Monday, May 17, 2004

Daring to Care

Are you willing to Love, really love?
Are you open to care about something or someone deeply?
Do you have the courage to say how you really feel?
Are you willing to commit without hesitation or doubt?
Can you trust in yourself enough to know what you want?
Can you give 100% to this moment now to really be present?
Have you forgiven the past so it is only a blessing?
Are you open to connect with the holiness within?
Can you really begin to live abundantly without wealth?
Have you fully enjoyed any meal, any sunset, and conversation?
Do you allow yourself to savor life in all its richness?
Are you truly happy being You?
Can you freely share your gifts with your friends and family?
Are you willing to dare to be fully alive and in love?

Life is the most amazing opportunity where we choose how much we invest in the lottery.
We can invest nothing and never win anything.
We can invest a fortune but never believe we could win.
We can fully invest ourselves and receive the gift of our self knowledge and appreciation.

We really are choosing to dare or withdraw.
We are choosing to fully give or withhold.
We are choosing to care or dismiss.
We are choosing to pay attention or to ignore.
We are choosing to enjoy or to complain.
We are choosing to learn or to know it all already.
How much are you really willing to care and to dare to be alive and invested in life?

Loving you,
Betty Lue