Sunday, July 25, 2004

What I Value

I value inspiration…
I am lifted and energized by inspirational people, words and events.
I value respectful relationships...
I seek intimacy, connection, authenticity, honesty, communication.
I value caring and sharing the best…
I choose to give my open heart and my forgiving mind to those I reach out to with prayer and compassion.
I value beauty…
I celebrate and give thanks for the sunrise, nature around me, richness of color and natural sounds.
I value touch.
I receive touching with eye contact, casual handshake, special reaching out to say I care.
I value good nutrition….
I enjoy organic wholesome and homemade foods, media and books that educate and encourage.
I value spiritual guidance…..
I listen for the daily loving reminders for me and you. I follow the voice within.
I value contribution…
I give the best I have in wisdom, work, caring and financial support.
I value life itself…
I easily let go thoughts, words, activities and stuff that blocks the flow of full aliveness.
I value creativity.
I create altars of physical beauty in my home and create new ways to share Goodness with all.
I value appreciation…
I say “Thanks” often and easily, as I respect and appreciate kindness in my fellowman.
I value words.
I affirm with written, spoken words and thoughts as I consciously choose the world I seek.
I value energy.
I support the flow of “chi” as I release obstacles to flow and let go easily of what blocks my freedom.
I value You.
I see you and know you and love you as I see and know and love my Self.

Physical life is the great opportunity to choose what we experience by what we value and take into our consciousness.
We are all choosing. We are choosing our focus. We are choosing our values. We are responsible for our experience.
What are you valuing?

Loving you,
Betty Lue