Wednesday, July 14, 2004

In Sickness and in Health

What do I do with pain and dis-ease?
What do I do with disability and fatigue?
What do I do with economic deception and distress?
What do I do with aging, infirmity and death?

I am to love and to cherish no matter what.
I am to listen and learn no matter what.
I am to let go and move on no matter what.
I am to reclaim peace in my Soul no matter what.

Yes, life offers challenges…more for some folks and less for others.
Yes, my life too has pain, loss, hard times, disability and distress.
What may seem bold in my positive attitude is my path to healing and health, wholeness and holiness.
What may seem denial is my focus on where I am going rather than where I have been.

We all have moment by moment choices we make.
We can choose to ignore or put in right perspective what we want to extinguish or eliminate from our lives.
My Grandma said, “We don’t need to put the manure pile in front of our picture window.”
Some spend a lifetime collecting, investing and cherishing their manure.

Pain is part of the human dilemma.
For me. pain is a wakeup call to choose another path.
If I focus on the pain rather than a new path, I will suffer.
When I choose to suffer, I am stuck in pain and refusing to receive help.

The real source of all pain is inner conflict or refusal to listen within.
The place that most needs healing is my willingness to know and trust the Good within.
Peace heals. Love heals. Joy heals.
When I avoid, ignore or deny my right to peace and love and joy, I am stuck with pain, disease and problems.

How do I find peace?
I must let go of the world I see.
I must see beneath the apparency.
I must release the judgments I have learned.
I must relinquish my need to attack or blame, anyone, including me.
I must forgive and release all things.
I must be willing to be at peace with what is.
In acceptance there is peace.
In neutrality there is peace.
In the peace of trusting again, there is love.
In love, there I AM.
Where I Am, there is God.
And In God I know the Good in All That Is.

I Am Loving,
Betty Lue