devotion and unconditional love, you begin to know the Love of God for all Creation and the miracle of our human family.

When you do the spiritual work of forgiveness, healing prayer, acts of anonymous service, gifts of joyful kindness and living within your own ethical boundaries, you feel the power of the Presence always.

When you sing songs of gratitude and praise to the creator, with gay abandon and lift your mind to thoughts of Creating Good everywhere for everyone, you know the Joy of total trust.

When you give each moment to loving service, giving your best and clearing the rest with respect for all beings and all life, you begin to feel connected, At One with all that is.

When you remember there is only Love, beneath the garbage of mis-creation and unconscious collecting of what is not essential and not eternal, You realize your life is merely to undo what is not true.

How can the holidays be more meaningful this year?
Bring meaning to them through you prayers of gratitude, your words of genuine appreciation and your acts of loving service.

Expect nothing in return and you will not be disappointed.
For you are here to receive the gracious gift of the Love you give.
Give the best to everyone, no matter what.
And your harvest will be the joy and confidence, the peace and serenity that come from Giving All.

Life is for giving.
You are the gift.
It is in giving that you realize the Gift of God’s Goodness you are.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, November 19, 2007

Allowing Change

Letting go with ease is the key to a healing and transformative life of fulfillment and joy.
Thanksgiving is traditionally a time of celebrating the Goodness in life.
When we are receiving the harvest of the best in our lives with gratitude, we see the bounty and the blessings.

Appreciating the abundance of all that has been created by Goodness, I see how much can be undone, simplified, shared and given away.
And so it is, I begin to release everything that is not being used for Goodness sake.
The stuff in storage, in cupboards and drawers, the clothes unworn for the the last year,
the furniture that sits without purpose or function, all can be released to someone or somewhere with a need.

Simplifying life’s stuff makes way for open spaces.
It gives breathing room for time and energy to create new perspective, to rearrange one’s life to create more order and ease.
Modifying the external life allows for the amplification and attendance to one’s inner life.
It is in letting go of what is unnecessary, unused and no longer valued that we discover the value, beauty and inspiration of what remains.

And when we let go, let us give to the homeless, the children in foster care, those in need.
We can include those who are alone, those who are bereft or someone who needs cheer, at our table.

When all is said and done, it feels important to release what is not valuable so that we can see what is.
When we sit at our table for Thanksgiving this year, let us truly acknowledge and appreciate everyone.

Let us acknowledge those present openly and sincerely, with kindness and gratitude.
Let us remember in times of thanksgiving to give our best and create more of the same.
Let us not forget or withhold our deepest feelings of gratitude and prayers of healing and love.
Let us this year say it all, as though there were no next year.
Let us this year remember those who have gone before.
Let us this year give thanks for the ones who worked to grow and harvest the food.
Let us this year give sincere appreciation to the one’s who earn the money and prepare the food.
This year can be the beginning of our real expression of Love for those in our lives who provide.

Allowing change within will change what we experience outside in our lives.
Allowing change in our environment will open the space for enrichment in our inner spiritual life.
Allowing change is the condition for peace for the constant letting go in our physical world.

Remember all things change in this world.
Everything has a time, a season, a moment and then it always changes.
To cling to any moment will create the pain of letting go when change comes.
To appreciate each moment, as it comes, supports letting go easily and appreciating the next moment.
So let it be.
Let go with gratitude and let Goodness and God remain.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, November 18, 2007


How Do These Reminders Come?
From where do the answers or words come?
How Do You receive your own Loving Reminders?

The inspiration is sometimes a client or reader request.
Sometimes there are needs presented to me by students or clients that seem urgent and important.
There are visions or dreams that come or events I see or have been asked for help that call for response.
My calling is to always and in always respond with freedom and trust.

If the answer has not been complete, received and shared in that moment, the question stays with me.
When I awaken and sit at my keyboard, the resolution appears in words or at least I am given peace.
The work is not over 30 years old, having begun to listen within consistently in 1977.
At the same time I experienced a spiritual awakening through rebirthing and A Course in Miracles.

The three gifts coincided perfectly, as I learned I could totally trust the Voice Within.
Sitting silently with no distraction is the key to listening.
Emptying your own mind by writing down your concerns and questions first is needed.
Breathing in Spirit with the request to know what is for the Highest Good is essential.

Learn to listen for that still small voice that responds immediately to all requests and inquiries.
Learn to respect what you hear and be grateful for your willingness to listen.
Learn to let go of judgments, fears and limiting beliefs and honor the Goodness and Love offered.
Learn to give yourself the freedom to ask again, to clarify, to dialogue as an equal partner.

