Monday, September 06, 2004

Labor of Love

When you only work for Love, everything you need for Love is perfectly provided.
When you work for money, you will measure the value of your work on the money you receive.

Vision Fulfillment

To easily fulfill your spiritual vision, listen for what “inspires” you.
Immediately notice what signs, help and guideposts are provided.
Act in faith on what you hear, feel and see from within.
Calm your ego’s questions, doubts and fears with reassurance.
Proceed with enthusiasm and full consciousness.

Spiritual guidance will always inspire you and fulfill your heart’s desire.
When you act immediately on your inner guidance, the result is fun, safe and easy.
When you delay, detour, distract yourself with fearful question and caution, you slip out of divine timing.
Things change every moment and so it is necessary to stay very present with your inner voice.

On Friday I was sent an email “out of the blue” about a riverfront property in Oregon.
Having never received real estate on email before, I was surprised and then inspired.
I read it all, made some initial calls and invited Robert to check it out.
This week we had just returned from Asheville NC, where life is simpler, slower and more intimate.
We had talked about what would be the most healing and happy environment for Robert.
We had looked at our past vision for ourselves and our worldwide friends.
This was an invitation and a response.
So we completed or changed our agreements for the next 48 hours, drove 468 miles to Eugene, OR, stayed overnite and met with a substitute realtor at 8AM on Sunday morning. Saw four properties in four hours on the river. Received several tips which expanded our vision and began to travel back through Ashland, another of our favorites, through Yreka, another favorite and kept looking, listening and following our joy. There will be a follow up adventure to share when we are clear where you will be invited to share the peace with us as we “gather at the river.”

This afternoon I will share at a Labor Day potluck with a Practical Spirituality group many of the synchronicities, the signs and the symbols of Spirit as we went on our 48 hour Vision Quest. My hope is that you will join us in Spirit or in person for our Vision Quest Program the next 12 weeks on Tuesday evenings. Come to Hawaii Oct. 16-23 or to the weekend Nov. 27-28 for your own Vision Quest. There is preparation, so please let us know so we can facilitate you fine tuning of your inner awareness, so you can respond in Divine timing.

Loving you,
Betty Lue