Thursday, September 02, 2004

Creating Your Own Reality Again…..

Just saw “What the Bleep!!!!”, a kind of underground movie about science, quantum physics, meta physics and emotions.
It is yummy. Will buy the DVD when available to share.. Encourage groups to see it and share their perceptions. Funny to see it listed as science fiction, because in my perception it is a scientific/spiritual documentary on the latest discoveries about the mystery of life.”

So how are you doing on your life path?
Have you discovered or uncovered your life purpose?
Do you know your mission here?
Have you acknowledge responsibility for your life experiences?
Do you understand and accept your life experience?

Some truths I embrace:
Remember Love and return to Wholeness.
We are One, All life is inter-connected.
Each one of us represents an aspect of the Infinite.
We are each unlimited in power and in peace.
Our emotional energy influences our health, happiness and perceptual experiences.
We are at choice about how we respond to what we experience.
Our thoughts, words and actions influence and teach all others.
This apparent physical life is a learning laboratory.
We learn best when we are curious about the mystery, delighted with possibilities and grateful for the learning opportunities.
Everyone and every experience is our potential teacher, just as we are influencing all others.
Awareness without judgment is healing.
Neediness creates dependency and attachment. Impeccable self care sets us free to be without expectation.
Thoughts and emotions generate the life we have.
Thoughts of victimization and fear create an experience of weakness and harm.
Thoughts of conscious choice and empowerment create experiences of confidence and helpfulness.
The more we let go, the more we can grow in self realization and fulfillment.

What are the truths you know or want to believe and live?
I know I am loving you and loved by all I love.
Life is a reflection of my own consciousness.
Therefore I choose to express and extend infinite Love and Gratitude.
Betty Lue