Wednesday, July 28, 2004

What do You Know?

What do you know in your heart?
What do you believe in your mind?
What do you teach with your words?
What do you seek with your deeds?

How you live and give represents your values.
How you relate and create builds your world.
Are you willing to be responsible for what you are building in your world?

I am here to build a world which is safe and offers freedom for all beings.
I am willing to represent my values in my everyday life.
I am willing to be a place of safety and non attack for those who come into my physical presence as well as into my mind.
I am willing to listen fully to those who would share their alike-mindedness as well as their differences.
I am willing to speak honestly about my perceptions without judging others points of view.
I am willing to step away from my position to see what others see.
I am willing to express the value of listening and learning from others.
I am willing to honestly ask how can we both co-exist in a respectful supportive community?
I am willing to trust, respect and love you as you are.
I am willing to let go of my judgments and limiting perceptions to free us both.
I am willing to befriend those we call ‘foes, so that I might understand the call for love.
I am willing to make no one “evil”, for then they and we are stuck in fear, separate and sick at heart.
I am willing to seek for Love and see the call for Love.
I am willing to encourage Union rather than division.
I am willing to respect all life, rather than get rid of or avoid what I find wrong or distasteful.
I am willing to acknowledge where I am afraid because I do not understand.
I am willing to encourage forgiveness rather than continue to attack.
I am willing to make peace rather than to try to wipe out with war.
I am willing to do this and so much more.
I am willing to ask for inner guidance day by day and relationship by relationship.
I am willing to acknowledge that I do not understand.
I am willing to accept that I alone can choose how to live and give, to heal and create.
I am willing to vote for what I believe in, rather than against that which I fear.
I am willing to be true to the Highest values and spiritual principles I hold above all things.

I am willing....
Betty Lue