Tuesday, May 04, 2004

What Is Life?

What is life but an opportunity to learn and grow, to come to know Who I Am and Why I Am!
The university of Life is the embodied experience of seeing where we belong and recognizing our song.
When we are engaged in living, we can be forgiving of all those moments when we forget.
When we are here to remember, we attend to every little ember of light and love and life.

The curious say, “What is this?”
The bored say, “When will it be over?”
The fearful say, “How can I be safe?”
The competitive say, “How can I win?”
The romantic say, “Where will I find true love?”
The spiritual say, “ Aah, this is amazing.”
The hurting say, “How can I handle the pain?”
The helpful say, “ Who can I care for?
The seekers say, “Where can I find the Truth?”
The judges say, “How can we get rid of evil?”
And what do you say about your life?

Life brings limitless opportunities to find our purpose.
Life gives us instant reflection of our beliefs, attitudes and values.
Life offers endless feedback in how we are engaging with everything that is.
Life is the journey, the process and the outcome.

Around the full moon often there is an intensification of feelings, experiences and life.
If you notice something, give attention to it and you will discover the gift, the learning, the blessing.
If you find yourself pondering and reflecting on a relationship or happening, seek its intrinsic value.
Life is the gift we give ourselves for greater healing, awareness, evolution and growth.
Life is the precious present in which we can find ourselves or lose ourselves.
Life is what I receive from the Good and return to the Good with my gratitude and blessing.
When I fully receive what is given, I expand the gift. All are benefited.

Enjoying this moment and the gift of YOU!
Betty Lue