Thursday, July 15, 2004


What does integrity look like?
How does integrity feel?
Where does One find true integrity?
How do we make integrity real?

When I live in integrity with my inner Truth, I am confident, strong and True.
When I am living integrity with my values, I live and give what I feel.
When I am following the path of my heart, I know I am whole and Good as I Am.
When I am honest and fair, seeking Good Will for All, I am at peace and in Love and in Joy.

Few have learned the art of being true to the Source within, so start over and simply begin.
Begin to be honest first with oneself.
Begin to tell the truth in a journal, if not to a friend.
Begin to share your secrets with God and ask for healing and peace.
Begin to quit lying and simply release, what is not true in You.

Write down all the lies that you tell.
Write down all the wishes you make up are real.
Write down all the ugly feelings you feel.
Write down all the unkind acts you imagine in your mind.

Then let them all go.
Forgive, undo and burn.
Release them and bury them, asking for healing and grace.
Face them and undo them with a wave of your hand and a change of your mind.
Then do it again and again until there is nothing left.
Of the manure and the confusing clutter you have collected from humanity.
If you want to be free, at peace and in Love, It is time to let go of the muck and the sludge.
You must face it to release it. Poop and let go.
Flush the toilet to clear it and get up, move on.
Say Yes instead of “No”.

Yes, when we are living a lie, when we are afraid and in hiding,
our energy shuts down and light is limited, help is negligible and we start dying.

Integrity feels clear and strong and true.
Integrity feels obvious, not subtle and you love being You.
Integrity feels clear, natural and free.
Integrity sees Oneness in you and in me.

When I am living in Integrity.
I am One Self, at One with my Creator and Source.
I am unlimited in Power and in Peace.
When I am conflict and confused,
I am divided against my True Self, am limited by uncertainty, doubt and fear.
When I am limited by fear, my perceptions are distorted and my choices unclear.

I am willing to find peace within.
I am willing to know what is True.
I am willing to be with my Real Self.
I am willing to see everything new.

Integrity is the power of a seamless life.
Integrity is living what you say you know is True.
Integrity is being who You Really are.
Integrity is to Thine Own Self Be True.

I am Loving You and Me with integrity,
Betty Lue