Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Expanding Vision

Projecting our wishes or fears onto our own dreams or others’ visions and dreams
may distort or distract us from their true intention and value.
Being free to move, to change, to listen and follow, may not mean we do anything physically.
Letting go of attachment to outcome and to our current comfort is the key to freedom.

When we are free, we are connected with the Infinite.
When we are free, we listen to our own inspiration.
When we are free, we live in trust.
When we are free, we know all is Good.
When we are free, we are unafraid.
When we are free, we are creative.
When we are free, we encourage freedom.
When we are free, we are not dependent or attached.
When we are free, we live in JOY!

As we have recommitted many times in our 20 year marriage, Robert and I are following the calling of Spirit, to follow the joy within.

The vision is a community space, a place in nature, where people come to share and explore, to work and to play, to teach and to learn, to receive and to give. This retreat place will likely be within three hours of the Bay area, where we can “gather by the river” and experience “peace like a river”. With practicality it will be near an airport to welcome visitors from everywhere, easy access to quality food and needed amenities. It is likely to call people to come to live nearby and to visit whenever they are called.
It is a spiritual oasis, shared in community…with music and movement, healing and creative wellness, relationship communion and group communication, creating beauty through all media, healing practices and practitioners, workshops and classes, meditation and silence, building family and community.

We are called to share this creative space with all of you——a space of inspiration and homecoming in which each person comes to find themselves, to listen within to their own needs, to honor their own inspiration.
Everyone’s unique gifts will be honored.
Those who are able will share financially.
Those who can will share physical labors of love.
Those who can will create beauty.
Those who can will garden.
Those who can will make music.
Those who can will help clean and prepare nutritious food.
Those who can will laugh and love and lift.
All will be honored for the gifts of the heart they bring, for such is the Glory of God and Good that lives in each one of us and calls to be expressed with Joy.
This retreat will be about attitudinal healing, creative wellness, finding your passion and living your purpose.
The sacred space will offer simplicity, solace, silence and serenity to heal hearts and open minds to universal truth, understanding and inspiration.

We are not new to beginning again. We are not new to creating with Spirit.
With total faith and joy we have been inspired to create a gathering place for healing and Reunion in Santa Rosa in 1985,
spiritual wellness retreat in Asheville, NC in 1986-87,
a three month healing and transformation intensive in Pleasant Hill in 1987,
a spiritual print shop and communal living in Bozeman Montana in 1988,
several centers for holistic health and spirituality in the Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek both in our home and office spaces,
an attitudinal healing and learning center in Bloomington, IN in 1992-93,
Reunion whole Life Center in Kalamazoo, MI and Living Ministry Program 1994-98.
We continue to build community and facilitate healing and transformation through spiritual and educational programs wherever we are called.
This is our gift and our own inspiration and reason for being.
However we are called to serve, it will always serve us well.
There is no sacrifice in serving the Highest Good by listening to the Voice Within and to follow the calling of your heart.

Loving you by listening faithfully,
Betty Lue

We will not be leaving our loving service here in Walnut Creek.
We have committed to Robert’s Mom and Gia, our granddaughter.
We have committed to build spiritual healing community here where it is needed.
We will also be using this retreat space to encourage you, as well as ourselves, to set aside time to seek peace like a river, to find joy like a fountain and to listen to the movement of Spirit in your soul.
More as it all unfolds in due time……