Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Issues Confronting You?

What do we do when crises, healing and financial needs, life’s issues confront us?
What do we do when destructive storms rage, political fires burn and hateful words are spoken?
What do we do when tragedy strikes, when our friend is dying, and someone we love is afraid?
What do we do?

What is our spiritual strategy for salvation?
What is our spiritual model for healing?
What is our spiritual process for choosing?
What is our spiritual agenda for living?

When the problem seems to be worldly, we usually seek a material solution.
When the crisis seems to be physical, we often seek symptomatic relief.
When the issue seems to be emotional controversy, we often get logical.
When the tragedy seems to be great loss, we usually feel grief and despair.

Perhaps the only problem is our lack of trust and hope and love.
Perhaps the real issue is separating ourselves from the Source of All Good.
Perhaps when we fall into fear, we fall out of Love.
Perhaps when we believe in evil and bad, we suspend our faith in Forgiveness and Good.

Changing our minds heals and transforms our lives.
Letting go of limiting myths about lack, loss and impossibility opens the door to infinite Good.
Letting go of fears of what bad might happen undoes the dam that blocks unlimited Goodness.
Releasing our past with forgiveness leaves only infinite gratitude and love for perceived blessings therein.

Today I choose a new strategy to save me.
I choose to have faith, trust in Divine Outcome and love for All.
Today I choose a new strategy for healing.
I choose to trust in the path of healing with gratitude and love.
Today I choose a new process for deciding.
I now decide with love in my heart and gratitude for all I perceive.
Today I choose a new agenda for living.
I choose to live freely, love endlessly and laugh openly.
I am happy, grateful and in love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue