Monday, May 10, 2004

Connection Begets Success

It is the quality of our Alliance that creates successful relationships.
It is our joining that generates success in teamwork.
It is the union with ourselves that allows healing and wholeness.
It is our Oneness with God that lifts us to unconditional Love.

In our total connection we have become that which we seek to join.
In our unity we personally experience humanity.
In our pretending, visualizing or imagination, we can experience True Empathy and Oneness.

When we are joined, there is no separation.
When we are One, there is no loneliness or lack.
When we are united, nothing can divide or conquer.
When we are saying “Yes”, there is no possibility of “No”.
It is only in our doubts, fears, analysis, judgment that we seek for failure, loss and lack.
It is only in our separation from source that we perceive ourselves as less than another.
It is only in our mistaken belief “We cannot” that we create the opportunity to fail.
It is only in our doubts that we put into motion a self-fulfilling prophecy to achieve what we believe.

In alliance with oneSelf, there is nothing we cannot do.
In alliance with another, there is nothing we cannot heal.
In alliance with source, there is nothing we cannot be.
In alliance, all things are not only possible, there are certain.

The quality of our alliance with what we seek is the measure of our success.
The quality of our connection with that which we seek healing determines the power of our leadership.
The quality of our peaceful union determines the depth of our love and understanding.
The unconditionality of our love begets healing separation, trust and union.

What we avoid, resist and seek to separate from, we cannot know.
What we choose not to know and understand, we cannot love and join.
Where there is no joining there will be fear and judgment, pain and conflict.
What we welcome, embrace and seek to unify, we will come to know.
What we choose to know, we will heal, forgive and remember our Oneness.
Where there are common goals, alliance and connection, there lies the Peace and Joy and Love.

Now there is Peace on Earth because it has begun within Me.
Peaceful beginnings as we unite in Love,
Betty Lue