Friday, September 17, 2004

What Do You Serve?

We all serve…
We serve a cause, a belief, a lifestyle, a person, our living God.
We serve life-affirming causes as well as those which are life-negating.

Do you serve your fears?
Do you serve your neediness?
Do you serve your hungers?
Do you serve your family?
Do you serve a rule or commandment?
Do you serve what is right and wrong?
Do you serve a charitable cause?
Do you serve a believe in being positive or loving?
Do you serve your country or your faith?
Do you serve your doctor, your minister, your lawyer or your parents?
Who and what do you serve?

Who you serve reflects your allegiance, your loyalty and your fear or faith.
What cause you serve reflects your beliefs, your purpose and your choice?
How you serve reflects how much you respect and take responsibility for your service.

We are all choosing daily.
Our lives reflect our choices.
Our mental, physical and financial state reflect the power of our choice.
Only we can choose the cause, the allegiance and the role we play in our service.
Love and fear may look similar, but the outcome will be totally different.
Serve what you love and you will know great peace and joy.
Serve what you fear and you will know more fear and uncertainty.

What you serve grows in power.
Who you serve you become more alike.
How you serve becomes your fulfillment.
Choose well and you serve well.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Loving and serving God (Goodness) with all my heart and my mind.