Monday, July 19, 2004

Impeccable Care

I have noticed this last week or two not giving myself enough time to take impeccable care of my personal self, mind, body and Spirit. When this happens and my inspirational tank is not on full and overflowing, I feel more easily bumped by others’ distresses. So as I draw back and do the first things first, I will take stock of how I am spending my time and energy.
Have I taken my daily walk?
Have I gone to work out?
Have I taken time for T’ai Chi Chih daily?
Have I stopped to eat sitting down with peace and gratitude?
Am I enjoying my home?
Am I reading the inspirational material I have selected?
Have I written the notes of thanksgiving and love?
Am I in right relationship with my Inner Voice?
Am I writing in my inspirational journal?
Have I stopped to listen for myself personally?
Am I grateful as I look out on the beauty of this earth?
Am I creating something wonderful in my life each day?
Am I getting the rest I require?
Am I remembering to breathe deep with full appreciation?
Am I loving my body with the food I deserve rather than desire?
Am I enjoying this time alone with a smile?

It is easy to get too busy.
It is easy to complain about the added chores.
It is easy to wish things were different.
It is easy to judge my life in comparison with the past.
It is easy to work too hard.
It is easy to give too much.
It is easy to worry about lack.
It is easy to blame someone else.
It is easy to distract and delay.
It is easy to forget about me today.
It is easy to get caught up.
It is easy to keep going on a comfortable path.
It is easy to join the world I see.
It is easy to agree with complacency.

Yes, it may seem difficult or uncomfortable to choose differently.
But if I don’t rectify my path, who will?
If I don’t listen within, who will?
If I don’t light my way, who will?
If I don’t forgive and choose everyday, who will?
If I don give up fear, who will?
If I don’t take impeccable care of the whole and holy me, who will?

I am here to live what I teach, to practice what I preach.
And remember this.......
If I didn’t go astray, I would have nothing to learn or say.
I judge no one because I recognize you in me.
It is forgiveness and trust that set us free to choose again..gratefully.

So you see, it all is perfect just as it is...
Loving you and me..perfectly...
Betty Lue