Abundant and peaceful living is about honoring the True Self within you as spiritual friend.
Being truly helpful is giving your life over to the Highest and Best within you.
Finding the healing and spiritual development and Self realization you seek, comes from within.
Learning to let go of the surface personality, negating beliefs and miscreations of the world is key.

Life is undoing what is not True, what is no longer helpful and what is not of God and for God.
We are here to find the Love (God) within.
We are here to live with Love (God) leading the way.
We are here to realize that our experiences come from Love’s Power, Presence and Creativity.

When we cease making ourselves victims of our own vain imagining,
When we forgive our mistaken perceptions and faulty judgments,
When we learn to trust in a deeper awareness of God and Goodness,
We can and will create a world of healing, happiness and harmony for All.

Waking us together is my aim.
In this lies the Peace of God.
Betty Lue

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Living in Trust

There are cycles and seasons in life.
Coming into a body and exiting the body are an essential aspect of Self cultivation or spiritual growth.
Some say it is our soul’s choosing what family, what role, what life experience we have.
No matter the source, we all are at choice about how we respond to the journey through life.
We can complain and resist creating suffering and pain or we can appreciate and bless creating happiness and ease.

Life is our response-ability.
We can and do choose the resistance or ease with which we live.
We choose to be afraid or to enjoy the journey.
We can seek the blessings and Goodness or find the hardships and evil.

Where we place our attention determines our outlook, our perceptions and our experiences.
Where we appreciate and value we increase these experiences and relationships.
Where we ask “Why?,” we receive an endless pit of more questions and doubts.
Where we ask “How can I respond?”, we have the opportunity to explore our responses.

When life seems to happen to us, we can stop and listen to the Highest response within.
When someone we love is about to take a journey (death, hospital, divorce, move or vacation),
we can resist and grieve or encourage and appreciate.
How we respond to what is before us makes the difference in the outcome for all concerned.

When we get into the drama about the loss, the pain is endless and has no satisfying answers.
When we value the loving memories and blessings, given and received, the joy is abundant and inspiring.
We are at choice in this physical world of seeming relating from a place of have and have not.
We can seek the comfort of union, when we see ourselves as separate.
We can find a place to belong, when we believe ourselves alone.
We can focus on what is amusing and funny, when we get stuck in seriousness.
We can create beauty, where we see only ugliness.
We can clean up the mess, when lost in clutter and chaos.
We can stop and be still when the world seems harsh and busy with idle chatter.
We can cry warm tears of gratitude, when loved ones seem forgotten in their leaving.

But the real peace come from the eternal experience of the union of all life in its essence.
There is no separation except in our perception.
There is no lasting value to the body except in use as a vehicle to learn to communicate love.
There is no end to the Essence of the Love we share always and in all ways, in form and in the formless state of being.
We can find peace when we recognize the Eternal experience of Love beyond body and form.

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
Love never ends: it simply changes form.
We are not our body, nor our mind nor our emotions.
We are Spirit, Unlimited in Love and Power and Peace.

And so it is. All is well.
Betty Lue

Dear Friend of Reunion Ministries,
You are an angel to Reunion Ministries and to me.
Your prayers, blessing and contributions empower the work we do together.
You are a source of inspiration and encouragement for me.
You are a mighty and gentle force of spiritual support.
I am indebted to you for joining me in this work.
Your input and feedback are essential to keep me on target.
Spiritual leaders need a strong “truth-telling” support team.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Making Things Better or Worse?

If what you try doesn’t make things better, don’t do it again.
If what you try makes matters worse, don’t do it again.
If what you try feels wrong to you, don’t do it again.
If what you try leaves you with guilt and the other with pain, don’t do it again.

I watch couples, parents, employers, health providers and customers keep doing what doesn’t work.
I observe the pain we cause by hammering on a point that feels blaming and critical.
I notice the separation that occurs when we become fault finders rather than appreciation givers.
I believe if we could loosen our attachment to old habits, scripts and beliefs, we could stop more easily.

Maybe it is time to take the time to ask:
What is going wrong? What is not working?
How am I responsible?
Is there a respectful way to forgive myself, make amends and begin anew?
How can I respond to make a positive difference for all concerned?

If I can change my mind…
If I can try something new…
If I can break old negative habits….
If I can appreciate the progress rather than judge the mistakes….,
Maybe others can as well.

