Friday, July 16, 2004

Do Something Good

When you don’t know what to do, just do something good.

I see people who are depressed, disillusioned and defeated.
They have shut down and retreated from their world.
They have given up on life because of disease, distress, negative circumstances, loss and limitation.
They may be angry, afraid or feeling victimized by life’s circumstances.
They have quit on life, quit on love and quit on hope and faith.
This is a psychological death if not a physical one.

When we feel stuck, we can move.
When we feel depressed, we can write about it.
When we feel alone, we can call someone else who is alone.
When we feel loss we create a photo album and create memorials.
When we feel pain, we can rock and bring ourselves comfort.
When we feel angry, we can write letters of complaint.
When we feel afraid, we can go be with people who need our assurance.
When we feel lacking, we can give our time, energy and knowledge.

Loving heals fear.
Peace heals conflict.
Helping someone heals self pity.
Connecting heals loneliness.
Giving heals neediness.
Joy heals pain.

All of us have something to give.
It is in giving that we return to living.
It is through living fully each day that the way is shown.
When we find our way, we know we have a path and a purpose.

"It is only in giving who we are that we can see why we came.”

Loving you as you give today the best of YOU,
Betty Lue