Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Building Families

True family is two or more people who claim to nurture, protect and support one another.
Sometimes true families are blood related, but more often they are related by commitment to one another.
Some families live in the same household, but many often live in separate states, towns or homes.
Some families are quiet and formal, and others are raucous and informal.
Some families are passive in their affection, and others are assertive and demanding of demonstration.
Some families are loyal to all, and others gossip and take sides.
Some families vow to stay together forever, and others leave the nest to seek adventure and independence.
Each person has the right to form their own unique family that suits their needs and preferences.

What you choose can be changed.
How you live can be rearranged.
Who you choose can be undone.
Creating your own family can be fun.

Some recommendations to families:
Share your Love, not your worries.
Give your Presence, not your presents.
Give your time, not your money.
Give encouragement and support, not discouragement and concerns.
Give your preferences, not your demands.
Give your genuine listening, not your unwanted advice.
Give your friendly feedback, not your stoic silence.
Share your appreciation, rather than your hurt feelings.
Share real wisdom, rather than wishful thinking.
Be your authentic self, rather than try to play a role.
Share your caring allegiance, rather than divisive gossip.
Give freedom with responsibility, rather than guilt and covering others’ mistakes.
Be apologetic and make amends for your own errors, and ask the same of others.
Be respectful of others time and energy, rather than demand more than your fair share.
Give credit for what is given, rather than taking family help for granted.
Respect your family members as much as you would an honored guest.
Be loyal to principles, rather than people.
Seek the best for those around you, without martyring yourself.
Inspire Goodness in those you Love, and turn away from evil.
Maintain your hope and prayer, and trust everyone learns in their own timing.
Deny no one your inner spiritual wisdom.
Be brief in your discourse, and let the few words sink in.
Wait to talk, until others acknowledge they are available.
Make appointments and maintain a private space and respect.
Turn off the TV and phone, when you want to really connect.
Look for what is important, rather than focus on petty annoyances.
Create an environment of fairness, honesty, benefit and goodwill for all.
Everyone will thrive in a family where all are learning to love as God loves.

Healthy families build healthy communities and nations.
Build from within what you want our world to be.

Loving you endlessly,
Betty Lue