Thursday, May 27, 2004

Called to Greatness

The world sees greatness as having prominence.
The power of prestige, possessions and position is worldly greatness.
Spirit sees greatness as significance.
The presence of a willing servant of Goodness and God is spiritual greatness.

A great person in the world terms is powerful, prominent, important, and wealthy.
A great person in spiritual terms is happy, willing, generous, and rich in fulfillment.

Great servants of Goodness, wholeness and love have some similar qualities.
They are available to love and serve.
They notice needs and respond to them with respect.
They do their best without needing to be the best.
There is no task too menial or too small. (or too large).
They are faithful to their task.
They don’t quit.
They are encouraging.
They keep a low profile. And often do what they do anonymously.
How great Thou Art!

In my life I recognize and honor the greatness within me.
In your life, recognize and honor the greatness within you.
With full appreciation we all will be willing to be Great as we are meant to be.

Loving the intrinsic Goodness within everyone of us,
Betty Lue