Sunday, September 12, 2004

Do You Remember How to Play?

Gia’s first soccer game was yesterday, so Grandma Betty Lue and Grandpa Robert were there.
Family support was delightful…her Papa, his Mom and her husband, three aunts, one uncle, and six cousins, including one on her team. Indeed her family made up the majority of the cheering section for her coed team, the Firecrackers. All were five and six year olds, learning about the rules, teamwork, listening to a coach and enjoying the play for itself. With only five minutes at a time on the miniature field with two players and one goalie for each side, everyone took turns as goalie and played with all teammates at various times. (Only six kids on each team.) Only encouragement and simple direction was given by the coaches and all of us cheered for everyone. It was simply delightful watching the hard work, focus, and active learning. The coaches were Dads who knew how to love and encourage each child uniquely. Yes, plenty of “mistakes” happened, like going the wrong direction, being distracted and forgetting to tend the goal, blocking your own teammates kick, being afraid and backing away, someone getting his hand stepped on and coming off the field temporarily in tears, but everyone had a great time. Everyone felt successful. Every player left feeling like a winner, as they all congratulated each other at the end of the game. After the forty minutes of play, we all were appreciative of the hard work, concentration and confidence it was building in every child. Gia had made all three goals and was tired and happy, but immediately took time to run to the playground for some time with her friends.

When we cheer for all, everyone is a winner.
When we are encouraging rather than comparing, everyone feels happy.
When we come together as a family of support, we provide security, safety, comfort and love for all children.
When we are happy and helpful, it always works.
When we play at life with focus, determination and hard work, giving it our best, we always succeed.
When we know that how we play the game and have fun is what matters, we follow the helpful rules of kindness and respect.

How do you play?
Do you learn and build your confidence, when you play at life?
Is life a game of winning for all?
Do you help everyone to do their best?
Are you appreciative of the learning and growing we are all doing?
Are you encouraging with your words and actions with children and adults?
Do you notice how your thoughts make a difference in how you feel about yourself and others?
Can you clear your consciousness of negative, comparative and unkind thoughts?
Are you willing to be a positive, encouraging and supportive coach for yourself and others?

What a world this could be, when we all give our best to everyone!!!
Love and Gratitude for the Essential Goodness in You and me,
Betty Lue