Tuesday, September 28, 2004

How Simple Can It Be?

You choose.....

Life is a an obstacle course.
Life is a shopping spree.
Life is a workshop for healing the soul.
Life is a game to be played to win.
Life is a learning laboratory with lots of experiments.
Life is a slow boat to heaven.
Life is a great mystery ever-unfolding.
Life is the greatest story ever told.
Life is a scavenger hunt looking for clues to come home.
Life is a demonstration of our fear and our faith.
Life is a chance to do penance and serve time for past mistakes made.
Life is suffering until we are saved.
Life is waiting for a special Someone or Something to lift us into rapture and joy.
Life is whatever I choose it to be for me.

We cannot imagine how each individual is choosing to see and experience their own life.
However, we can take a moment to realize how we have been living ours.

As we are awakening, we begin to see there is great value in being present, paying attention and sharing our experiences.
In being attached to expectations, desires and our way to live, we may experience suffering.
In being conscious we have the realization of choice, life purpose, direction and focus.
We see that we are responsible for the quality of our thoughts.
We can give our minds to misery and lack or…
We can celebrate our lives with gratitude and abundant opportunity.
When we listen to our outer world, we often hear thoughts of victimization, suffering and impossibility.
When we listen to our loving heart, the voice of Goodness and God within, we hear encouragement.
We realize conscious choice and infinite possibilities being offered by an ever-loving Universe and Creator, when we forgive our judgments.

What are you choosing for your life?
How simple can you make your everyday journey?
Find a simple mission or purpose statement for yourself.
Live it every moment in every relationship.
Coach yourself to support you life focus with all you do and within all your relationships.

Life is truly a product of your openness and willingness to learn.
The metaphysics of your life is a wonderful study in learning practical guidelines for fulfillment and love.
Appreciate and celebrate your life.
It is teaching you and loving you now.

Infinite Love and Gratitude,
Betty Lue

Kalamazoo this past weekend for Betty Lue was a gourmet feast of opportunities to awaken, inspire and play in freedom and joy.
The infinite field of love is open for me and you, as we join in gratitude and celebration of what is.
And when we look together with appreciation and open-mindedness, there is only wholeness, goodness and Love.
Isn’t that fun, safe and easy!!!
Invite me again to come and play.

Loving you all,
Betty Lue