Friday, May 28, 2004

Spiritual Planning for Success

Did you know that most people who succeed have long term goals?
Did you know that people who end their day fulfilled begin their day with the desired end in mind?
Did you know that without a compass it is very difficult to reach your destination?
Did you know that without clear values or a guidance system in place you may get lost?
Did you know that every goal fully given your time energy and integrity will be achieved?
Did you know that where you persist you will succeed?
Did you know that letting go of the obstacles in your way makes success easier?
Did you know that complexity is a distraction to success?
Did you know that frustration and resentment distort your focus?
Did you know that feeling regret or guilt about past failings or quitting on yourself holds you back?
Did you know that new beginnings often require more energy and discipline to get going?
Did you know that we can always begin again with a fresh start from ground zero?
Did you know that total forgiveness erases the past and clears the way of obstacles?
Did you know that life is meant to be lived, not withheld or regretted?
Did you know that fulfillment comes from living fully and giving abundantly and being joyful?
Did you know that your joy and fulfillment open the way for global healing and peace on earth?
Did you know that your dreams matter to the Good of All?
Did you know that your inner vision is the guiding light for God’s plan for you?
Did you know that what you dare to dream, commit to achieve and celebrate with love is your Gift?
Did you know that each one of us is integral to the whole…all humanity?

This weekend Robert and I will be on our own self-created retreat.
Saturday - Letting go of everything not useful in the last year. Forgiving and fasting as well.
Sunday- Revisiting and Clarifying Vision, Individual and co-Mission, Purpose and Long Range Goals
Monday- Strategic Planning for the short and long range. Scheduling balance in our lifestyle.

What can you do to clarify your values?
What can you do to identify the principle by which you live?
What can you do to see the big picture?
What can you do to live your life successfully and joyfully?

What is success and Fulfillment for You?
Encouraging your Fulfillment,
Betty Lue