Monday, September 13, 2004

Healing Reminders

In the next few months I will be writing and putting together past reminders for our health, healing and well being.
Healing Reminders will be offering some clues to our overall natural state of wholeness.

Humanity often seeks outside solutions for problems we have blamed on external causes.
Stress is the cause of a diminished immune system mentally, physically and spiritually.
When we allow more tension, stress and uncertainty that we can easily accommodate for our defenses break down.
When stress goes up brain integration (the ability to think both creatively and analytically) becomes impaired.
When we have so much stress that our ability to respond easily with the reserves of energy and consciousness needed to return to our natural state of balance and wholeness, we challenge our natural immunity.
When we are vigilant for an extended period of time, it takes a toll on our overall physical and mental health.

Quick fixes are the uses we have for people, prescriptions and even prayer to temporarily handle our stress filled lives.

How would life be if we sought only to live in peace, harmony and happiness.
How would our lives be if we looked at what really lifts ours energy to be, do and have?
How would our health be if we only had as many duties as we could easily manage>
How would our health be if we lived within our means?
How would our resilience be if we sought to find harmony and happiness within our current circumstances?

Only when we are in harmony with ourselves and our lives can we make fully conscious decisions.
When we are stressed or fearful, we have decreased ability to think both expansively and practically.
I recommend finding inner peace first.
I recommend taking care of our survival, security and safety needs first.
I suggest that people find a place, a time, a person and/or a method of returning to a state of love and gratitude.

In our natural state of love and gratitude (inner peace), our resources, inner guidance, clarity of vision, direction and focus are all available.
Creating more simplicity and peace for me and you,
Betty Lue