Sunday, May 16, 2004

What Can You Do?

Nothing to do, but what is true for you.
How can you participate in this world?
Love it or leave it.
To have what we want, we must love what we have.
Show up. Pay attention. Tell the Truth. And Detach from the Outcome.

Where is my passion?
What is my calling?
To live life on purpose and in love, I must give my all to what gives to me.
I must be inspired by being inspiring.
Therefore, I must give my energy to that which uplifts me physically, mentally and spiritually.
What is the idea, the vision, the opportunity right now that gives me energy and joy in the fulfillment?
How can I leave the world a better place?
Where am I to share and contribute the many gifts I have been given?
What do all my life experiences lead me to do right now?
These are questions which can help shape your life and fulfill your destiny.
Each one of us has a calling, a special place in the circle of life.
Each spot is integral to the healing of the whole.
Each function your would fulfill is a gift of healing and grace to us all.
Each one has a holy place, where we would stand up for the Good within.
Each of us is an inspiration, when we give ourselves to the Good of all by playing our sacred part.
Some of us stand alone to serve.
Some of us work together.
All of us are important for the Good of All.
When we are lost and confused, wasting our energy on survival rather than service, we miss the boat.
We are distracted from noticing the place we are to be.
We must be still in the silence.
We must ask for inner guidance.
We must stand up, when we hear our name being called.
We must have the courage to step up and step out for what we believe.
We must notice the need and fill it.
We must feel our passion.
We must notice our motivation.
We must follow our intention.
We must listen to our dreams and our wishes.
We must do something about whatever we criticize or fear.
We must open doors rather than lock them.
We must lift ourselves up out of lethargy and into meaningful activity.

We must because we can.
We can because we are.
We are because we love.
This is our calling,
This is our choice.
Be here.
Really be here now.

Living and Loving You,
Betty Lue