Sunday, July 11, 2004

The Simple Things That Count

When all is said and done at the end of the day, it is the simple things that make the difference.

It is the beauty of this earth, as I look at the sky or watch a bird play in the birdbath.
It is the gentle touch of a loved one’s hand on my face, as I hear “Thank you.”
It is the made up song of a little child, as she sings to herself in play.
It is the warm breeze flowing through open windows, as I sit and give thanks.
It is a healthy meal of vegetables and rice prepared with care and love.
It is completing the laundry with enjoyment, as I fold and put away the clothes.
It is changing the sheets on this Sunday morning, feeling blessed by the love in my home.
It is coming upstairs to my loft studio/office to say “hello” to you, my friends, both inner and outer.
It is drinking water with appreciation for its purity and cleansing of my body and mind.
It is valuing each contribution I receive for the fulfilling work I do for the sake of love and joy.
It is reading the words of someone who calls for help and prayer and hope and guidance.
It is rejoicing at the opportunities of this day to say “Yeah” and “Thanks be to God and Goodness in All.”

It is the simple things that count, when I polish mop my floors or empty the garbage or peel the carrots or put up clean towels.
It is remembering to be grateful, not greedy.
It is seeing my life as full, not empty.
It is counting my blessings rather than focusing on how much there is to do.
It smiling at the good times, the good friends and the good future, rather than dwelling on missed opportunities.
I need no more but to share all I have been given.

You know each one of us can be grateful.
Life is a simple choice really.
Am I willing to be happy and grateful today?
Or do I choose to dwell on what I regret and fear?
Can I give myself to love and let love give to me?
Or must I focus on fear and let defense be my guide?

I have always and will continue to know that the simple things count in your life and mine.
It is my free will to choose how I will spend today and everyday.

This is my day and I choose to rejoice and give this day to Joy.
Betty Lue