Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Where Do You Place Your Faith?

“You will know them by their faith.”
Can you tell when someone is faith-filled?
Can you feel what you believe?
Do you trust what you “know” inside?
Do you live and think and act like someone who really believes?

Where we live in doubt, we experience the symptoms of confusion, indecision and anxiety.
Where we abide in faith, we experience the symptoms of clarity, decisiveness and trust.
We can tell those who lack in faith because they complain, criticize, withhold, deceive and are depressed.
We can tell those who have abundant faith because they are happy, fearless, honest, giving and forgiving.

Faith is demonstrated by our positive attitude, when we allow crisis to create opportunities.
Faith shows up when we forgive and bless those who may hurt us, rather than curse and avoid them.
Faith is present when we pray prayers of gratitude and praise rather than beseeching and requesting.
Faith is obvious when with disease, disappointment and disaster we can still smile and continue to live.

Faith is not a given. It is a gift to ourselves as a result of learning to look for miracles and see the gift.
Faith is learned not earned. It comes with a willingness to forgive our quick judgments, listen within and honor that still small voice that invites us to see the Love and be the Love in all circumstances.
Faith is both learned from those around us, but also learned from a positive attitude in life. Never quitting yields success. Making lemonade out of lemons gives us delight. Turning what we have into the blessing we envision is inspiring. Giving our very best and appreciating the outcome gives us fulfillment.

“Every time we see a new born baby cry or touch a leaf or see the sky, then I know why….I believe.”
Have you taken the time to look for the miracles in life?
Have you watched a leaf grow?
Have you pondered the life of an ant?
Have you lain on the beach at night and felt embrace by the stars?
Have you walked alone in the woods and let the trees talkl to you with Love?
Have you given all you had to the homeless man seeking shelter for the night?
Have you made someone sick and lonely feel very happy and very loved?
See the miracle and be the miracle of Love.
You will feel your faith grow inside.

A True Believer,
Betty Lue