Wednesday, May 26, 2004

History as an Indicator

(Second personal message.)
Our personal history and timeline gives us an indication of our life path and direction. When we look at the significant accomplishments, the miracles of healing and grace, the high points of celebration, the overcoming of struggles and crisis and the philosophical “aha’s” along the way, we can observe how uniquely our life journey has been defined.

Born to parents who saw me as a gift of Love, spiritually given to them for temporary guardianship, guided only as needed, given as much responsibility and freedom as I could handle and a little more to grow into, my life has been an experience of happiness and service from infancy. As far back as I can remember and hear stories about me, I have shared my happiness and loved all freely. I was encouraged, even as a young child, to share questions, insights and wisdom as well as my natural joy with those who gathered around me. I have known little fear and abundant faith. I have listened, loved and respected those from many cultures, faiths and walks of life. My journey has been one of learning to love all equally (no one special), baring none from my conscious trust and freedom. I take full responsibility for my life and respond to whatever comes with forgiveness and faith.

Having founded fourteen community non-profit, holistic counseling and healing centers in California, North Carolina, Montana, Indiana and Michigan, relying on my personal resources and spiritual guidance, I have known the power of joining, honest communication, equality in relationship, total commitment and responsibility with freedom for all. I have been privileged to facilitate building safety and freedom in groups and workshops, as a consultant to churches and other organizations. I have noticed what heals, what encourages authenticity, what supports full participation, where there is resistance and lack of commitment and how community building works and does not work. I have chosen non-interference in other’s process unless invited to participate, advise or counsel. I have allowed those in my awareness to choose their own path by minding my own. I have trusted that learning comes from mistakes made, as well as from finding the “high” way. I have valued my own life learning.

As a marriage and family therapist for 29 years, offering coaching, counseling and mentoring to thousands of precious beings, I see everyone as an integral member of my global family. Each one is to be given to and shared with, as though they are the only one. Every relationship is for healing, remembering to love and to return to our natural state of wholeness. Whether in the hundreds of workshops I have created and facilitated or the hundreds of support groups or gatherings in fellowship and worship, or weddings and memorials officiated or inspirational talks given, I am speaking and sharing with each One, the most precious One in that moment. I believe each moment is the only moment. In the holy instant we remember the Love we are and awaken to our intrinsic Holiness. This is what we are here for, the healing of each One, the awakening of everyOne.

My core strengths serve me well.
My challenges teach me well.
My mistakes awaken me well.
My never-ending learning stimulates me well.
My constant forgiveness cleanses me well.
My connection with Spirit directs me well.
My relationships encourage me well.
My inner peace heals me well.
My consciousness inspires me well.
I am well served by my whole life, as I serve the greater wellness of all.

What I give I receive.
What I learn, I teach.
What I have, I share.
What I Am, I extend.
All are One in the circle of Life.

Loving you, loving me is loving God in All.
Betty Lue