Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Coaching for True Vision

If you don’t know where you are going, how can you get there?

Have you ever noticed that when you have accomplished your goal,
It may not be enough and you seek something else?

So often people are going for specifics…a place, person, property or income.
Often people vision for what the mind can measure and direct.
Often people compare what they have with what others have.
Often people believe their value lies in what treasures, goods and investments they own.
Often people vision and affirm getting something that requires money and time.
And sometimes we follow the direction of the world, and fulfill someone else’s dreams.

These visions may elude you, if in acquiring them you lose your integrity, your loved ones, your health or Life Purpose.
To fully align with the Universe, the God of All Being, the Goodness and Perfection which lies within you, your vision needs to be what is True for You.
You can get what you work for.
You can have what you want.
You can earn the recognition and wealth you seek, but you may be called to let go of your true inner call.
Some want to have it all….both worldly dreams and spiritual fulfillment.
Some may even have the opportunity to experience both, but rarely are they found in the same moment.
What is of this world pales in the face of that which is Eternal.
What is of God cannot compare to worldly gains.
Along life’s way many learn how to choose by having and losing what they think they want.
Learning to let go of what is valueless is a key to finding your True Prosperity.

I recommend you look deep inside.
I encourage you to go deep within.
I invite you to learn to listen to the Greater God and find the truest Good.
Within you lies everything that is Whole and True and Loving for You.

Go to the ocean shore, the riverside, the still pond and listen to what is Essential.
Go to the forest trees, the desert Sun, the majestic mountains, the golden fields and ask.
Go to your open mind, your gentle heart in the still of the night and wonder aloud.
Be still and listen…..
Who is it That I AM?
What am I to do here?
Where am I to go?
With whom am I to be?
And How shall I live?

Know you are each one guided perfectly from deep within.
Only when we ignore the external voices, the distracting sounds, the detouring pleasures, the chaotic world, can we find our Real Self and the calling of our Heart,.... to Be of God, to share our Good and to know the Great I Am.

Loving you with a Heart that is True B’Lue