Thursday, September 16, 2004

Daring to Dream

To vision your highest good, you need to heal your judgments, fear and disappointment.

When I ask “What do you really want?”, many respond with “I don’t know.”
To dare to dream requires healing.
When you have wanted, have your been disappointed?
When you have asked, have you been told “NO”?
When you have gone for your dream, have others been skeptical?
When you have succeeded, have friends been jealous?
When you have tried, have you quit?
When you have worked hard to accomplish, have you failed?
When you have prayed, have you felt unheard?
When you have dreamed, have you judged it was too big for you?
When you have been inspired, have you discouraged yourself with practicality?

As little children we imagine and pretend.
We practice for what we want to be, to do to have.
When the world of adulteration mocks, limits, and discourages us, we quit on ourselves.
We learn to compensate for disappointment by dismissing our dreams and denying our creativity.
We compensate for our lack of inspiration with short term gratification and temporary pleasures.
We have a list of excuses, justifications and reasons for not going for it.
We simply get comfortable in less than true and lasting joy.
We take solace in comparing ourselves positively with others.

I forgive myself for quitting.
I forgive myself for limiting myself.
I forgive myself for making excuses.
I forgive myself for holding onto past failings.
I free myself from the past and choose to live with joy now.
I trust my life purpose and follow my dreams.
I live in love and know what and where and with whom I am to be present.
I live with full trust in the Essential Goodness and creative potential and energizing Joy in me.
Life works for me as I live my Highest vision for the Good of All.

It is never too late to begin again.
Listen within to your Trusted Friend.
Know you are loved as you Love the One You Are.
Know your life is valuable as you realize your value.
Know you are a gift of Joy and Love as you give yourself the happiness and Love you seek.

Loving you,
Betty Lue