Saturday, May 29, 2004

Letting Go Is

Spring cleaning closets, drawers and garage,
Releasing what is no longer valuable,
Undoing what is not essential,
Clearing the clutter,
Emptying the garbage,
Exhaling the stale,
Setting down all burdens,
Laying aside all grievances,
Forgiving what no longer exists,
Giving away what is useable,
Throwing away what is un-useable.
Erasing fear, worry, regret and guilt,
Fasting, forgiving and forgoing.

Letting Go Enables……..
Being here now,
Starting over fresh,
Being a Good Steward,
Caring for what is valuable,
Setting the table of life with what is real,
Honoring the gift of this moment,
New beginnings,
Opening the space,
Creating on a blank canvas,
Healing the past,
Enjoying the present,
Smiling about a job well done.
New ideas and inspiration.
Much less to care for.

Letting go can b fun safe and easy if we choose to make it so.
Music, laughter, forgiveness as a mantra, affirming how good it feels, loving the release, blessing each clear space and clean closet, feeling lighter and healthier, celebrating the experience, anticipating the new inspiration that comes with every letting go, and feeling proud of myself. So far kitchen and bathrooms and linen closet is complete. Next come my clothes, drawers and closets, the laundry room and garage,

My key questions for letting go are:
Does this have value for us and our purpose here?
Have we used it or worn it within the last year?
Does this bring us joy and positive energy?
If not, is it useable (to be given away) or un-useable (in the garbage)?

As I release I give thanks and bless the willingness to let go and lighten us my life.

Loving you,
Betty Lue