Developing trust after a history, brief or long term, of judgment, criticism, unforgiveness and hurt requires:
courage to admit mistakes and misunderstanding,
patience to listen and acknowledge others,
willingness to step back and let loving kindness lead the way
and open-mindedness to trust in the highest outcome.
Learning everyday from everyone
And trusting the process!
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Managing People Effectively
"Restructure your activities continually.
Regularly move resources to higher-value activities." -- Brian Tracy

"Good people are found not changed.
Recently I read a headline that said, ‘We don’t teach people to be nice.
We simply hire nice people.’ Wow! What a clever short cut." -- Jim Rohn

"Tell me, and I'll forget.
Show me, and I'll remember.
Involve me, and I'll learn." -- Marla Jones

"Without involvement, there is no commitment.
Mark it down, asterisk it, circle it, underline it.
No involvement, no commitment.”--- Stephen Covey

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Addiction to Drama

Do you enjoy emotional ups and downs?
Does watching soaps and gossiping give you some needed excitement?
Are you overly emotional on a regular basis?
Do you just love to help people who are in desperate circumstances?
Do you attract people and situations to you which are melodramatic?

Consider that some people believe vibrancy and life energy is emotionalism.
Consider that we can get attached to the highs and lows of melodrama just like an addict to drugs.
Consider that where we get attention,, concern and support may become an addiction.
Consider that the media, movies, TV and newspapers all sell with sensationalism.

There is an abundance of philosophical teaching and psychological belief that espouses emotional outbursts as a source of catharsis and healing. It almost becomes the binge and purge addiction of the bulimic eating disorder. Take in the drama of emotions to the point of gluttony and then purge with emotional outbursts on your loved ones with tears and fears, rage and threats. When we take an emotional dump, we usually generate upset in others and even make them sick with our emotions.

Moderation would suggest that we find a life of emotional as well as nutritional balance. Take in what is helpful and healthy. Only take on as much as can be handled with ease, never over consuming drama. Stop the process of listening or participating when there is an inability to handle it all with ease and grace. Step away and release. Move into prayer and affirmation. Give yourself a break and take a walk. Sit and listen within for how to respond in a positive and healing way.

Our culture much like adolescents seems to thrive on selling the ecstasy and tragedy of life.
People are drawn to create relationships, sports and politics, which foster the hardships and trauma in life.
The more we crave the sensational, the more we sell and buy the intensity of urgency, terror and suffering and perpetuate the same.

The more sane approach is to bask in the beauty of peace.
The more healing way is to enjoy the simplicity of grace.
The more natural way is simply to focus on loving kindness.

Give yourself a day of retreat from the world of intense emotion.
Spend a day simply in the peace and grace of loving kindness.

Loving you simply,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No One Asked

How many times have you judged without asking first?
How many times have you been judged before anyone seeks to know you or your intention?
How many times do we fight before we discuss?
How many times do we dismiss another before we seek common ground?

All of us want to be valued.
We all do our best to love and be loved.
All children seek to find a safe place to belong.
Even the most unhappy person wants to find peace.

It takes so little to suspend and set aside our judgments.
It is a small task to forgive our misperceptions.
It is a little gift of love to shine light where there was darkness.
It takes so little to educate the ignorant.

When we wait too long until we are filled with resentment, there is no patience for sharing.
When we ask no questions or become self protective we cannot see where there is need.
When we make our opinions right and become righteous, there is no room for understanding.
When we get lost in defensiveness and attack, we cannot see what is Truth and the call for Love.

We cannot heal what is not real.
What is not real is the negative and negating shadow we cast across the landscape of our perception.
We cannot erase the darkened face of our brother’s pain by simply casting judgments on one another.
We cannot alleviate the suffering of the inner child left alone, abused, abandoned and afraid with guilt.

We can only change our mind.
We can encourage one another to see things differently.
We can choose openness and willingness.
We can listen within to the only Voice that gives true forgiveness and Perfect Love.

We can stop ourselves from attacking.
We can look for other viewpoints.
We can listen for the higher ground, the more kind way.
We can find the time to take the time to share from the heart of appreciation and open-mindedness.

It is only when I am willing to change my misperceptions with forgiveness of my fears, tears and pain,
It is only when I can ask from my heart to hear the inner call of my brother and all others,
It is only when I know there must be a better and more loving way to live and give and serve,
It is only then I hear the call of God to Love one another and I find an inner Peace.

