Thursday, May 13, 2004

Give to the Givers

Now is the time for our unconsciously chosen paradigm to shift and we are the ones.
We need:
Hope within ourselves to heal our separation and fear.
Faith within our hearts to believe we can achieve miracles with Love.
Charity within our lives that freely gives not just to the needy, but to the giving and forgiving.

We must remember to offer our gifts of gratitude and support to those who give.
We often take for granted the agencies and individuals that selflessly give everyday.
Mothers are remembered when we are reminded to be grateful for those who nurture children everyday. Teachers are sometimes remembered when our children do well in school.
Ministers and spiritual teachers are honored for giving the best they know to keep us all on track.
Fathers and providers are remembered for working in difficult and stressful circumstances to keep their families, fed and clothed, insured and educated.
Soldiers and heroes are remembered when they are seen saving lives.
Fireman and policemen are remembered when they do something kind and helpful.
Doctors and health providers are remembered when they offer relief or a medical cure.

Sometimes we do give to those who have given to us, but often we neglect the givers.
We have learned to sensationalize life, to look at the world seeking for the grim and gory story.
We have learned to give our attention, time and money to the poor, misfortunate and suffering.
Because we fear what we could be, our guilt causes us to focus there on despair.
Where we focus, we increase. Where we give, we receive. What we perceive, we strengthen.

It is time to give to the givers.
Pay attention to the miracles.
Feed the ones who have fed us.
Contribute to those who are selfless givers.
Honor the volunteers, the ministers, the teachers, the parents, those individuals who serve everyday.
Give credit to those who honor us and our values.
Pay attention to those who are happy and helpful.
Remember with cards and calls, smiles and hugs those who have loved and served us well.
We could start an epidemic of gratitude.
We could increase those who love unconditionally.
We could create a new wave of serving from the heart.
We could experience a natural movement of remembering God and Good.

Give to the giver in you.
Feed the hope in you.
Love the one who loves easily in you.
Remember the You who is joyful and hopeful and faith-filled.

Forgive those who know not the value of giving.
Encourage those who know how to give by your appreciation and support.

Join the happy giving club today.
Loving You,
Betty Lue