Sunday, May 23, 2004

It Takes Just One

Each one can touch every one.
Each one can teach everyone.
Each one can reach every one.
Why not be that one?

One smile can touch many hearts.
One kindness can teach many minds.
One prayer can reach many souls.
You do make a difference.

What if you are the missing piece.
What if your helpfulness is what is needed.
What if your “thank you’ opens the door to common courtesy.
What if your gentle hug heals the lonely heart.
What if your thoughtful blessing brings renewed hope.
What if your listening presence offers clarity and direction.
What if you are the one.

Life is for giving and You are the gift.
It is only in freely giving yourself that you fully realize the abundant gift you are.

Life is the opportunity to forgive ourselves for withholding the gift we are.
I forgive myself for being unforgiving.
I forgive myself for limiting myself.
I forgive myself for hiding my gifts.
I forgive myself for being afraid.
I forgive myself for thinking I am unworthy of giving and you are undeserving of receiving.
I forgive myself for thinking the world owes me.
I forgive myself for believing I am not capable.
I forgive myself for believing I cannot ever give enough.
I forgive myself for waiting for a return on my giving.
I forgive myself for not knowing what to give.
I forgive myself for thinking I will be depleted.
I forgive myself for thinking I must wait until a better time or place.
I forgive myself for dismissing or diminishing the gift I Am.
The world awaits the gift of YOU and me and each one.

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with loved.
When we let go of our judging and limiting mind, abundant love and givingness takes its place.
When I practice forgiveness, I say and write 30 or more forgivenesses daily.
It is a life’s work and worthy of daily application.

I am willing to touch and teach and reach out to everyone equally,
Betty Lue