Friday, July 30, 2004

Life Philosophy

Have you noticed we all have difficult times and good times?
The difficulties are unique with each person.
What is good for one may be difficult for others.

How we judge our life often determines how we experience it.
How do you think of your life?
How do you perceive what happens every day?
How do you define the rich fabric of learning and gratitude?
How do you value what you experience?

Where we judge we linger and often get stuck.
Where we notice and move on, we easily let go with blessing.
The less time we spend evaluating and comparing, the more time we can fully appreciate and enjoy.
When we try to convince other, we may be talking to someone who sees the world totally differently.
What we see is related to our filters, the blinders of history, judgment and expectations we wear.

If I do not know you thoroughly and see what you see, how can I dare to think I know what is best for you?
I can share with you what is best for me, as I share how I perceive what is in from of me.
I do not know your soul’s journey.
I cannot live from your emotional bank account.
I do not see your history.
I cannot understand your defenses and coping skills.
I will not value how hard you have tried to live well.
I cannot discern what is missing or different in your thoughts and emotional processing.
I cannot know unless you tell me.
And you will not tell me until I am a safe place where you will be heard without judgment.

Therefore, my life philosophy is to judge no one.
My life purpose is to learn to be a safe place where everyone may discovery who they are, what they believe, what choices they can make to effect their own destiny.
I will not interfere with my fear.
I will not judge with my false expectations.
I will not shut you out with my lack of understanding.
I will be the sacred space of freedom and trust where love is remembered and wholeness restored.
While I am not perfect in all I say and do, it is my intention and commitment that I am true.
I will remember to love no matter what.
My experience tells me.... This is healing for me, for you and for everyone.

Loving you and me as One.
Betty Lue