And so it is, that I am and will and serve to love all today and everyday,
Blessed be,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Intention of Words
It is easy to say and write words.
Words are merely symbols of the underlying intention of the one expressing.
Words are one’s best attempt to convey an experience or perception, a thought or concept.
We speak a lot of words, but rarely ask what they really mean to the speaker.

What Is the Message?
Only in silence and stillness do we find the real experience we seek. As we learn to listen within, in quiet, we can hear and feel and know that Presence that teaches, leads and guides us to the happiness we seek. The words given by the messenger are always first for the one carrying the message.
And so it is that I constantly learn and live what I am teaching and sharing and expressing.

Power of Living the Message
My life is living the Message.
My words are a loving reminders of the messages I am living.
The vibration of the words is my intention: That we all have the choice to live the Good Life.
My offerings shared publicly and privately are the gift of my Authentic Self to awaken All to Love.

My Intention
My passion and my purpose and my daily practice are to give the best I know to everyone.
I seek to awaken all to live in health, happiness and harmony with one another.
When I speak or write, I am reminding myself of what I intend to live.
Each expression is an inspiring Loving Reminder first for me and then for you, if it fits for you.

Meaningless and Empty Words
Words without a meaningful message are filling the space.
Words without the integrity of the speaker or teacher are without substance.
Words without inspiration and helpfulness have no value.
Words just to keep the connection going probably sound like static.

Mixed Messages
Words can be nurturing, nourishing and uplifting
Words can be like fast food and empty calories.
Idle or social chatter is easily forgotten.
Positive and inspiring conversation is remembered and valued.

Value of Silence
Some say the spiritual path has fewer and fewer words.
Consider being silent when you have nothing meaningful to say.
It is amazing what you hear and see and know when you are quiet.
And when there is a true need, you can respond in a real way with real Loving Kindness.

Wow! I see words as energy which I choose to use for Good and only Good.
And so it is.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Can you feel how sincerely I am Loving You?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Spiritual Responsibilities

Being comfortable may be the call of our human self and ego.
Being comfortable may be listening to limiting beliefs and fear.
Being uncomfortable may be the invitation to honor the challenge to limitlessness.
Being uncomfortable may be listening to our inspired and expansive Loving Self.

There often is pre-miracle anxiety and post-miracle depression.
Know that the signs we see are created by our thoughts.
When thoughts are directed by the ego or fearful self , the signs will try to stop us.
When the thoughts re directed by Spirit or Love It Self, the signs will inspire us.

Doing what will make us happy and comfortable is often our fear of doing what will heal and grow us.
Taking the easy way is often our excuse for not doing what we have believed to be hard or scary.
Fun, safe and easy comes from following Spirit within, even when life seems dangerous and difficult.
Our work is to prepare ourselves mind, body and spirit to Trust in the wholeness and Holiness of Love.

When we don’t feel like doing something, it is often a growthful or challenging experience.
It is easy to say “NO” to what isn’t comfortable.
It may feel difficult to say YES to what is challenging our self-made limits.
We get lazy and allow what is easy and comfortable to run our lives, rather than learn from challenges.

To know God is to trust in our unlimited potential.
To trust in our potential, we must experience it in daily life.
To experience our limitlessness, we must challenge ourselves to “Go for it!”.
To experience our freedom, we must rise to the occasion and say “Yes” to what is unfamiliar.
To experience what is not in our usual comfort zone, we need to trust in God.

So here we go, challenging our faith.
I am not a body. I am free and Unlimited.
I am not my mind. I can change my thoughts and attitudes, beliefs and opinions.
I am not my emotions. I can elect to change the thoughts that hurt or negate my wholeness and freedom.
I am Spirit. I am unlimited in Power, in Creativity and In Peace.

Loving you with Freedom and Trust,
Betty Lue

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Judge No One

Remember what you see and condemn in your brother is in yourself.
“Let he who is without error cast the first stone.”
Until we are squeaky clean, we have no business but to clean our own house.
Always and in all ways we are to clean up our own action.

First and foremost we must model the behaviors we want to teach others.
We cannot teach or inspire change in anyone until we understand and accept them.
We are to find their underlying intention, speak in their language and desire only their best.
In trusting their learning process and freeing them to learn naturally without fear, we love them.

Where we have hurt ourselves with mistakes, self doubt and criticism, we will judge others.
When we are attacking or blaming anyone, they will always attack back or withdraw their love..
When we are forgiving and loving others, they will learn to forgive and love as well.
It only takes one, but that One must be clear, committed to Love and truthful.

