Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Forgiving Mothers

It is about time that we forgave all mothers for all time for forgetting their real job.
It is time for us to heal our relationship with our feminine, the receptive energy within.
It is time for us to extend love to those who forget love.
It is time for us to forgive ourselves for forgetting to feel and be real.
It is time to be gentle and non-punitive.
It is time for us to smile on ourselves and be pleased with our lives.
It is time for us to forgive our mother’s mistakes.

When we judge, we repeat what we judge within ourselves and with others.

Our mothers did what their mothers did.
Our mothers tried to do better, just as we do.
Our mothers wanted for us to be happy and have a good safe life.
Our mothers gave us life and wanted a life for themselves.
Our mothers knew how to mother by how they were mothered.
Our mothers always carried the intention of loving.
Our mothers made mistakes and so do we.
Our mothers forgot their essence and ours at times.
So what? Now is the time to choose again.

In our judgment, grief and resentment we carry on the same behavior for ourselves.
In our habitual mind, we ignore ourselves the same way we were ignored.
We love ourselves the ways we were loved and for the reasons we were loved.
We hate ourselves and make ourselves feel guilty the same as we were shown.
Often our mother’s thoughts and feelings become ours, as we tried to understand them.
We subconsciously become that which we judge, avoid and resist.
We carry their voice and behavior with us in our subconscious mind.

To be free ourselves, we must forgive, erase, undo and let go.
To free our mothers we must forgive, erase, release and let go.
To be conscious, happy and fully at choice we must let go.
This will allow us to forgive our own mothering.

Mothers….set yourselves free.
Daughters and sons….set yourself free.
Where we believe we have sinned, we teach our children they are victims of our mistakes.
Where be believe we have erred, we send a message to our children that they are flawed.
All errors are easily undone with true forgiveness.
No one is harmed except when we believe are harmed.
Changing our minds will change our lives immediately.

All mistakes are erased with genuine letting go.
The past is not here.
Forgiveness is erasing what no longer is and leaving only the blessing.

Let it be…. Let it be…..
Loving you and loving me,
Betty Lue