Thursday, July 29, 2004

Expanding Consciousness

Life is ever expanding consciousness.
When I am willing to open my view with the release of what I formerly was attached to seeing as Truth, I see more.
Our Universe appears to be the ever expanding vista of unlimited possibility.
As within, so without.

When I re-experience what I have experienced in the past, it is always a new opportunity to choose again.
When I perceive and judge my experience in the same way I did before, I am stuck in my view of the apparent truth.
I am keeping my reality stuck by my judgment of it.
My perception or consciousness is stuck in a closed loop.
When I see and judge ‘you are selfish’, I will continue to look for false evidence appearing real.
I will continue to perceive that which supports my viewpoint.
Thus, I am stuck and we are both limited in our relationship.
I have labeled, diagnosed and judged you according to my pre-conceived notions .
When a diagnostician judges that the patient is sick in a prescribed way, the patient is condemned to be seen as sick until one or both choose to seek their wellness.
When I judge that my pink paint is poorly done, I will continue to seek and find evidence that my perception is “true”.
Our judgments condemn our experience to that which we judge to be true for us.
This is a closed circle of consciousness which limits our growth and begets a sense of hopelessness and futility.
How can we ever get out of this?

When we are open to expanding our consciousness, we will perceive a repeated event with interest and curiosity.
I wonder what I can learn this time.
How I wonder how I might respond in a new way.
I wonder what else I am being called to see and understand.
I wonder how I can see this experience differently.
When we are open to a new perception, we expand our consciousness.
We see what is from a broader perspective.
We grow in love and the capacity to heal.
We are open to change and to miracles.
We begin to see an expanded view of reality, where there is no absolute.
We are called to claim we know nothing, because everything is changing and evolving.
When we are committed to judging nothing that occurs, we become aware that our judgments are like blinders on our vision.
When we are committed to forgiving and undoing our fear-based judgments, we see that all things can work together for Good.
We come to a greater understanding of the evolving nature of all that is.

I am open to the next moment of evolution which is expanding my consciousness.
I am grateful to free myself from stuckness and limitation.
I now easily forgive and release the past, trusting in the enlightenment of Now.

Loving our evolution,
Betty Lue