Where we are living off purpose and out of integrity, we are vulnerable and easily upset.
Where we are upset is our wakeup call to heal something within ourselves.
When we commit to heal, we forgive the past and choose again the present and future we want to see.
When we learn the lessons of forgiveness and love, we are healed and trustworthy as teachers.

When upset by anyone or anything:
Be aware of your responsibility in what you experience.
Acknowledge your mistakes.
Forgive yourself and others.
Listen within daily for how to heal, teach and respond with love.
Change your thoughts, words and actions to loving affirmations.
Appreciate every small step in the right direction.
Celebrate as you live your life impeccably.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Learn to love everyone with trust and freedom.
This means not setting up anyone to hurt you.
Whatever a brother asks, do it….. unless it does harm to him or to you.
To learn to love another as you love yourself is the key to happiness and inner peace.
To learn to love yourself as you love your most beloved friend, is the key to Love God.
To love everyone equally is to know God’s Love and the Perfect Trust that comes from Perfect Love.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Yesterday I wrote about Food and Nourishment.
Today another basic of life: Rest and Renewal.

Everyone experiences rest and renewal in their own way, just as we are all nourished differently.

Rest and renewal may come from sleep, meditation, reading, spiritual study, singing, creating, playing…
For each person the form may vary with different amounts.
Some find renewal and energization in being with people.
Some find the same experience exhausting and weakening.
Some people find alone time and silence rejuvenating and others find it depressing and de-energizing.
Some people need to sleep alone to get a good night’s sleep and others need to snuggle.
Some people need white noise or sound on and others need total silence.
Some people need lots of sleep and some need very little.
Differences are to be respected in order to honor oneself and others.

Some Loving Reminders re: Rest:
Rest in God and Rest in Goodness creates the best rest.
To go to sleep with happy, positive and appreciative thoughts gives peace and calm to mind and body.
To relax in an environment which is beautiful, peaceful and inspires relaxation serves to remind us to rest.
To give yourself exactly what you really need is key to a good renewal of energy.

Sleep when tired. Best rest from 10PM to 6AM.
Wakeup when rested. (NO alarm clocks.)
Go to bed early enough so you will wake up naturally for work or school.
Since most of our society is sleep deprived, you may need to spend a week or two catching up on sleep.

Being overly tired causes the release of cortisol, which is a stimulant and stays in the body 24 hrs??
It makes kids and adults hyper and cranky and will have trouble going to sleep.
Must go to bed before exhausted and without meds or alcohol to sleep soundly and well.
Sleep in a room preferably without TV, computer desk, workout equip or stacks of stuff undone.
Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of simplicity, beauty and welcoming Love with comfortable bed.
Needs to be “quiet time” before bed with soft music, meditation, inspired reading, peaceful activity.
Interrupted sleep is not insomnia until you label it such.
It simply means the mind or body or spirit needs something else.
We may be awakened in the night to use the bathroom, get a drink, clear a dream, or just breathe.
If I am awake, I simply read inspirational material or inner listen, since my Higher Self may need to talk.
It is important NOT to feel guilty or scared or try to figure out what is wrong.
This engages the mind in the endless loop in the search for answers, yielding a sleepless night.
Know that naps during the day usually need to be short (less than 40 minutes) to be refreshing.
Laying down for 15-20 minutes of belly breathing is a quick renewal of energy.
Taking a brisk walk for 15-20 can also be reenergizing before the evening hours with family.

Experiment and discover what gives you energy, what relaxes you, what renews your Spirit.
Loving you, as I rest in God and rest in the Love We Are,
Betty Lue

One way to renew your Spirit:
Eliminate the thoughts and activities deplete your energy.
"I choose only activities that feed my Spirit."

Friday, November 09, 2007

Healthy Food and Meals

Recommendations for you and your family:

Ingest the best and forget the rest.
Saving money on food is false economy.
Spend no money on no or little true nutrition.
Spend good money on getting foods that are fresh, clean and healthy.

You know what is Good for you and your loved ones.
You know you must give Love in thought, word and deed.
Give love when you prepare a meal.
Breathe Love into meal preparation and appreciate yourself.
Take time to enjoy the process..
The energy within the food is different when made with Love.

Use organic and locally grown produce as much as possible.
Use as few commercially prepared foods as possible.
Take time to understand what your family likes.
Keep a list going that everyone can add their favorites for purchase.
Remember where you limit or deprive your family of anything, it is craved.
When you use dessert or sweets as a reward, children learn to seek it.
When everything has equal value, we balance our eating habits.

