Saturday, May 15, 2004

Different Languages

We all speak different languages.
The language of love sounds very different than the language of fear.
The language of forgiveness is quite different than the language of judgment, conflict and hatred.
The language of the self confidence has different energy than the language of the meek.
The language of those who are responsible is the antithesis of those who are irresponsible.
When we are faith-filled we may have difficulty being understood by those who have no faith.
When we are honest, we may not understand those who believe in lying to keep from getting in trouble.
When we are intent on keeping the peace, we may resist those who value confrontation.
When we are strong in our opinions, we become upset with those who keep opinions to themselves.
When we are hopeful, we may be discouraged by those who are feeling hopeless.

In this world we seem to believe that others must be the same as us.
Or we believe that others need to learn to be like us.
Or we believe we have found the “right” way.
Or we may believe that perhaps others are right, and we need to change to be more like them.
If there are many languages, there are many different perceptions, attitudes, opinions and values.
What I believe, value, perceive and support may be totally incomprehensible to you.
My life work as therapist and spiritual teacher has been to be neutral to better understand your viewpoint. All my clients, students, friends and family are my teachers.
The dozens of self discovery tools I have learned and practiced, (numerology, symbology, astrology, enneagram, myers-briggs, color analysis, and many more) havehelped me to fully enjoy the differences.
I know the value of differences, when they are fully expressed in a safe and non judgmental environment.

We are here to become more aware, more conscious, more at choice and more loving.
We are here to let go of the blocks to accepting our differences and the uniqueness of others.
We are here to listen beneath the words and find the resonance.
We are here to undo our judgments and fears and open our ears and our hearts.
We are here to seek our unity in the diversity.
We are here to honor the integral and equal part each one plays.
There is a place for everyone in the circle of life.

Our choices, our perceptions, our problems are the perfect ones for each of us to experience to learn exactly what we are here for.
Our lives are unique because we are.
Our experiences are unique because our thoughts come from own learning.
Our interpretations are unique because our perceptual filters are different.
Give yourself an opportunity to accept your rightful place speaking the language you know.
Then listen with as much respect to those around you.
Step aside from your own viewpoint and see the world from another perspective.
There is much to be learned and much to be healed.

Loving you from my own perspective,
Betty Lue