Wednesday, July 07, 2004

On Purpose

“I am always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for the right reasons.”
When I am claiming this truth, I will be more likely to experience it wherever I Am.
When I am claiming this truth, I will be more likely to choose what is Highest and Best for myself.
When I am claiming this truth, I will most likely transform my circumstances to work for me.

When we affirm our purposefulness in all we are and do, we reclaim our willingness to be awake and consciously choosing our thoughts, words and actions.
When we are fully present with our current activity or relationship, we are on purpose, being the gift we are with every thought, word and deed.
To be present is to be listening within.
To be present is to be a fair witness.
To be present is to be forgiving of our judgments, resistance and avoidance.
To be present is to bring trust and freedom.
To be present is to be on purpose.

Some think that purposeful living is finding a certain job or place or relationship.
Some spend their lives looking for the “right” ONE or the “right” place or the “right” livelihood.
Finding what is “right” will ceaselessly change as do the cycles and seasons of life.
Choosing what supports you in being fully present is what is “right”.
Being distracted, judging, comparing, comfortable, victimized and being lazy is not “on purpose.”
Being grateful, happy, conscious, at choice, creative, “in love”, at peace are always on purpose.
These are all mental states which a spiritual master can choose no matter what the circumstances.
Most of us want the conditions of our lives to support these states without distraction , detour and delay.

So ask yourself: “What is my purpose in life?” (Here are some answers which may be true for you.)
To be happy and creative.
To listen to the voice of Spirit.
To contribute to the Greater Good.
To live, love, laugh and be happy.
To be inspiring and inspired.
To fully appreciate the life I have.
To love everyone equally.
To learn the lessons of life.
To be all I can be.

Then ask: “How can I best support myself in living my holy purpose, in living ‘on purpose”?
Living in a more conscious culture….
Living with a spiritual partner or friend….
Meditating daily…..
Having a job which inspires me…
Remembering the Love I Am
Reading Holy books…..
Being in nature often.
Listening and following always the path of Love.
Remembering to appreciate every moment.
Living the vision I have for myself and my life.

While I have made up some answers for you, I trust you to do the work to live purposefully everyday.
Our world needs conscious light bearers, those who are willing to be filled and radiant with the Light of Joy and the Love of Good.
If you are reading this reminder, this means YOU!

Loving you,
Betty Lue