Friday, July 23, 2004

Every One Is Special

Every child is special, just as everyone is special.
We are living in a world where the TV screen often becomes more special than conversation.
We seem to take for granted that people would prefer to observe rather than converse.
Faster is better. Say less to say more. Take care of yourself. Don’t expect to get the help you need.
Even in retail stores there is often a lack of help to locate product or answer questions.

I have noticed in Gia’s summer camp day care that the adults usually are uninvolved with the kids.
No one greets the children as they come in for the day or says goodbye when they leave.
The adults seem to watch over the kids but have little interaction with them.
There is almost an ignoring of the children, as though they were not needing human connection.
Sometimes people come for counseling and coaching simply to have real relationship and friendship.

This is so much in contrast with the school year program, that it was startling to me.
I notice that Gia is ‘saved’ by her best friend being there to share friendship, conversation and support.

What has happened to our social skills, etiquette, and ability to relate?
How can we teach compassion, trust and respect, if the adults are not modeling for the children?
What would it take to have interested family members be involved and make quality time?
Is there as call to turn off the television, computer and video games?
If we see violence and rudeness on the screen, are we not learning it is the norm?
When are we going to turn around what is not working for ourselves and our children?
How can we teach our world to live in peace and harmony when our homes allow disrespect?
How can we teach fiscal responsibility, when our nation is again in mega-debt?
How can we expect to be role models, when our own relationships are not healthy?

We are models for the future.
What we want for our kids and grandkids must begin with us.
So I ask myself:
How can I wake up and give more attention to what I value?
How can I create more impeccability in my relationships?
How can I be more responsible for my use of time, energy and money?
How can I be more respectful with my family and everyone I meet?
Am I willing to greet everyone with sincere interest and kindness?
How can I be more cooperative and patient with my fellowman?
Am I willing to speak up about what is not working and seek better relationships for all?

You light up my life,
Betty Lue

PS I know that the most important relationship for every child (even our inner child),
is the one who lights up when they see us come into the room.
It is sooooo important to be greeted with sincere affection and love.
Try it and see the results.