Friday, July 02, 2004

Self Cultivation

Whenever you are feeling in a bad place, uncertain and confused, go within.
Whenever you are afraid, feeling distressed or sick, go within.
Whenever you are agitated, bored, feeling at the effect of the world, go within.
When you are needing some relief, some peace of mind, a spiritual focus or direction, go to the place of stillness or seek counsel from someone who is awake and will guide you to go within. Stop..Look...and Listen for your own inner guidance.

Cultivate your own garden first.
Rather than looking at what others are doing or should be doing, always mind your own business.
Seek to live your life cultivating your own good works.
If there is an opportunity to share with others, know it is best done by emanating good “chi” through self cultivation.
The law of attraction works best through fulfillment rather than neediness or wanting something outside to happen.
When we have filled our own cup to overflowing, others always reap the benefit.
When we have loved ourselves well, we teach others to love themselves well with our example.

It is a time for self cultivation, renewal and loving reminders for those who would work their own soil, plant seeds of consciousness in their own garden and pull the weeds of discontent and discouragement.

So often we seek to attract something or someone to fulfill ourselves.
The rewards of life are found in being full, seeking for nothing and giving all to all.
Therein lies the secret law of attraction.
That which is called to those who are fulfilled will yield a rich harvest for all.

I am cultivating my own garden with great joy and enthusiasm.
I notice that the rewarding results are immediate in the peace and contentment I feel and the natural responses I receive.

In Self cultivation, I am free. I am independent. I am responsible. I am present. I am satisfied.
In Self cultivation, .I am awake…I am aware…I am responsive. I am creative…I am helpful.
In Self cultivation, I am grateful… I am peaceful…I am delighted…I am connected. I am home.

Enjoy your day… Know that the seeds spirit planted in the garden of your soul, need your loving attention and nurturing.

Loving you by loving me,

Betty Lue