Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Life is For Giving

Yes. Your life is forgiving and for giving.
And You are the Gift to be given.
It is only in giving the gift of Your Self that you realize the Gift You Are.
So Give Your Whole Self to Love today and Love will give to You.

For many years this has been my theme song. Even chants and songs have been written and these words used to conclude talks given. They are prayerful affirmations of the Truth…Our sacred Truth.

Only when we cease focusing on getting anything can we realize the infinite value of our giving Self.
Only when we give All to All can we follow that inner call home to Eternal Peace and Love and Joy.
Only when we really know the perfection of our Love can we see the Light of our Healing Presence.
Only when we rejoice with each opportunity to give and live from the Source within can we begin.
To Realize our Holiness is the fulfillment of our heart’s longing and the homecoming we seek.

We are that which we seek to Be.
And we can only see what is, when we are giving what is given to us.
In gratitude and Love for Being, we find our purpose and our Source.
In sharing our inner light we can see the path before us is lighted for us to follow.
In living from a place of Divine Wisdom, we hear from our own mouths, the words we long to remember.
Our lives are divinely guided with each freely expressed act of Love and Faith.
We are the gift of prosperity abundantly given, when we give our All to each humble call.
Changing baby’s diapers, comforting the fearful child, encouraging the new parent, thanking the helpful salesclerk, forgiving the unconscious act of disrespect, sending peace to the conflicted, singing lullabies of peace to the weary, giving food to those who hunger, being present for the one who needs to speak. These humble calls ask only that we be present with our loving heart and grateful mind.
In each one we remember what is of God.
We know our own Holy Good and we are free to love unconditionally, to serve from the heart and to remember God.

This is our Gift.
Our lives are the sacred gifts in which we only must be present to be the Gift We Are.
This is Good. This is God. And so it Is.

Loving you,
Betty Lue