What is made with love, tastes better, looks better and is healthier.
Give everyone healthy snack choices, so they can eat when hungry rather than waiting.
Keep a drawer in kitchen and shelf in frig for healthy snacking.
There are now protein bars for kids (Z bars available at Trader Joe’s)
Blood sugar levels are different for everyone.
Many people need 5-6 small meals daily to maintain optimum energy and health.

Lots of sunshine, fresh air and easy natural movement is healthy for everyone.
Simple chores outside the house are helpful and encourage positive movement.
Encourage all family members to have simple chores around meals.
(setting table, clearing table, putting away foods, getting up during the meal to serve.
Helping prepare salads or vegetables. Watching you prepare food with respect and Love,
sweeping the floor, putting away groceries, helping to bring bags in from the car.)
Keep a list of easy helpful chores for the whole family to learn to feel helpful, responsible, important and an equal part of the family.)

Decorate the table with placemats or place cards made by the children.
Add some new beauty to the family dinner table.
As much as possible keep meals at the same time daily.
Parents need to eat with their children to demonstrate manners, and healthy eating habits.
I am sure you can add to this list.

Know that our culture is mostly eating unconsciously (in front of TV or in the car or ??)
and often the most unhealthy foods that satisfy the surface personality, but do no nourish the physiology ,
energy system and needs for loving community and family.

Tips for Conscious Eating
Sit down to eat.
Eat only when hungry.
Stop when you are satisfied (not full).
Eat with little or no distraction.
Make eating a calm and stress free activity.
No TV. No yelling or punishing.
Keep mealtime enjoyable with amiable conversation and laughter.
Make sure you love what you eat, so what you eat will Love you.

Loving you always,
Betty Lue
Special community Thanksgiving feast this year on Nov. 17th at 3PM.
Ask me for details.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Becoming strong is work.
Being physically fit is work.
Being spiritual is work.
Living in integrity is work.
Impeccable self care is work.
Balancing ones’ whole life is work.
Healing the past is work.
Loving others well is work.
Staying connected to Spiritual guidance is work.
Taking care of the environment is work.
Healing oneself emotionally and physically is work.
Providing for the basics of food, shelter and clothing is work.
Doing service for humanity is work.
Correcting mistakes is work.
Forgiving oneself and others is work.
Learning something new is work.
Changing limiting habits or negative beliefs is work.
Living a good and Godly life is work.
Creating goodness, beauty and wholeness is work.
Paying bills, keeping agreements and being on time is work.
Developing and maintaining a spiritual practice is work.
Being a good parent or helpful son or daughter is work.
Becoming a productive team member is work.
Being responsible and respectful is work.

We are here to learn to work.
We are here to do the work with love and respect.
We are here to be grateful for those who do the work.
We are here to do the work.

Life can be fun, safe and easy, only when we do the work.

Working 24/7 because that is what I do with love for the sake of Love.
Betty Lue
It is my Joy to work for Love!

Hexagram #47 commentary form Master Hua-Ching Ni in the Book of Changes (p. 498)

The Mystical Change of the Person Who Succeeds in Connecting his Energy
with the Subtle Divine Energy of the Universe

One is no longer tempted by former bad habits, nor does one chase after worldly pleasures.
Old physical maladies gradually and completely disappear.
The mind is right, and the body reflects one’s righteousness.

One stands firmly on one’s own two feet.
Deep calm pervades one’s internal and external atmosphere.
One finds one has both the time and the energy to accomplish any task.
One purifies oneself and is at peace with one’s environment.
One never becomes violent and has untiring patience with one’s fellow beings.
One is worry-free and always has a joyful heart.
One is never jealous of another’s prominence nor greedy for possessions prized by others.
One has no ambition to live a vain or luxurious life.

Because one eats simply, one maintains serenity.
One keeps one’s physical desire subdued and one’s virtue high.
One develops true knowledge, dissolves all obstacles, and extends oneself to meet the eternal Way.
One experiences concepts of life and death are merely the ebb and flow of the eternal breath of Tao.

One dissolves one’s ego and with it all internal and external conflicts.
One does not seek longevity or personal happiness nor does one struggle to hold onto material things.
One does not use the speakable as truth to suppress those who are silent.
One has no desire to go beyond one’s means or ability.
In one’s pure mind, one holds no illusion or strange thinking.

