Saturday, September 04, 2004

Telling the “Truth”

What do we believe?
Whose truth is true?
How do we know?
What do we do when our truth is different from their truth?

In politics, religion, legal issues, education, science, metaphysics, there are many truths.
Sometimes the ‘truths’ coincide and are complementary.
Sometimes the “truths” are opposing and in conflict, polarizing and causing defensiveness.
Differing opinions, perspectives and beliefs either invite fear and anger or peace and understanding.

Peace of mind is more important to me than being right.
Inner peace promotes communication, openness and understanding.
Inner peace invites dialogue, sharing and opportunities for seeing things differently.
Inner peace is a path to clarity, connection and communion.

With a willingness to understand, rather than resist another’s truth, I see their point of view.
With defenselessness about my belief or viewpoint, I can declare my position and then let go.
As I let go of my righteousness, I am better able to hear and accept the other perspective.
No one right and no one wrong…just two differing viewpoints.
Yes, that is your truth and yes, this is my truth.
Both can co-exist without making the other wrong.

What I seek is peace within.
This is a peace that is beyond understanding.
This peace is healing, forgiving, gentle and merciful.
I know that peace of mind is my greatest gift to my world.

Seeing others without judgment opens my world view to one of understanding and willingness to educate where invited.
Seeing differences invites an expansion of vision, a forgiveness of judgment, release of fear, and a willingness to be clear about my priorities.
I would rather maintain open relationship than create obstacles to love.
Everyone is free to choose.
Everyone will learn to listen within and trust their own inner knowing.

Peace is an inside job.
Inner peace comes from a choice to honor who I am and what I know.
I need no confirmation nor agreement to be at peace.
I choose peace now.

At peace,
With infinite Love and Gratitude,
Betty Lue

Vote from your own inner knowing rather by the ‘truths’ of others.