Thursday, September 30, 2004

Are You Ready?

Have your healed your relationships?
Have you forgiven your past?
Are you free to go, when you are called?
Is your house in order?
Are you willing to travel?
Are you committed to the Highest Good?
Are you available to love and serve?

Have you made the bed in your life?
When I end each day, I find peace in knowing all is done that truly needed to be done.
I can literally leave on a moment’s notice.
It takes me about 15-30 minutes to pack for a trip, if I am called to take clothing and reading material.
If I am to share with workshop, coaching and counseling, I take another hour to prepare materials.
And when I return, I unpack, do laundry and get ready for my day as though I have never been gone.
I am “on call” for God for the Good of All.

I ask myself today, ‘Have I left the important things undone or unsaid?”
Have I given my very best to each one with whom I met?
Have I told you, “I love and appreciate you.”?
Have I given myself the spiritual and nutritional fuel I need to be at my best?
Am I forgiving, loving and respectful to those who need my gifts of love and spiritual wisdom?
Is there anyone to whom I must apologize or make amends?
Is there anyone I know who needs a friend whom I may have ignored or avoided?
How can I stay in integrity without being true to the best in me?
If I am to be free to live with no blame or regret, I must give my most conscious Self in each moment.
Am I connected with God, the Highest Good in me and All That Is?
How can I love and serve and remember the Good within everyone today?
How can I share what is in my heart without fear and without doubt?
How can I live as though each day were my last?
How can I strive to treat everyone with the love and respect I desire to give me?

Are there projects started and incomplete?
Are there plans made and abandoned?
Are there agreements made and disregarded?
Are there promises left unfulfilled?
Are there communications left unspoken?
Are there wounds left unhealed?
Is there disarray in my life today?
Have I totally forgiven myself for mistakes I have made?
Have I released judgments on others for ignorance and lack of love?
Am I free of pain, doubt and fear?
Have I found joy, certainty and peace within?
Am I connected with the Creative Power of Love within?
Am I directed by the Inner Light which guides my way?
Am I ready to be All I Am here to be Now?

Ready and Willing,
Betty Lue