One nurtures a firm character through selfless giving and self-oblivion.
One never emphasizes that which one does as right, nor does one claim credit for one’s undertakings.
One knows things thoroughly from beginning to end.
One also knows there are certain things one will never do.
One avoids involvement in contests for worldly profit or glory.
One is amiable and useful.
One embodies harmonious equilibrium and creative appropriateness.
One enjoys ease, both internally and externally.
One strives only to surpass one’s own virtue.
One obeys the universal spirit in order to evolve higher.
Before touching the formed, one rests in the unformed.
One enlightens oneself and never tires of awakening the world.

“In times of adversity, cultivate yourself.
In times of prosperity, help the world.”
Master Ni

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

When in Doubt

When in doubt about what to do with your life, trust.
When you don’t know where to put your energy, serve .
When you are lonely, give time, energy and friendship to others.
When afraid, provide security, reassurance and comfort to yourself.
When feeling abandoned, seek a deep connection with your Soul Self.
When feeling hurt, provide healing experiences of light and love.
When lost, get clear about where you are going and ask for directions.
When feeling stuck or restricted, get moving.
When feeling unloved, love yourself as God (Source) loves you.
When depressed, move your energy and get busy.
When feeling lacking and impoverishing, be grateful and express appreciation.
When feeling heavy, let go of seriousness, duty and obligation. Lighten up.
When confused and distracted, focus on only one thing to do in each moment.
When conflicted, extend peace to all concerned.

Usually the antidote for any situation is simply changing your focus, attitude and direction.
Our tendency is to ask “Why?”, to look for find fault and seek to root out the evil.
The most simple and easy response is to simply change course. In fear, seek to love.
In loss, seek to find.
In pain, look for joy.
In healing crisis, begin creating.

The fun, safe and easy path seems too good to be true, but it awaits us with simple willingness.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, November 05, 2007

What Do You Do?

Follow the letter or the Spirit of the Law?
Be gentle and forgiving of someone who is doing harm to another?
Follow the commandments or go to war?
Live according to the rules of man or the guidance of Spirit?

We are confronted daily with opportunities to explore our values, ethics and commitment to our beliefs.
We are given opportunities in life to think for ourselves or do what others say.
We are challenged by authorities who say what to do, but don’t honor their own edicts.
We are offered ways to stand up for what we believe or become apathetic and let “them” decide.

Do you believe in doing harm to another? Mental, emotional, physical or financial?
Do you believe in killing, torturing, abusing, bullying, attacking, belittling, making others feel guilty?

Do you think the Law is always right , fair and just?
Do you believe in just going along to get along?

Do you think we need to model our values for others to learn or teach them and preach them?
Do you believe that everyone has a right to choose what they believe in and the values they live?

Do you think you should be silent when you see an adult hurting or frightening a child?
Do you believe in letting people learn by experience or stopping them from doing harm?

When confronted by someone who is judging you, do you defend, explain or justify your behavior?
Do you believe their process, feelings and attitude is not for you to judge or resist?

How we believe and how we live belie the Truth of our lives.
Each of us must be willing to consider the outcome of our choices.
Each of us can find higher ground simply by being willing to look, forgive and choose again.
How we respond to what life offers us determines the efficacy and ease of our learning.

Learning is fun, safe and easy when we are willing to let go and choose again.

Loving me and you in being and doing what is True,
Betty Lue

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bumps in the Road

If you fall asleep at the wheel and hit the lane markers, it is time to wake up and get in your lane.
If you find yourself hitting potholes in the road, it may be time to pick a better lane or steer clear.
If you find yourself next to a poor driver, an angry driver or someone who is distracted, move away.
If you find yourself running out of gas, it is time to stop for a refueling and/or rest.

Life is much like driving your vehicle.
If you know where you are going and how to get there, it is best to follow the guidelines you know.
If you know how to live well, staying healthy and happy, it is best to live what you know.
If you meet detours and delays, it is best to look for the most safe and easy path.

So what does it mean when life gives you lemons?
What does it mean when the cherries have pits?
What does it mean when you get bruised along the way?
What does it mean when you find yourself in terror, anger or trouble?

We need to stop and take time to listen within.
We need to pause and learn to look and observe the inner and outer landscape.
We need to ask ourselves, where we are no living in integrity with our values and higher purpose.
We need to be willing to undo whatever is no longer true or do what is true for us.

Sometimes the upsets are simple wakeup calls, because we have fallen asleep on the job.
Sometimes the bumps are to make us aware of getting comfortable and ignoring needed changes.
Sometimes the pain is indicating that we have been in denial and ignoring our intuition.
Sometimes the problems are simply opportunities to forgive and choose again.

The ever-changing landscape of circumstances and relationships is not conducive to assumption, simple maintenance, or getting comfortable with familiarity. We must learn to be conscious and present with the current state of affairs and respond with integrity. This includes our health and financial state, as well as attitude and inner guidance. All give clues as to the path that is fun, safe and easy. Remember when we are listening to the voice that guides us for the Highest Good, the way is made clear so that we experience peace and prosperity, health and happiness.

Challenges are useful tools if seen as gifts of awareness.
Upsets are grand opportunities for those who respond with peace.
Accidents are great wakeup calls for those who are resisting paying attention.
Surprises along the way can provide interest, drama and delightful new adventures.

PS I noticed recently that my “top had become wobbly”, (Inner gyroscope was off kilter), because I was not spinning at my usual speed.
Each of us has a vibration or rhythm, which is “right” for us. To honor it yields ease.
To slow down or speed up too much or change the pace erratically can be upsetting and cause problems.
Noticed I was klutzy three times in a row. Spacey, getting ahead of myself or ignoring what I was hearing inside.
However in a store yesterday, I stepped away from a place (when I heard “something may come down on you).
And within 2 seconds the new Christmas sign being installed fell where I had been.
Pay attention all the time.
Stay awake in life and your will know.
Be conscious and listen within and you will be guided perfectly.

Loving us all on the high way of life.
Betty Lue

Doesn’t this just say it all!!!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Here I Am!

Computer upgrade turned out to be a non-working computer for the last five days, but here I Am Again!
I truly miss this daily opportunity to tune in and share with you what spiritual guidance I receive.
It has been a daily practice now for almost nine years, with over 900 people receiving directly from me on 11 lists and thousands more receiving loving reminders from those forwarded by you. This is a fabulous way to connect around the globe to REMEMBER LOVE AND RETURN TO WHOLENESS.

Reunion is the Reconnection with Source, remembering one Self, and Reunion with others for the realization of our Union in God and the Good that Is. Founded in 1977 informally by those gathering to learn and practice positive parenting and inspired living with me. In 1981 Reunion Ministries became a non profit tax exempt church without walls and no dogma to teach: it offer classes and counseling to facilitate folks in finding and following whatever spiritual and inspiring path yielded health, happiness and contribution for them individually.

We have founded fifteen + centers in five states, all holistic, all non-profit, all volunteer (no paid staff), all community-based and open to all ages, backgrounds, spiritual beliefs, serving all no matter what their financial circumstances. We have had no outside funding, meaning that we have funded these centers ourselves with the help of donations and funds received from students and clients. We live simply so that we can easily serve the Greater Good of those called to be with us. We mentor and coach holistic practitioners who seek to learn and practice within our centers. Our Living Ministry program facilitates the learning of those who seek to live and give to others from their inner spiritual guidance. The Program Reunion Ministries and the Living Ministry Program does not teach others what to believe, but encourages people to live according to the ethics, values, spiritual principles and beliefs that resonate for them. Our work includes counseling and coaching, holistic health consultations and education, meditation and spiritual practices, mentoring health practitioners and ministers, groups and classes for relationships, communication, life purpose parenting, whole life balance and success, practical Feng Shui and T’ai Chi Chih, Energetic Life Balancing, Touch for Health, Reiki, Practical Spirituality, Enneagram and lots more. Whatever we are learning we share and learn more by teaching, currently we are serving in three locations: Center for Conscious Living in Pleasant Hill ( with 16 holistic practitioners), Center of Light in Alameda (to be opened Jan. 1, 2008) and Unity on the Delta in Oakley where Robert and I serve as ministers. Periodically we return to Kalamazoo, MI and to Asheville, NC for workshops and clients and to Kona, HI for group retreats.

So why do what I do?
My mission is to inspire, encourage and facilitate others to live on purpose and actualize their potential.
My life purpose is to be happy and a loving reminder.
My function is to forgive judgments, fears, and beliefs that interfere with the awareness of perfect Love.
My primary principles practiced daily are following inner spiritual guidance, remembering Love, seeing only Holiness and creating what is Good, Beautiful and Healing.
I came in remembering my work here is to live Love teach Love and be Love., so I am willing.

Now what do I do when glitches happen, and there are bumps on the road or I feel blocked.?
Tune in tomorrow….
Loving you and All I do, for the Love of Me and You and All That Is,
Betty Lue