Thursday, May 06, 2004

Neglected Hope

Where is the hope for the future?
Where is hope for our children?
Where is hope for a brighter day?
Where is hope for peace?
Where is hope for a better job?
Where is hope for a miracle?
Where is hope?

You and I are a resource of hope.
Our attitude and our outlook demonstrate hope or discouragement.
We teach hope to our world with our thoughts, words and activities.

Where were you in life, when you were most filled with hope?
How have you allowed it to diminish?
What could you do today that would begin to restore your hope?
Are you afraid to hope?
Are you just going along with the crowd (mass consciousness)?
Are you standing out with your hopeful attitude?
Are you weathering the storm of a depressed society?
Are you resilient enough to go through struggles and still retain your hope?

The most successful people are hope-filled.
They are resilient, flexible and creative problem-solvers.
Hopeful people always look for the open door, the positive solution.

We appear to be culturally depressed.
When we live and work and learn in a depressed community, we will see and feel anger, addiction, mental illness, divorce and dissolution of relationships, stagnation and boredom, disease and death of body, mind and Spirit.

The search for meaning is the search for hope.
The search for belonging is the search for safety.
The search for purposeful work is the search for fulfillment.
The search for a lifetime partner is the search for commitment.
The search for happiness is the search for God.

Where do we find hope, safety, fulfillment, commitment and God?
Where do we go for light, when our world seems darkened?
Where can we find what is missing, when we are depressed, lost and discouraged?

Make room in your life for hope.
Give time in your life to clear the past.
Let go of faulty thinking and limiting beliefs.
Forgive those thoughts which are not wholly loving.
Open to see what is created in Love.
Extend warmth and light to those around you.
Be prepared to feel hope with each act of kindness.
Be grateful everyday for the willingness to choose again.

In hope and love,
Betty Lue